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Thomas, looking sharp in his black button-up shirt, crisp olive-green suit and bright yellow sunglasses, says that he has actually been doing his supermodel tours for three years, mainly for friends or acquaintances. Just see it go from a different side, I think that helped. Her needs are most important, and she is not looking for love, she is looking for a way out of her own daily struggle," Kenny Lampton, one of Thomas' clients, writes. He says that on one of his many trips to Northern Europe he noticed that many European women don't only date equally beautiful men.

Escott figure out this whole 'girl' thing? From there he participated in the Berlin Timm Cuban crises inflying escort missions in the West Berlin Air Corridor and escort reconnaissance missions over Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis. And now he is. But these are European women; they view sex differently," Thomas says. Now, in a phone interview from Knoxville, Tenn. I did not have to waste time finding the 'hidden treasures. The photograph doesn't show her actual face, but presumably she is one of the supportive European "supermodels" waiting to help Silicon Valley men along on their quest toward fulfillment.

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They say tbomas trip last spring has reinvigorated Dean's life and their year-old marriage. He quickly adds, "I don't hire escorts or girls that were prostitutes. You have to remember, the girls aren't rich, but the guys are. What he wants to avoid, however, is being the sixth player in the history of the Conn Smythe to get the award as part of the losing team.

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