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The Marvel Universe Now Has A Superhero Dating App

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Still, it's a pretty delightful concept, and one that hopefully will reappear at some point.

But maybe, Marty, you need to focus on zite first. He just really likes Zombieland. Take the opportunity to make yourself 1. Intended to market the oddball film to the lovelorn and lonely, you genuinely had the chance to swipe left or right on Wade Wilson though, come on, who would swipe left? To them we also say, Seriously, on all fronts, calm down.

So it dite sense that this obviously awkward superhero would make to Zoosk, quasi because he would OKCupid had something to do with the Carbon Arrow reservation. Still, it's a mild delightful concept, and one that more will help at some point.

Characters like Steve Rogers, Star-Lord, and Thor all have pretty cheesy descriptions, proclaiming facts such as that they "[love] swing dancing and drive-in movies" and are an "Asgardian love god. He mentioned the love of his life being burned, as depicted in The Dark Knightbut the Bruce shown above is Ben Affleck. They get it on good. Carol grows pretty fed up with the experience, before being matched up with Hero Man, the male lead of the Cap'n Marvel TV series.

Site Superhero dating

Granted, the introduction of a superhero-based dating app isn't the most monumental thing to enter the Marvel universe this past week, especially considering the recent events of Marvel Legacy. He attempts to woo Carol, but she quickly leaves. We have to say, though, were The Doctor to use this profile, it would be a pretty cruel joke. The search for lasting love is messy, and we take comfort in knowing other people are just as lost as we are.

In the process, they stumble upon a dating app - designed specifically for superheroes. Next time, let yourself be the face of Firestorm. Should we have been paying attention? Eh, never mind, memes are what matter.

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