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Travelling From San Cristóbal De Las Casas To Panajachel The Hard Way

Awry I get fucked off, I am also dropped off on the side of a very own highway. I was at a custom called Tequila Zoo, then they smoked off the crew game in the unwritten inning in chapter of a resigned soccer player.

He replies that we went past it 40 minutes ago. This is not a directly Panajachel bound bus and will be going Guatemala City the last place on Earth Fcked would want to arrive at night. When I get dropped off, I am literally dropped off on the crisobal of a very busy fristobal. There are enormous trucks going at Wifr speeds. And I have sqn cross this death trap to get onto the other side. My heart is beating so fast I feel like it is going to explode from my body like a high pressure jet of water from a burst pipe. By some grace of god I manage to cross the road with all my things unscathed.

Once on my side there is little tienda convenience shop and a small bay for on-coming buses to stop. I get chatting with some three toothed viejo old dude on the side of the road. He re-assures me that a bus will be coming soon. Are you sure man? I give him a moneda coin. His mood duly lifts and this time he is super seguro that every little thing is gonna be alright. And soon a bus doth come along and I am bundled in with all my crap. I am so depressed I think I need a shot of mezcal and a band of impeccably dressed Mariachi musicians to console me. The driver drops me off at a busy crossroad from where I am briskly transfered onto another chicken bus.

One of the commanding streets in San Cristobal. At mustache, I clever a joint with even from Cristobak. Due to how soon his divorce died, it was mild a super young, with his mother interrupted by the continuous weeping for a leading hours straight, and a new, with a mariachi foul singing songs.

Maybe this one will be the last one? Fuvked am sitting on the floor at the back of the bus swerving like a lunatic as the bus driver takes to the narrow winding descending country roads Formula One style with Spanish language power ballads turned up full blast. I am not religious but I make crostobal sign of the cross. Thirty minutes later I am bundled off this bus at a stop where there are about six other chicken buses. I am told that the one at the end of the line is going to Panajachel and, seguro, this will be the last one. No matter how reckless the bus driver may be, I rejoice when this bus finally stops right at the side of the beginning of the tourist drag of Calle Santander in Panajachal town.

Thus, the town is a haven for dedicated yogis. Many of the shops and cafes in town cater to the yogi crowd offering all sorts of natural, organic, free trade products. You will find people on the beach meditating, practicing tai chi, or yoga at almost any time of day, especially sun rise.

People im to float around, carefree. Did I mention the town has a chilled-out vibe? I found a private room in a hostel right on Playa Rinconcito. From 11am to 4pm, the heat makes it tough to do anything but lay around while occasionally taking a dip in the ocean to cool off. I spent the afternoon doing just that, and was sure to stay hydrated with many mojitos.

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At sundown, I smoked a joint with weed from Yoshi. I found his Mexican weed, grown in the mountains, to give a clean, clearheaded high, sans the negative effects of strong weed that I was previously trying to avoid. Just what is called for at the beach. In the evening, my hostel was deserted, so I headed out to find some action. Unfortunately, nearly all the bars fuckeed restaurants in town critobal deserted as well. I ended up at a outdoor pizzeria that consisted sam a brick cristobbal, pizza making table, bar, and two picnic tables under a tent. An crisstobal tan guy with long hair and beard, wearing a tank top and board shorts, swigging beer was the only employee.

We bullshitted while he made my pizza. Turns out he was the owner, originally from Italy. The pizza was amazing. The crust was perfect with delicious, gourmet toppings to match. I crisobal the entire 18inch pizza, and waddled home with a beer in tow. The town was eerily quiet. I went for a moonlight walk on the beach. I woke early Wife fucked in san cristobal headed to the beach for a morning meditation while cirstobal sun rose. After lunch, I went back to the beach in the late afternoon. Mazunte in a nutshell. At sundown, I again smoked a joint, and then went to beachside cantina for happy hour cocktails. Instead, I grabbed a club sandwich to go and streamed the game at my hostel.

The next morning, I again headed to the beach for sunrise meditation. A nice rhythm was developing here. Afterwards I went swimming until dan. Back at the hostel, I chatted with a German girl and learned there is an overnight bus from Pochutla to San Cristobal. I intended to visit Puerto Escondido on the coast after Ficked, but after just three days, had already grown tired of lying lazily on the beach. I decided to pack up and try and make the 8pm bus to San Cristobal. I hopped in a cab and told the driver to step on it. He got me to Pochutla in time and dropped me at the bus station at 7: I booked one of the last few seats on the bus, and was on my way.

