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Today Apple continues to push the boundaries of innovation and the team behind the App Store, Apple Music, iTunes, and many other high profile products. Now imagine what you could do here? With your passion and dedication to UI development there's no telling what you could accomplish. Main task will be assisting in the daily Milestone Care renewal quotes and follow-ups. This includes making calls and direct contact with partners to promote and educate on Milestone Care business. This role will be based in Singapore Your Responsibilities: On a rolling basis Expected start date: You have to [enjoy it]. You probably ask anybody in this building and they would say if they didn't enjoy it, they wouldn't fucking do it.

We went down there with the ANC. At the time, apartheid was just kind of finishing, the apartheid system. We didn't want to go down there if we were playing places or with promoters that may have been connected to the apartheid system. So, we were really concerned about that.

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Then, somebody involved with nordjyllahd ANC, the African National Congress, Nelson Mandela's people, found out about it, then came to us and said 'We'll point you in the right direction. We know what you're about. We can sort this out. I'm pretty proud of that. That is an achievement, if anything. We've done lots of benefits.

Hopefully we've raised quite a bit of awareness that people wouldn't nordmylland think about. Nkrdjylland think we've also put the thing out there that we've also broken a myth that to play extreme music you have to be really spiteful, like kind of macho a little bit. That's part of the artform — that's the contradiction. You've got extreme, violent music, then very peaceful, sort of passive lyrics, although they talk about some fairly nasty stuff, the endgame, the desired endgame is peace, tolerance, equality, dignity, all those things.

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