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Sober Singles Meetups in Washington

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Not everyone sing,es is seeking the things I am seeking, or who cares about the things I care about, is sober. And that's okay - because sober isn't the most important thing about me.

Singles meetup Sober

My love of photography, social justice, blogging, meditation, yoga, reading, addiction singlse, health care Sober singles meetup, entrepreneurship, metaphysics, risk-taking, Italy, music, creativity, and so on are the things that really make me come alive, and so friendships founded in a shared interest of these things tend to be highly rewarding. I look way more for the richness that the meetip has to offer and whether I am seen and valued than whether meerup not they abstain meeyup booze. Oddly enough, most of the people I do attract these days based on this principle of spirit alignment either don't drink, or don't place a high value singlez it. San Francisco, January, My best friend Dani, who isn't sober.

The night I came out to 3 of my friends that I had a problem with drinking, she was the waitress at our table and we were not close. Today, I don't talk to any of the girls I came out sober to, but I sleep on Dani's couch, and her husband is helping me record my meditation album. Consider ditching your anonymity. From the moment I stopped drinking, I talked about. At first, I did this in my small real-life circles. My friends knew, people at work knew, my family knew. This didn't do much for me in the way of making new friends - and in fact singlee me friends - but it did allow me to start owning who I was.

Meettup few months into sobriety, I started talking about it in conversation with people at Sober singles meetup networking events, and at sjngles in particular I spoke up to a group of women about it. Out of the ten ladies present, one of them was also in recovery, and my speaking up gave her courage Sobdr speak up as well and claim her own sobriety - this was how I made my meehup sober friend. Soon after this, I came out on my Facebook page and LinkedIn profile I can't link to it here, but if you search my Facebook page for February 4,you can see the full post. Coming out on social media allowed people I already knew who had suffered the same issues to find me and find me they did, lots of them.

Eventually, my story was passed on outside of my immediate network, and strangers got in touch with me to tell me they were sober, too. Ditching my anonymity was akin to sending up a flare in the middle of a black sky - the right people saw it, and from that many friendships were seeded. Other people who didn't suffer from addiction but who suffered from other stigmatizing conditions or who also had big secrets came out of the woodwork - my courage to tell my truth gave many other people courage to tell theirs.

And so it will be with you. Unbelievably, Instagram has one of the better communities out there for sober folk. You can search hashtags like sober, sobriety, soberlife, soberissexy, or any combination of words dealing with recovery and sobriety, and find post after post from others who are walking the same path as you. The engagement rate on Instagram is higher than it is on Facebook meaning that there is more interaction on postsand it is not terribly hard to form bonds with other members this way. I personally have made dozens of friendships on the application, some of which have translated into real-life friendships - my relationship with my HOME podcast co-host and life-partner Laura McKowen started on Instagram when she and I got into a debate over Elizabeth Gilbert.

If you are hesitant about coming out on your regular profile, create a second profile that is specifically for the purpose of being part of the sobriety community - you can do this anonymously or under your real name. And then engage and comment and follow and post and join in! Like anything else, what you put into it, you'll get out of it. She commented on an Instagram post of mine ina few weeks later we were talking as I rode a bus from LA to San Francisco, and now we talk every day and run the HOME podcast together. I wouldn't know how to function without her. There are a large number of sobriety-themed Meetup groups - some with hundreds and some with thousands of members in them.

You can simply go online and search your local area for such groups - try for a 20 mile radius, and search terms such as "sober", "sobriety", or "non-drinkers". If you can't find one close to you, think about starting one. They were awkward as hell because I am socially anxious and I hate hosting anything but they were also where I met my second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth sober friends. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Alternatively, you can use Meetup to find individuals with other shared sober-centric interests. For instance, if you search for something like meditation, hiking, outdoors, knitting, or running, you are likely to encounter folks who don't center their lives around a bar.

My love Regina, who I was put in touch with through a friend I made at one of my Meetups. We followed each other on social media, I went to one of her sister's brunches, she came to my yoga classes. Splurge on yoga teacher training. I signed up for Kundalini teacher training in primarily to become a teacher, and signed up for Vinyasa training in for the same reason. However, I quickly discovered in both trainings that the benefit was not in learning how to teach something I'm passionate about, but rather the experience of the training itself.

Through the hours of training, I not only improved my practice and strengthened my recoverybut I also got something out of it that I didn't anticipate - lifelong friends and an impenetrable community. There are no words to describe these relationships and these people, other than to Sober singles meetup when I am around them as a unit I am home. Yoga teacher training BREAKS you, and then builds you up, and when you do that in the arms of ten to thirty individuals going through the same thing over hundreds of hours, there is almost no way around making lifelong friends.

San Francisco, June, Just one of the many humans I met in yoga teacher training that are now staples Sober singles meetup my life, but by far the most important - Tareq. We stared into each others' eyes for 8 hours of meditation at White Tantric Yoga, and because we were neighbors began hanging out like normal people. He knows my soul and we watch inappropriate TV together and he makes me food and we walk places and sometimes when I'm homeless I live on his couch. If you can't afford an entire yoga teacher training, you can look for local workshops or retreats.

I have yet to leave one of these events without a phone number, and many times I have forged bonds that have turned into some of my most fulfilling relationships, like my friend Safi who I talk with on a weekly basis. If you don't know where to start, you can look to She RecoversEsalenKripaluSpirit Rockor Omega Instituteor you can also just look to your local yoga studio to see if they are hosting any events or workshops. If you follow spiritual teachers or personalities think Marion Williamson, Elizabeth Gilbert, Tommy Rosen, Mastin Kipp, Gabrielle Bernsteinlook at their websites to see if they are offering any sort of workshop or talk, or sign up for their email list to stay abreast of upcoming events.

When you are at any of these types of events - be it a week long workshop or a 3 hour talk - keep your eyes open, strike up conversations, stay vulnerable. I've made many friendships at these things, some from just turning to the chick on the yoga mat next to me and saying "What's up, I'm Holly, and I like your leg warmers. Sign up for online courses. Typically these days, any sort of online course you do will offer the coveted Secret Facebook Group, so that members of the online course can meet and support one another. Tommy Rosen's Recovery 2. If you have the opportunity to take a course and join an online community along with it, you will not only improve your chances of making that new learning stick, but most likely, you will make very good friends with the individuals you are going through the course with.

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