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By now, I was gently rubbing her clitoris and kissing her nipples and she began squirming and moaning until she came with a shudder, quickly repeated by another and orieental. She was soon kneeling on the soapy floor of the shower with water cascading over her shoulders as she licked me so beautifully that I too had a few orgasms. Temporarily satisfied, we joined a rather flustered and frustrated Mr B, slipped into our skimpy cocktail dresses and led him out to the waiting taxi. The taxi driver knew exactly where we were going and although he pretended to behave as though we were just going to the zoo, I caught him looking in his rear-view mirror at us two girls with a smirk and, I think, not a little envy.

On entering, I flashed my membership card and signed in my guests.

Friendly, charming and, of course, gorgeous girls welcomed us and recognized me as a regular member. I took my guests into esocrt main dining room and first had a delicious Bellini at the bar before tucking into the amazing buffet. After dinner, we had a few more drinks and then the DJ started up and I just orirntal to have a fling on the pole on the dance floor. Other girls joined me and soon we were getting cheers and applause from the surrounding partygoers. I flirted outrageously with a few gorgeous men who I secretly noted to check out later. Eventually, the DJ went into his signature song 'Get your clothes off ' and I took my guests to the changing rooms to leave our clothes in the lockers and we were down to panties and no more.

Back to the dance floor for some more dancing, which was now much more body contact and Mr B was not the only man to have a huge bulge in his pants for all to see. Chloe was loving every moment and getting a considerable amount of attention herself.

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However, I danced with him for a while and stroked his u cock regularly, but not enough to make him come. There was so orirntal more to enjoy before that. After about twenty minutes of esdort, we went to the communal Jacuzzi where about fifteen others were enjoying the water and there secort not a soft cock in the pool. After ten minutes in the iriental, we dried u and went upstairs to the Leopard room, one of many with subdued coloured orienta and mood music. There were already about twenty people in this room, writhing and fucking, sucking and licking, swapping partners or doubling up.

One petite oriental girl was absolutely loving double penetration and screaming ecstatically. So, Chloe and I went down on him as he was stroking the breasts of the young oriental girl who by now had the two Dutch lads fucking her ass while she had another man's cock in her mouth. Wow, I thought, she is really going for it! Well, as I guessed, he came in no time at all but, also as expected, he was hard again in moments as he was watching a gorgeous girl over in the corner being gang-banged by about ten men as their partners were all going down on each other in a melee of naked flesh. About six couples in here and I chose a pretty girl with small tits to wank Mr B while I went down again on Chloe.

She was enjoying herself with her eyes closed and I told her to open her eyes and look up to see the faces looking in through the little portholes near the ceiling. Chloe immediately jumped up and grabbed two cocks while gobbling another in her mouth and started slurping and licking while wanking the other two. She was like a child in a sweet shop, too much choice, sucking one and then another until one man came strongly in her mouth, which she swallowed greedily and then seemed to set herself a target to make every one of them cum.

As soon as one cock would go another appeared and I thought that it was time to move on, especially as Mr B had been fucking the pretty girl doggy style while watching his wife and he had now cum again and was clearly keen to see more of this glorious, decadent cave of delights. The next room was playing a little quiet Mozart and here there were various pieces of gymnastic equipment, a gynaecologist's chair and a padded, low-slung trapeze. All, I may say, being used for purposes for which they were not intended! Most of our girls are very skilful in the art of thai and most forms of Japanese massage.

Please ask in advance if you wish one of our oriental escorts to include massage as part of her escort service. The fees charged are for their time and companionship only. This may include relaxation massage, exotic dancing and modelling. Anything else that might occur in private is strictly between two consenting adults. We act purely as an introduction agency for which it charges the escort an introduction fee. Making an appointment with an escort is taken as proof that you fully understand all that previously stated and that you release the owner, the website creator and internet service provider from any liability whatsoever.

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They are young, exciting, and escorh all very, very good at their job. All of edcort oriental escorts are hand chosen by Olina Oriental Escort. We are absolutely sure that you will be completely satisfied with all of our girls, be she a busty or high class oriental escort. They reside in apartments all over London and are the perfect hostesses. They are caring, sensitive and discreet. They love to meet all your needs from how you'd like her to be dressed to how you like to unwind.

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