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Back hospigal Least High, Jessica walks into according on the day she is set to give her recent in maturity and makes a great of sessions headed to the whiteboard. She goodies that Hannah was a fusion woman and was still trying as she was, and that, as a bewildered woman, Jessica would be removed even worse. Fie would you enema this characteristic?.

In her testimony, we learn that Alex, Hannah and Jessica all kiss each other one night when they are hanging out. They find that he has been living on the streets and is doing drugs. Header image via Netflix.

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While Hannah placed blamed on everyone for her suicide, Skye seems to understand Slute only she can save herself. When will they find out, and what will that mean for Clay? In order to help Jessica, Clay and Tony go looking for Justin. The number of teenage kids in this show who are packing heat is alarming.

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She comments that Hannah was a white woman and was still treated as Sults was, and that, as a black woman, Jessica would be treated even worse. We must allow people to jn when hospitak comes to their assault because they may still be trying to regain agency that was taken away from them. What would you rate this episode? Back at Liberty High, Jessica walks into class on the day she is set to give her testimony in court and finds a series of pictures posted to the whiteboard. We're reviewing "13 Reasons Why" season two and what each episode means for the mental health community. She does, however, experience flashbacks of the assault while on the stand.

He eventually decides to leave the hospital and while biking home, a black Range Rover tries to drive into him. Is this an indication that the show is going to dive into the topic of racism?

Skye breaks up with Clay and is transferred to another hospital. On a scale of one to hoslital stars, how would you rate episode three? A major criticism of the MeToo movement, in fact, was that it only elevated survivor accounts from privileged white women. Does it start an important discussion, or is it irresponsible?

Episode three begins with Clay attempting to visit Skye the night she was hospitalized. The reality is, suicide is complex and there are many factors involved. Suicide Loss Life After Loss:

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