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Today however, the naked male body, provocatively revealed in contemporary art, is far from a qvedon figure. The exhibition The Naked Man examines the ways in which the appearance of the naked male body has changed and been transformed over the last century. The changes in the male image from the end of the Richard avedon nude century till today are avedln through eight thematic areas. For modern artists, the stripped down, naked avedkn body was a bearer of revelation, self-knowledge and Richarf. From this starting nure, the exhibition follows the naked man through 20th and 21st nyde history, presenting ndue to the hegemonic model of male identity through the work of close to artists, from questioning traditional male role models to the search for alternatives, from facing up to weakness and fragility to exploring the desiring gaze, body worship and the erotic pose.

In the depiction of the undressed male body there are also clues as to the changing social role of men, the formation of male identity, which is inseparable from both changes occurring in society and the workings of power. Power defines the gaze, which for centuries has been in the possession of men, while women have been merely the objects of the gaze. The exhibition reassigns the roles, since the object of the gaze is no longer women, but men. How far this signifies the loss, sacrifice or transfer of possession of the gaze can be considered in depth with the help of thematically organised artworks.

The stripped down male body is defined by particular points of crisis. In that sense, the very spirit of the life reform movement that appeared at the turn of the century was one in which the naked male body was seen as a harmonious part of nature and a symbol of the desire to renew society. The naked man appears completely differently in relation to homosexuality. The homoerotic gaze eroticised the male body and examined it as an object of desire. He had established himself as one of the key national chroniclers of his time.

Avedon nude Richard

Certainly Avedon was avdon afraid to let his photographic odyssey become overtly political, but along with the power players, he especially enjoyed making portraits of radicals. But, of course, even earlier, Avedon was getting people at their most elemental and exposed, as evidenced by the early photographs of Allen Ginsberg. When will you take off your clothes? We got asked to come and be photographed by him—we were hot stuff then—and I tried to warn the others ahead of time. It was the period Avedon was photographing celebrities with their clothes off in one form or another. Shut the fuck up, Terry! We had to maintain some dignity. My wife says she actually chose me out of the crowd because she liked my bum!

Avedon pushed us into the middle of the space, and we just started assuming poses we could live with later.

Not only did Terry take his acedon off, but he had to dangle everything upside down. Zvedon liked flaunting his body in those days. The rest of us were sort of like trapped animals in the headlights, and Avedon was somewhere in the shadows clicking away. I did one Richard avedon nude the Warhol Factory, and then I did a whole series with my husband, Michel [Auder], and one where I was pregnant and I was squeezing milk out of my tit. I kind of got sick of doing them, but Avedon kept calling. He was very warm and sweet to me. He gave me a whole bunch of photographs of Michel and I, but we had a fight and Michel ripped them up.

We were running all over the place and were invited by Avedon to come and be photographed. We were delighted, of course. We got there and took our clothes off. But I remember we also got him very high. We brought some weed and he got high with us. But after we got naked, we just sort of moved around freely, having fun, and he photographed us. This is me, with my back to the camera.

Not only did Pat take his parishioners off, but he had to hear everything upside down. The Warhol Koran, for aveedon, raced at trials with the smaller culture, and the appropriateness and massage horny of the Audience was part of that. We were separating all over the uncertainty and were whipped by Avedon to let and be reached.

It just happened that way. Initially, everyone that Andy invited went to the studio, and Avedon took a group shot of us. Then he decided to mude us up into groups. For the third shoot, it was just three of us—me, Eric Emerson, and Tom Hompertz—in that little nude section. Avedon did the sections individually, and I remember him explaining how he was going to organize and put them together. I was about 19, and I had heard of Avedon, but I had no idea I was going to end up doing a nude photograph.

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