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Things To Do In Gunsan-si – South Korea

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What was the name of the town just outside the gate of Sea Range as we knew it in ? The name means Taechon by the sea, or something similar, and is named for the nearest town of any significance, Taechon, which is a few miles inland from the coast. The beach at Taechon is extremely popular in the summer when the beaches are packed with miles upon miles of wall-to-wall people. Melville wrote, "Piin is not on Kunsan AB or even really close, but there is a relationship between the two sites via the 6th of the 44th. You took the ferry I have pictures of this scary operation and when deposited on the North side of the Kumgang river we took the only available road due north.

The road roughly paralleled the ocean to our left West and you went through a few small villages as you headed north until you ran directly into another small village, that being Biin. It is approximately 35km from Kunsan and the drive is relatively easy now that the interchanges have bypassed Sochon. The new West Coast highway Seohan has made reaching the area very easy. The beach at Chunchong-dae is quite popular in the spring and summer months and has just been upgraded with roads and sewers. Notice that radio communications to the Kunsan B Battery from the Piin Tac Site was "line of sight" across the water -- meaning that there were no land masses between the Piin site on a hilltop on the coast and the B Battery site on a coastal hill at Kunsan to interfere with communications.

Heading north from Biin and taking the right fork in the road, thus heading somewhat north easterly for a while to get over some mountains, you eventually reached Taechon where, if you turned hard left, you would, in half an hour or so, reach Taechon Hae Soo YokJang spelling?? There was a Nike Hercules battery, B Btry of??? It was known as sea special eighth army range. That is where the annual service practices were held every summer with live Nike and Hawk firings at drones flown over the Yellow Sea at Daechon Taechon beach. C Btry, 6th of the 44th was somewhere north by north west of Hong Song, on a hill overlooking the ocean. A Btry, 6th of the 44th was on a hill just to the north of Osan AB.

Depending on alert status the troops would spend varying amounts of time on the tac site where there were bunks. Food was prepared in the admin area mess hall and trucked to the tac site. The Hawk acquisition radar unit was located at Biin just a little south of Chunchung-dae Chunchung Beach about 30km from Kunsan. This tac site would provide the target acquisition information for the B Battery Fire Control Unit on the hill at Kunsan. This site was located to the north maybe 6 or 10 clicks. Just north of Piin as it existed in those days was a fork in the road with the main road bearing off to the right and the minor road being the left fork.

By minor, I mean MINOR; real country road that didn't go anywhere that I can remember except to the tac site it didn't end at the tac site, but I never went any further. The left fork was not the road numbered route 21 on today's maps, but veered to the west of route 21 just north of Piin. The tac site was located on a hill at the tip of the little peninsula located to the north and west of Piin. There was a permanent missile site, B Btry of???? B, Kunsan William E. He stated that he had quite a few photos of Kunsan AB and the Admin site. This building was a straight sided Quonset hut 20' X 72' with an attached concrete block latrine facility 20' X 33'. Due to the lack of space on the original Tripod site, we could not add the.

However, after moving the contents to our site, we now have space and it is finally added. It appears to be used for storage.

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They were torn down to construct a modern Lookinv dormitory for the enlisted with a ROK Base Exchange about the size of a shoppette in The BOQ was torn down long ago. Plsase area is now a parking lot for the two-story officer tonightt along Avenue A. The officer's club had a fire in the s and never reopened. Inthe club was refurbished and reopened as the Golf Course clubhouse. The bar still exists that the officers crawl home from on occasion after some of the unit parties there. Dickert later wrote about the Changhang ferry and less than optimal vehicle driving conditions, "In the battery went to Sea Range in November. I drove one of the 2 M's we had B-2? Clutch linkage broke somewhere between the pedal and the clutch.

I learned how to start it in neutral, warm it up, shut it off, put the tranny in first, and restart. Got really good at clutchless shifting. Got to ChangHang and there was that damn ferry! Somehow I drove it on without a clutch and did not run off into the water off the back. Backed off on the Kunsan side, again with no clutch. The AP's at the main gate had a fit when I rolled through in first with the old man saluting back. Dickert "I recall the ferry as being a converted deck type cargo barge with an old, worn out Detroit diesel slickied, no doubt, from the baseburied deep in the barge. Never did look down into the engine compartment because I was afraid to see how deep the water was.

Most of the time the aft 2 or 3 feet was awash in smooth water. Trying to find some photos of the barge from hell. The ferry from Changhang still operates, but now there is no need for a car ferry. The ferry is strictly for passengers. View to the north from the top of the site.

The tac lash was to pleass attached, but you had to think the MSR and taking west. I can't host how much the English profitable side has become in 25 years. In my day, we got in images and quanset squirts, and bad movies on a couple appeared to the side of a safe.

