Things you should know before dating a taurus

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Dating a Taurean is like signing up for an emotional rollercoaster ride. There would be days when you will be overwhelmed by faurus romantic and caring side, and there kow be days when their possessive nature would irritate you. They are honest, tauris and hardworking people who like to view life with their own lens. Here are a few things you should know before dating people of this zodiac sign. Going on a date with them? Expect something rosy and romantic like candlelight dinner, a bouquet of exotic flowers, a sensual massage, a long drive with good music, or all these together!

Also, they are old-school by nature. They believe in the idea of true love and put all their efforts to make a relationship work. But, we're also kind of possessive.

We across to find related and loyal saddles, but we've got to other the waters before easy being physically in with someone. We can be aloud vocal.

I'm not sure talking about relationships here. I'm talking about everything, Like for example, our phones. You can't go around touching our stuff and using it without asking permission. It's rude and just plain wrong so please don't be surprised when I snatch it back out of your grubby mitts. All we want is love.

Taurus people LOVE affection, who doesn't? It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that someone is always there for you, and we appreciate that. We like to find reliable and loyal partners, but we've got to test the waters before fully being totally in with someone. Invest in time with us. It's all about taking your time when it comes to dating a Taurus. We're not gonna just jump into bed with the first fella that shows some interest. We prefer love and security over a whirlwind romance any day.

We like the finer things in life. To attract a Taurus, one must be unique, classy, easy on the eyes, tender, stable, loyal, and compelling. A Taurus craves datig partner who will fulfill their fantasies in the comfort of their own nest. A Taurus is a Picasso in the art of seduction. Taurus is the sensual seducer of the zodiac—a true romantic who is serene, open, lusty, and artistic. Jou of the best lovers to find. They love being close and will pamper their amour with touch, admiration, and attention. By no means does this combination equate to promiscuity. Taurus instincts crave stability, devotion, comfortability, and security.

Taureans are happiest in a close, committed union. When you break a promise, this communicates to your Taurus that you don't value them or that you have put something before their needs. Simply put - their fragile egos just can't handle the let down. They won't be compatible with a Leo or a Libra, as these are the two star signs that are most likely to break a promise. Most people who fall under this sign actually enjoy this part of dating and become more interested when there is a chase involved. If your date messages you, don't answer straight away, instead wait around an hour and then message back - this will drive them crazy wondering what you're up to.

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You can keep a Taurus stimulated by always presenting them with beofre challenge. Whether it's chasing you in the beginning, or later in the relationship enjoying an outdoor activity day, they love an opportunity to prove they can accomplish things. A true Taurus enjoys the finer things in life and they hate sloppiness.

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