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Healing Sluts in

Stories you perpetuate with your words which can cast magical spells. Reclaiming what healimg our human right. Freud said that sexual repression is the chief psychological problem of humankind, and the root of many crimes, illness, war and woe. The orgasms I had with her moved massive amounts of shame I had internalized growing up in the Christian south, out of my body. Kali emerging from a fire. Maybe you find your fantasy and realize you like to be flogged or spanked. We saw the literal possession of women. At least when it was scandalous to show an ankle it was very clear. Giving each other space to hear fantasies without judgement.

healinf Not my own heart. They make these faces during sex. What do we do if someone wants to scream or cry? Do the healing work with a coach or in a group.

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So how do you allow yourself to let go enough to work with the energy of healin, or even love or partnership, for healing and ecstasy? Or…Venus emerging from the ocean. Mine were pretty dope with candles and a fountain and fairy lights and soft music and eye gazing even when I was a preteen cause I was BornThisWay.

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