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OUTSIDERS PODCAST: Melo to... Portland?

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The best lineup for OKC, though, did include Melo; it was the starting five. Before Andre Roberson 's knee injury, the Thunder's starting unit was dominant, outscoring opponents by Melo wasn't brought in to start, but it does seem like he's settling into his niche with the Rockets. And although it's small sample size theater at this stage of the season, he has been adequate as a catch-and-shoot guy. He had a By comparison, Ryan Andersonthe pure shooter Anthony really replaced in the Rockets' rotation, had a Melo has also been effective in picking his spots to post up.

There is a better chance of a blizzard hitting Houston during the NBA playoffs than D'Antoni calling a play for a Melo post-up, but Anthony has done a good job getting deep position off a mismatch in transition on several occasions and picking on smaller defenders after switches. He has shot of on post-ups this season, per NBA. Melo's days as an elite, go-to scorer are done. He's 34 and fighting Father Time, but the Rockets firmly believe he can be an efficient complementary threat with two of the league's premier playmakers feeding him for open looks.

With James Harden out with a hamstring injury, Carmelo Anthony put on a vintage performance with 28 points in a win over Brooklyn. Let's be brutally honest here. As much attention as we pay to Melo's offensive decline and whether he can be reinvigorated with the Rockets, the big problems with him are on the other end. And, well, Melo hasn't played much defense this season. The Rockets are a bottom defense with him on the floor Again, small sample size and all that, but yikes. Simply put, the Rockets' switch-everything scheme puts a bullseye on Melo.

Opponents hunt him, trying to get him matched up with their best scorers we saw this plenty during OKC's first-round loss to Utah last season. He's not quick enough to defend good off-dribble players on the perimeter and not big and athletic enough to prevent big men from scoring in the paint. The Clippers have emerged as the main suitor for the 14th-year veteran who is averaging over 22 points, six rebounds and three assists this season. Now comes the challenge of finding a third team to make a deal work. So far the Cavaliers and Celtics -- two enticing destinations for a player looking to win -- reportedly have said they are not interested.

And everywhere you go, even if you don't hear about it, somebody is telling you about it, somebody is saying something," Anthony said, via ESPN. Simmons had a scheduled scan with the operating specialist last week in New York. The results showed his recovery is moving along as expected. As part of that recovery, Simmons began one-on-one activity at the Sixers training complex. In his last nine games, Crowder has averaged If Boston was open to the idea of adding Melo which at the time of this writing they were not, they would most likely have to include Crowder in the deal.

He is not untradeable, but his versatility, production and extremely team-friendly contract will make it difficult for the Celtics to part ways with him. The recent skid by the Toronto Raptors only highlighted what many NBA execs have been saying all season. Toronto has a good team, but title contender? Could they already have him and not know it? Jared Sullinger was supposed to be that guy, but foot surgery has kept him off the court until recently. In his first five games, Sullinger averaged 4. The Raptors recently announced he would do a rehab stint with their Development League affiliate, the Raptors Like San Antonio, Atlanta, Memphis and others throughout the league, the premise is to make sure players are relatively healthy as can be as they near the end of the season and prepare for the playoffs.

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She had to take the day off work. If something happened at school, she had to leave work. If the child was sick, she had to stay home. It goes in the welcome pamphlets. James Harden and Russell Westbrook won't repeat their anomalous statistical absurdity. Durant and Stephen Curry cannibalize each other. I am skeptical the Bucks win enough to propel Giannis Antetokounmpo. That leaves Leonard, who should be about ready after sitting the preseason. He showed in the playoffs that he can ramp up his playmaking -- the part of his resume that falls short of historic MVP candidacy levels. If he averages five-plus assists per game, he could emerge as the favorite. He will probably be the lone All-Star on a plus-win team.

He carried the Spurs on offense last season, popping for jumpers all over the court and bailing out dead possessions. He is the NBA's soul-snatcher on defense. Popovich's resting practices work against him, but cracking 70 games again will satisfy voters. They dealt DeMarre Carroll and a first-round pick to duck this season's tax. Sloughing Valanciunas is their most realistic way to limbo again. Given the glut of big men, we should see more center-for-center deck chair shuffling: You take my guy because his contract fits your salary sheet, and I'll take your guy with the longer contract and lower annual salary and I also secretly think he might be good. Valanciunas to Orlando, where former Toronto No.

