What to do if your ex contacts you

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How To Not Blow It If Your Ex Contacts You

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While that will be the case yuor some point in the near future, it Whhat not the case yet. As you walk that trail you will find that thorns have grown over parts of it and trees have fallen down over the path. Whta the of of you are different and the relationship is different as well. The relationship has now seen a time of separation and hurt feelings. It is different in complex and simple ways. You want a new relationship that still has many of the same elements from the previous one but that is on a stronger foundation and can last.

Then after that she broke up with me for looking at her phone. I tryed talking to her about it for about 3mos because I really do love her and her son nobody ever made me as happy as she did in my life wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and she would tell me that was what she wanted to. I was really upset about the brake up and I would always try talking to her about it and I think that was pushing her away more.

tk So for about the last 3 weeks I have not been texting her. So this week she text me 4 times. Then 2 days later she text me saying hi how are you? Then last night she text me saying she miss me. What is the best way to get her back just fo her text me and keep being sort till she tells me what she wants or what should I do??? September 28, at But the dumper is over things much, much faster than the dumpee. The person who initiates the breakup feels emotions as well, but they're usually nowhere near the pain and intensity of the person who has been rejected. So much effort is put into analyzing contact from the ex.

I've received messages from people who analyze a word text from their ex- using detail, imagery and symbolism as complicated, theoretical and bizarrely disconnected from reality as if they're writing a doctoral dissertation about 19th-century literature while high on drugs.

If your ex to contacts What you do

It's crazy, of course, but it's also natural. As described in the section "The Pain Is Real," a breakup triggers in all of us a range of bio-behavioral responses from massive stress reactions to physical disturbances that affect sleep, hunger and energy levels. We can't see clearly, we can't think clearly. Perhaps you even grew up and moved forward enough to start a new relationship with someone else. Moving On Takes Work All that took a lot of work, even if it was messy and slow. So when your ex contacts you out of the blue, be aware — be very aware — what you are risking by reengaging with your ex.

So the first thing to do when your ex contacts you, whether it be by text, email, phone let it go to voice mail, please! The second, third and fourth things you should do are also nothing. Have some compassion for yourself. Remember your basic first aid — in almost any kind of injury, treat the person for shock. Have the victim lie down. This way, you have the chance to leave the conversation if things turn awkward and the two of you don't want to talk anymore.

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Fi you go to a restaurant youur things turn sour, you would need to wait for your check and that means additional awkward moments. If your ex contacts you in order to catch up, it should be done in something casual. If you don't know how to proceed, simply make sure that you treat the new development as a different relationship and not the continuation of the old one. What would you do if a past acquaintance suddenly contacts you?

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