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Westminster harassment: this is not just about sex, it’s about power

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Parliament is their space — sex, and women, are their pleasures to be had. It gives them blackmail material.

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Because they wore a skirt. When women become more empowered, men become less entitled — and it becomes harder for them to get away with such behaviour. Obviously, not all men are sex pests, and many of our male MPs are good, decent, hard-working representatives. In France, women started talking about it in after the scandal broke about Dominique Strauss-Kahn, but six years later, fresh allegations arising post-Weinstein show that the problem endures.

For some women, the repercussions of speaking out are like being assaulted all over again. But with a long and growing list of Tory men to avoid in wes lift — and at least four men also facing allegations on the opposition benches — we have to ask ourselves if the current crop of MPs really is the best we could do. Well, for starters, we need more women in parliament. Perhaps most importantly, men did this because they could. Knowing the dirty secrets of MPs gives the whips power. And the short answer is party loyalty.

We have the notes — inwards now is the united to force parliament to act. Anyhow, not all men are sex workers, and many of our very MPs are good, forward, incredulously-working representatives. And what can we do to calm it out?.

Why was it condoned for so Sljts None of which helps women one iota. When parliaments feminise, the culture changes. Just stay quiet — oh, and next time avoid getting in a lift with him. And women in politics, whether in the media or the Commons bars, are objectified, sexualised, trivialised.

They are not afforded dignity and respect. It creates a scandal. Because they wanted attention.

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