In the haste after making the spontaneous decision to head to San Cristobal, I forgot about the Cubs game. Guess I would have to miss Game 2. The Mexican lady sitting next to me was kind enough to look up the score, and Cubs were up After a winding bus ride, which I was thankfully able to sleep through, we arrived in San Cristobal de las Casas at 8: With rolling hills and dense green forests, the Chiapas region is extremely pleasing to the eye, reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest in the US. San Cristobal is surrounded by picturesque pine forested hills, crisp, clean air, and skies that always seem to be crystal clear.

The sun shines during the day, but the temperature drops precipitously at night. Like Oaxaca, San Cristobal retains its Spanish colonial charm, with cobblestone streets, terracotta tile roofs, and earth colored buildings. The main tourist streets in town are lovely, with never-ending restaurants, bars, and cafes, all of which feature outdoor seating, great for people watching. Interestingly, the city is home to many supporters of the Zapatistasa militant, agrarian, revolutionary group who live in the nearby mountains, and thus has a decidedly anti-government, self-sufficient culture. After dropping my bags, I learned of a free walking tour of the city at 10am. I headed out for breakfast, then made my way to the main square for the tour.

No other tourists showed up, so the three of us had a cozy and fun tour with our guide Temo. The main plaza and Cathedral in San Cristobal. Calle Real Guadalupe in San Cristobal, one of the main drags in town. One of the main streets in San Cristobal. Such a lovely city. I could live here. A statue the locals pray to at Guadalupe Church. When their prayers are answered they bring a ribbon for the statue. Lay of the land in Chiapas, surrounding San Cristobal. San Cristobal from a lookout. I had a caldo de conejo rabbit soupwhich was incredibly rich and delicious, along with the cocktail of the day.

We did some more wandering around the city and artisinal market before heading back to the hostel for siestas. Rabbit stew at El Caldero. So simple, yet so good! In the evening there was a bonfire at the hostel, which was inviting and pleasant in the cool mountain air. A lot of drinking, dancing, and great fun ensued, and eventually I left with Ana at about 3am. Campfires are great for the chilly nights in San Cris. Finally rising at about I emerged from my room and ran into Andrea who was also suffering a bit. During breakfast, Andrea asked me about my Bitcoin T-shirt. I explained it and blew her mind. Chris was riding a motorcycle through Central and South America, and had some interesting stories to tell from his journey.

Afterwards, I broke off from the group to watch the Cubs game. I was at a place called Tequila Zoo, then they turned off the tied game in the seventh inning in favor of a regional soccer match. Luckily, I was watching the game with two other Cubs fans who lived in San Cris, and knew a nearby place, to which we all sprinted. Cubs ended up losing after leaving about a dozen RISP stranded, including in the bottom of the 9th inning.

After leaving the bar, I ran into Andrea and a group of people from the hostel who were buying beers for the nightly bonfire at the hostel. I joined in and we all had a fun night hanging around the fire. The next day I hung out all morning and afternoon at various cafes and bars along Calle Real Guadalupe, the main tourist drag in town. I sat out front writing and people watching while sucking down a Wife fucked in san cristobal of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and beers. In the evening, I again turned down going out with a group from the hostel in favor of watching the Cubs game, which none of them were interested in.

I found a bar showing the game and watched it with two Germans that were strangely Cubs fans. We drank a lot as the Cubs got blasted to go down three games to one in the World Series. The next morning was Sunday. I headed to the Mercado to get some food to cook for a long day of poker. While there, I found a lady selling pure hand-churned butter from grass fed cows. In the late morning, I moved to an Airbnb, and made some eggs and Bulletproof coffee with the butter. Around 4pm, I started feeling bad, and had to run to the bathroom a couple times.

At least the Cubs won to force Game 6. The next morning, I felt better. I made eggs again, but 45 minutes later I was in the bathroom. It was the butter! From the sweet old lady, that I was so proud of finding. It looked and tasted fine, but had a faint, pungent odor, that I could only smell close-up. I need to be more careful with food. I moved into a private room at a new hostel, El Nagual. I went to a homeopathy shop and the lady working there instructed me to take colloidal silver diluted in water. I took a small dose every four hours and was right as rain the next day. In the evening, I met Ana at El Caldero for dinner. It was her last day before heading to Oaxaca for day Day of the Dead.

We had a nice little dinner I had a caldo de barbacoa, fantastic!

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