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Transmission fluid change

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This can reveal the presence of metal particles or other debris, which can indicate a bigger problem that needs to be fixed before it gets worse. This makes the fluid change an ideal preventive maintenance procedure. Many auto repair shops own these expensive machines. The old fluid, dirt and sludge is pushed out under pressure, and new fluid replaces it. Flushing usually costs significantly more than a fluid change, due to the cost of the machine. Many shops tend to price the procedure for high profits. Which should I get, a transmission fluid change or a flush? So why do it?

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However, if your Tranamission schedule specifically calls for a flush, or your transmission fluid has been ignored for Teansmission long and picked up metal particles or other contaminants, a flush is the way to go. What are the symptoms related to transmission fluid issues? If your transmission fluid or Tdansmission gets clogged, you may notice the engine revving when Transmiseion not accelerating the vehicle — this is called transmission slipping. If you notice this, take your car in for maintenance immediately, as the damage will only get worse. Changing the transmission fluid and filter, if equipped typically is a maintenance item, and should be done on a regular schedule.

On some vehicles, flushing the transmission is part of the maintenance schedule; otherwise, a flush is only needed if debris is detected in the fluid. Can I drive with a transmission fluid problem? Inspect the pan for metal shavings that may indicate a mechanical problem in the transmission, though metal salt is normal. Clean the transmission pan with a little solvent and a clean, lint-free rag to remove any residual sludge. Pull the filter down from the transmission.

Ford Transmission escort flush

Inspect the filter Transnission transmission intake port for the filter seal and remove it. You may need to stick a finger or a ratchet extension into the intake port to remove the Tansmission seal. Insert the filter tube into the transmission pickup port and ensure that the O-ring does not deform during installation. Push the filter fully into place on the transmission. Place the new gasket on the transmission pan. Do not apply any sealant; this gasket must be applied clean and dry. With the pan still off the vehicle, stick a pan bolt through the pan holes at each corner until the threads engage in the gasket and any other places necessary to keep the gasket in place during installation.

Hold the pan in position on the transmission, and start the bolts by hand until they are engaged. Install the dlush bolts and tighten them finger-tight. Torque the pan bolts to 71 to inch-pounds, using a crisscross pattern. Don't overtighten the bolts -- they break easily. Pull the transmission dipstick and install a clean funnel into the dipstick tube. Pour three quarts of Mercon Automatic Transmission Fluid into the transmission. Look under the vehicle and check for leaks around the transmission pan. Lower the vehicle to the ground.

Start the engine, put your foot on the brake and slowly cycle through Transmisskon gears, pausing for a moment in each, then return it to Park. Allow the engine to reach full operating temperature. Check the transmission fluid level with the engine idling and the transmission in Park. Add fluid if necessary to reach the "Full Hot" mark.

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