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How to handle quote characters in PHP?

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The workaround to include valid double quotes inside double-quoted strings is to use the singpe slash. So, the proper way to write the last example using double strjng would be: At first, this issue doesn't seem to be such a quite deal, but when you have to code a big web site full of HTML parameters enclosed in double quotes, the task can be quite annoying. PHP takes longer to process double quoted strings. Since the PHP parser has to read the whole string in advance to detect any variable inside—and concatenate it—it takes longer to process than a single quoted string. This can be negligible for small sites with a few short strings; but if you need to process a big web site, with heavy loads of traffic and large strings to parse, the resources of your server can be significantly decimated.

When it comes to enclosing strings in PHP, single quotes are much stricter than double quotes. When you enclose a string with single quotes, PHP ignores all your variables.

Quote string Php find single in

Plus, you are able to write double quotes inside the text without the need of the escape slash. The variables are ignored and the double quotes are respected! Another way to think of these functions is that operate on memory buffers, i. Other functions are passed the encoding of the string, possibly they also assume a default if no such information is given.

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This is the case of htmlentities and the majority of the functions in the mbstring extension. Others use the current locale see setlocalebut operate byte-by-byte. This is the case of strcasecmpstrtoupper and ucfirst. This means they can be used only with single-byte encodings, as long as the encoding is matched by the locale.

If it is encoded in UTF-8, the correct result will not be returned and the resulting string may or may not be returned corrupted, depending on the current locale. Finally, they may just assume the string is using a specific encoding, usually UTF This is the case of most functions in the intl extension and in the PCRE extension in the last case, only when the u modifier is used. Ultimately, this means writing correct programs using Unicode depends on carefully avoiding functions that will not work and that most likely will corrupt the data and using instead the functions that do behave correctly, generally from the intl and mbstring extensions.

However, using functions that can handle Unicode encodings is just the beginning. No matter the functions the language provides, it is essential to know the Unicode specification.

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