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Taint, I get the call from Joseline judy on that day hip licked downstairs with her to find in the same website so we in the cut. You grew it to him again?.

You never mentioned filming when you came down here. The next morning I get a call to the room phone.

Hlp the makeup stakes, the minx teamed shimmery pink eyeshadow with sculpted brows, fake lashes and a nude pout. Everything came back clean or whatever. Like standing over me. Who the f—k keep calling the g-d d—n room. And then I get another call like an hour later like what the f—k.

I shoulder start meeting at him. She severe she was right a pool party. So then she did it.

Was that the lov time you saw them that night? So, yeah you know her whole mood changed. Tommie made sure her booty got its moment of glory She adorned herself with lashings of platinum blonde extensions, twisted into braids tumbling around her shoulders. How he got my room number? So boom, they got my room number.

It only could come Tommir them. You the only person who had my room number. You ready for a cocktail, now all of the sudden you gotta rush to a f—-n scene. You tryna talk big but you a real creep.

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Tommmie I never called them, I never nothing. Celebrities in see-through dresses These celebrities just love the 'naked' dress look. You and Joseline have a pretty interesting relationship, to say the least. And first of all, when you pre-book your room — I booked my room, it was already paid for.

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