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The following brief examination will show how the issue was first raised in the CRC Llebanon inhow Lebanon appears to have considered accession in the mids, and how attempts to convince Lebanon to accede to the Convention ih intensified in the past few years. One of the most ardent proponents of Lebanon acceding to the Refugee Convention is the CRC Committee, which has raised the issue in all three of its Concluding Observations on Lebanon. It also welcomes the information that the State party undertakes activities to accede to the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and its Protocol.

The Committee notes with concern that since the State party does not extend asylum, many children and their families seeking asylum are subject to domestic laws for illegal entry and stay, and thereby are at risk of detention, fines and deportation. In this context, the Committee also refers to the concerns and recommendations expressed under the right to a nationality. UNHCR has explained how this change in the political climate put on hold many initiatives that had been set in motion to improve refugee protection in Lebanon, including amendments to the national asylum legislation. The latter remains a long term objective but it is essential, in the meantime, to build an environment in which persons of concern do feel protected.

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To actively promote accession before identifying concrete remedies to the existing gaps would be inappropriate. The years to come will be crucial and should be used to build womzn foundations on which an asylum system can at a later stage be established. Lebanese political parties — one political block opposing the Syrian regime, and the other openly supporting woma — demonstrated conflicting attitudes towards the conflict in Syria. This raises the questions why Lebanon Seekng to reject the Refugee Convention, and how it seeks to legitimize this.

The next section will seek to answer these questions. An example is the common argument that the Convention cannot be ratified because it would require the permanent settlement or local integration of refugees, including Palestinians. There is a fear that refugees recognized under international refugee law would pose a threat to social and sectarian cohesion in the country. Lebanon, home to 18 different sects, has long sought to preserve its delicate demographic balance, and numbers have become important in power struggles. There is unanimous political agreement on the rejection of naturalization of refugees in Lebanon. The preamble of this Constitution refers to the concept of tawteen, stating that there shall be no tawteen in Lebanon.

It is not obvious what is meant by this term, and translations of the Constitution do little to clarify this. The confusion is even greater in the English language versions of the Constitution, where at least three different versions translate tawteen in very different ways. An official version found at the Office of the Presidency states that: Lebanese territory is one for all Lebanese. Every Lebanese shall have the right to live in any part thereof and to enjoy the rule of law wherever he resides.

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