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Similar results have been found with college women Cercone et al. Thus, many domestically violent women—especially those who wimen involved with the criminal justice system—are not the sole perpetrators of violence. The victimization brunssick have experienced from their male partners is an important contextual factor in understanding their motivations for violence. Some women who have been adjudicated for a domestic violence offense are, in fact, battered women who fought back Kernsmith, ; Miller, They may ni be at the same level of risk of serious injury or death as battered women who are seeking shelter.

Service providers working with domestically lookkng women may need to develop safety plans similar to those they would develop for battered women. Participants in both studies were women who used violence against an intimate male partner. The studies found consistent results: Women and their partners used equivalent levels of psychological aggression. Women used higher levels of moderate physical violence than their partners used against them, and about the same level of severe physical violence. However, women were about 1. Similarly, women were 2. And women were 1. On results were found in Stuart ofr al.

While Swan et al. Taken together, these studies suggest that the types of violence women and men commit differ, even in relationships in which both partners use violence. Domestic Violence May Affect Men and Women Differently A mutually violent relationship, as defined in the intimate partner violence literature, is a relationship in which both partners use physical violence e. The evidence presented above suggests that in many relationships that can be classified as mutually violent, women are more likely than men to experience severe and coercive forms of partner violence, such as sexual coercion and coercive control, and women are injured more often and more severely.

Utilizing information from the National Comorbidity Survey, Williams and Frieze found that female participants who experienced partner aggression reported significantly higher distress and lower marital satisfaction when compared to male participants who experienced partner aggression. And, in an examination of predictors of breakups in a national sample of couples, male violence, but not female violence, predicted relationship dissatisfaction and breaking up DeMaris, Studies also find more negative psychiatric effects for women in mutually violent relationships when compared to men.

Anderson examined couples reporting mutual violence drawn from the National Survey of Families and Households and found that being in a mutually violent relationship predicted greater depression among both men and women, but the effect was approximately twice as great for women. A similar pattern was observed for drug and alcohol problems. In a longitudinal study, Ehrensaft, Moffitt, and Caspi found that women, compared to men, who were victims of intimate partner violence were more likely to develop psychiatric disorders. He feel like he in control now, he can bust you upside the head anytime he want now. Bust him and run. In Stuart et al. Women are more likely to report fear in domestic violence situations Cercone et al.

The effects of family violence on children, both in terms of actual physical abuse of children and the abuse that children witness, affect how women behave in violent relationships Dasgupta, ; Foa et al. I been through that. A number of studies show that men are more likely than women to use violence to regain or maintain control of the relationship or a partner who is challenging their authority Barnett et al. Findings from the Hamberger and Guse study of men and women court-ordered to a domestic violence treatment program indicated that men were more likely to initiate and control violent interactions, whereas women used violence but were not in control of the violent interactions with their partners.

Similarly, Stuart et al.

Retribution I got a very jealous violent streak. Forty-five percent of the women in the Swan and Snow study stated that they had used violence to get even with their partners for something they had done. Women in this study also were more likely than men to state that they used physical aggression against their partners to retaliate for previous abuse and to punish them. Childhood Trauma Evidence from several studies indicates that rates of childhood trauma and abuse are very high among women who use violence. Among Swan et al.

Psychological Functioning Four psychological conditions have been associated with traumatic experiences in general and domestic violence victimization in particular: The prevalence of all of these conditions is very high among women who use intimate partner violence. For example, Swan et al. Almost one in three met criteria on a posttraumatic stress disorder screen. Similarly, in their study of women participating in an anger management program for intimate partner violence, Dowd et al. To a great extent, women who are violent are also victims of violence from their male partners. In addition, women are more likely than men to be injured during domestic violence incidents and to suffer more severe injuries.

Thus, safety issues are paramount for women who are domestically violent. In some cases, women may be perpetrating as much or more physical violence as their partners, but their partners may be committing other types of abuse that are not always assessed, such as sexual abuse or coercive control. We recommend that service providers assess not just physical violence but all types of abuse that the woman has perpetrated and that her partner may have perpetrated against her. In this case, interventions to promote behavioral change in both partners would be necessary for the abuse to stop.

Gender-specific interventions tailored to the needs of women who are violent are more likely to be successful in creating behavior change. Contributor Information Suzanne C. Swan, University of South Carolina. Gambone, University of South Carolina. Caldwell, University of South Carolina.

Maid factors and women to learning in 8, families. The Paved of Sex Research.

A review of cultural, perpetrator, victim, and situational variables. Trauma, Violence, and Abuse. Relationships MMarried intimate partner mwn and well-being. Journal of Marriage and Family. Sex differences in aggression between heterosexual partners: Average cost per person victimized by an intimate partner of the opposite fog A comparison of men and women. The impact of relationship violence, HIV, and ethnicity on adjustment in women. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology. Toward a typology of abusive women: Differences between partner-only and generally violent Marrued in the use of violence. Psychology of Women Jn. Gender differences in brunwick of self-defense and control in interpartner aggression.

Evaluation of spouse abuse treatment: Description and evaluation of the Air Force family advocacy programs for spouse physical abuse. When battered women kill. Women, murder, and male domination: Police reports of domestic homicide in Chicago and Philadelphia. Gender symmetry in dating intimate partner violence: Does similar behavior imply similar constructs? Physical and mental health effects of being stalked for men and women. Till discord do us part: The role of physical and verbal conflict in union disruption.

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The control motive and marital violence. Psychological and environmental factors associated with partner violence. Sex differences in motivations and effects in dating violence. Hurting the one you love: Implications for research and treatment. Issues in Forensic Psychology. Toward a gender-sensitive analysis. An empirical classification of motivations for domestic violence.

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