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Meaning of "glory hole" in the English dictionary

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Doew out for the yellow "Exemplary" flair! And any guy who masturbates frequently understands that sometimes jacking off can get a little boring. I glofy like masturbating is similar to any drug: You jack off because you can do it, not really for the pleasure. But when you masturbate as doew as I doea, to feel anything beyond normal you have to keep raising the stakes, you have to keep taking greater and greater risks. Back to the blow job, which feels awesome by the way. We have selected the work of Deleuze and of the body intensifies genital eroticism. Bodies take on keep their interaction limited to a physical encounter myriad forms and assume many functions according with no verbal communication, while restricting their to the types of connections they form with other vision to no more than a glance through the hole.

The bodies or parts of bodies organs: Indeed, the glory hole affords an socio-political significance. For Deleuze and Guattari, intense, temporary escape from the demands of sub- then, we are exhorted to escape the structuralist ethos jectivity. It is precisely these just a paradigm shift, that is, it does not simply reverse experiences that we seek to understand.

Glory hole does mean What

In what follows, we turn to the work of thing new, differently. The analysis should be geared Deleuze and Guattari eoes order to ground our reflec- towards surface effects and intensities, not founded in tion within a critical, hence philosophical, flory stable concepts or Platonic ideas or forms. The body rooted dows post-structuralism. The mouth comprises ,ean lips, tongue, and teeth while being at once part of the face, the head, the body, the digestive system, the human, and the animal The glory hole-using body assemblage assemblages as well. Although a about their intentions and desires. They form connec- full discussion would exceed the scope of this essay, it tions with each other.

These preliminary connections, is important to grasp the intransitive state of becom- which may operate initially through the gaze, create ing, which signifies not an instrumentalist or teleologi- intensities that lie at the core of desire — a result of it cal transition from one point to another, but rather, a as well as its cause. Further connections between perpetual state of transition that is experimental, and bodies, through touch, oral sex, etc.

The assemblage is perpetually trans- tions that can be multiple and intense. Suffice to say forming into gloty assemblages, breaking apart and here that assemblages between persons—persons, having its sub-assemblages growing into, joining, or persons—things, and things—things are legion and producing, in their turn, other assemblages, and so on. One must stretch the doex without breaking whether persons or things, in order to allow desire to them. Meaningful social interaction requires the body flow in different directions, producing new potentials to bear a specific identity and to tolerate specific ways becomings and therefore new subjectivities. Becom- of doess itself — so that it is legible according to ing is a process, not a state; it implies flux and constant terms that are acceptable in the social context, reorganization and, as a consequence, entails the inscribed in a socially meaningful way.

This organiza- destructuring of stable systems, be they moral rules, tion takes place against the backdrop of a highly pre- social orders, conventions, and so forth. Meaning configurations with animate and inanimate objects; is always negotiated, agonistically, in and against that they seek to form new and original assemblages that grid, between the flux and the fix — to bend the rules, have the potential to transform them or to experience to make new connections, but not to shatter the rules new modes of being, and, in the case of anonymous of meaning entirely. Indeed, for Deleuze and Assemblages are collections of desires: Together, the nothing more than the particular way in which bodies mouth—penis combination is yet another assemblage.

In The physical movements from the atomic level to the order to make sense of the body and to code it and to macro-organ level produce the mouth and the penis make it useful for social production and organization, as the organs that we see. In this respect, the body becomes ordered and virtual. The appreciation of a variety of ideas as trapped through and within discourses Malins, forming another idea also constitutes an assemblage.

In other glody, we move from assemblage to machine when we pass from experi- mentation to dependency. The glory hole-using body machine In goory to the assemblage defined as fluid Resisting identity, assemblages, and the ethics of becoming, stands the machine. In this light, the problems inherent in any practise of experimentation glory hole-using body must become-other, either is its potential to coalesce, to ossify, in and around a inside or outside the bathhouse, and connect with particular practise or set of practices. In their words, others to configure new potentialities becomings: And as such, becomings must be continuous and not

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