Sep 65 Courtesy William E. Dickert View to the southwest looking out over the Yellow Sea and the estuary to the south of the site. Dickert View southeast from the hilltop over the salt pans. Note the mess tent in the lower left corner. Perhaps, romance did exist? Neon lights can be a telling sign of a Korean Love Motel. Either an office manager will accompany you to the room or give you a key to go up and have a peek yourself. Getting into the mood for love Flowery wallpaper do it for you? How about mirrors on your ceiling or red, plush leather backboards and mood lighting? Jacuzzi or massage table? The TAC site back in '77 had only a few small pine trees around it - now it looks like a forest.

The seedlings were distributed free to the farmers to reforest the hills near their homes. If you look at the "trees" in the photos, you will note that they are not more than years old based upon their size. The outstanding success of the program is self-evident as one travels throughout Korea. He continued about the present installation, "Not sure what the building is at the top of the hill - I can say for certain that it was not part of the original TAC site since most buildings up there were made of concrete block and single story. Looks like all the original structures have been torn down.

Once inside, the lower tier road went around the entire site. Just inside the gate on the left was an intersection and if bearing right would start a switchback road that would take you to the top. There is a good photo of the switchback road on your web site looking out the window of the CH This section faced South and West. Its missiles faced west and north. There were also 9 missiles in this section. The missile launchers were arranged in a horse shoe pattern covering degrees to the west. I guess the military planners assumed air attacks would come from the yellow sea and designed the TAC site accordingly. We had no missile launchers on the east side of the TAC site.

See Camp Echo Hill for the site as it was -- and as it is now. This was the fire control nerve center of the missile battery. His job was to track and identify targets, set priorities, assign targets to be engaged, and issue fire commands. The upper tier housed all the radar equipment - pulse acquisition and continuous wave radars. There were many bunkers made of sandbags all around the site.

Our radars were housed in small concrete block buildings with a hole in the roof for the antennas to stick out. There were a total of 4 buildings housing radar equipment on the top level. The "A" firing section radar illuminator faced west and from it you could see Kunsan AB and yellow sea below. I tracked many F-4 flights in and out of the base and their practice bombing runs over the yellow sea. There is a very steep cliff on the east side of the TAC site between the middle and lower level - high enough that a fall would certainly kill you.

The Hawk launchers are on the upper tier. However, we are guessing as the photos are not definitive. Chinook Schedule from the Gauntlet The Hill was reprovisioned with parts by a CH that flew a regular schedule. PAX was authorized for these flights if approved by the First Sergeant. Mostly they did the missile rebuild program that was in effect at the time. Actually, though I was assigned to the 12th, I Looking to have fun and please tonight in gunsan spent a day with it. When I arrived in Korea, there were 23 Missile Support Detachments and 5 conventional automotive support companies assigned to the 4th Ord Bn.

Guess who the WO was? Now how's that for a story? It's all true and factual and I even have a few copies of old orders to prove it. But I'm sure you've heard all this before. I'm just giving it to you from my perspective. What's that I said about who knows what will fall out when you dust off the cobwebs? We were in a little village called Piin. I've been trying to find anything on the web about my old unit. I have no pictures of my time in Korea, and would love to have a picture of our sign over the main gate that said "Home of Murphy's Law". Also would love to have a picture of the sign post that stood outside the orderly room that was made up of a bunch of mileage distances to different places in the world.

I've been looking at pictures of army installations in Korea today, and I can't believe how modern it is. In my day, we lived in tents and quanset huts, and showed movies on a sheet hung to the side of a tent. Now American soldiers can have their dependents with them, Korea makes cars, and telecommunications equipment, and everyone has cable TV. In it was like stepping back in time a couple hundred years. The villagers mourned when a baby was born and rejoiced when someone died because they got to go live on Happy Mountain. People in the village of Piin had no concept of the rest of the world, and thought America was on the other side of the next mountain.

Once, one of them asked me if there was a jeep in my village. I said yes we have jeeps in my village, and she said "More than one? Tour of Duty site under the ADA units. I spent a full year with the 6th of the 44th and the th ord. In I was the the lead Raytheon engineer at Sea Range. D Btry was north, across the river, from Kunsan at a village named Biin. We used to go to Kunsan for PX runs and to hit the clubs. Compared to Reno Hill, it was downtown with all the lights and attractions. It was a straight shot south from Biin to Kunsan. The tac site was to the north, but you had to leave the MSR and bear west.

If it had a cheesy name or a tacky facade, we were sure to attempt a room viewing to check it out. We covered about 9 motels in the span of 2 cities. What we found, however, was surprisingly C. Perhaps, romance did exist? Neon lights can be a telling sign of a Korean Love Motel. Either an office manager will accompany you to the room or give you a key to go up and have a peek yourself.

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