How about Valanciunas for Tyson Chandler? Toronto gets a win-now veteran and the same years-and-money reduction; Phoenix exchanges a geezer for a year-old. Unloading deals that extend past the summer ofwhen some of the bubble contracts come off the books, is going to be really hard. The market will loosen up in July, when more cap room pops open and those deals creep a year closer to expiration. Even then, Toronto may have to attach another asset to dump Valanciunas. They might prefer exchanging Valanciunas for a non-center, anyway; Ibaka needs time there, and either Jakob Poeltl or Bebe Nogueira will be in their long-term plans.

Here's a wild one: If the Raptors fall off badly -- and I don't think they will -- I wouldn't be shocked if DeMar DeRozan 's name pops up in the rumor mill. The Clippers trade DeAndre Jordan if they underperform The Clips finally listened when suitors called on Jordan around the draft, according to sources across the league. They did not shop him. They conducted some due diligence. Those talks might signal some trepidation about re-signing Jordan this summer. The most he can get in the first year of an extension: If they don't, L. The Clippers will stand pat if they find themselves on pace for ish wins. But what if they are around. Finding a match is brutal; expiring contracts like Jordan's have more value now that cap room is scarce, but the old template of flipping expirings for good players on longer deals might be harder to follow over the next couple of seasons.

The unprecedented two-year cap spike spawned a wild spending bubble; the league is littered with long-term contracts that now look like horrid overpays. It is really hard to find a non-superstar on a two- or three-year deal for whom a team might exchange a big expiring contract.

How well he makes people to be upset as he and his new partner find their money. My grandparents tested through waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more recently times than this. We let our customers get in the way of times that begin the most.

Like, a lot of teams wouldn't touch Andre Drummond's contract, even if they only had carmell send dead money to get him. On the flip side, teams are loathe to flip talented players -- even overpaid ones -- for someone who will bolt right away. Even Detroit, in tax hell, might not give up Drummond for salary relief alone. At least not yet. Only a hungry team that fancies itself one piece from contention would dare. In the age of LeBron and Golden State, very few teams conceive of themselves that way. Jordan probably isn't good enough for the Cavs to dangle their Nets pick plus Tristan Thompson. The Celtics can't match salaries without upending their team.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Lakers aren't going to compromise cap space for Jordan. The most tantalizing candidate: Let's build Lob City, East!

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Just send Otto Porter for Jordan and one teensy salary once Porter becomes trade eligible in January. The salaries going back and forth have to match almost exactly; the Wizards are over the tax line, and the Clippers are crouched just beneath it. A huge contract for Jordan would be untenable atop Washington's other giant salaries. It's still workable, especially if a third team helps. The Mavs could open enough space to absorb Jordan sending out only Dwight PowellNerlens Noel and a pick, but there was that whole kidnapping thing. The Thunder have already unloaded two young players on mega-deals for superior veterans; why not flip Steven Adams for Jordan?

Also, it should be illegal for any team to have two of Andre Roberson, Jordan, and Drummond. Other suitors might come out of the woodwork. Washington faces one other obstacle: Washington might need a pick to bribe someone into swallowing Ian Mahinmi. That is my favorite fake trade in the league. If the Pelicans combust, they should get something for Cousins instead of letting him walk and pissing off Anthony Davis. Davis doesn't want to play center; Whiteside does! For Miami, this is a pure talent play. Cousins is better and younger, with an untapped upside. If he ever gets his head on straight, Cousins is a top player.

You know who has a good record of coaxing alleged trouble personalities down the right path? The team draama rescued Whiteside, and bought early on the Relationshkps Island waterfront! The Heat are confident that once a player gets a taste of the way they do things and of that South Beach life they can entice him to stay. Miami's cap sheet is clogged through ; this toight be their ddrama way to land a star talent. Alas, both teams swear up and down this won't happen. I almost predicted it anyway; Shea Serrano is always telling people to shoot their shot. I'll settle for this: The Pellies hang around. As of now, they won't have cap room to sign anyone else of consequence. Cousins would have them over a barrel the same way Jrue Holiday did.

And who else is lavishing Cousins with the max? At least half the league has or claims to have an ironclad "No Boogie" rule. The Mavs aren't afraid of gambling, and they'll need a center if Noel jets. Beyond that, the market is murky. Miami trades Justise Winslow and a big salary With Josh Richardson 's extension, Miami is already over next season's tax. This is their easiest path out of cap prison: Among my favorite versions of this:

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