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Services such as Deezer, isrrael and Spotify are seeing healthy growth chagroulette sales among a largely higher income, credit cardowning demographic, complementing ad-supported services that are free-to-consumer. In China, licensing agreements are in place with eight major digital platforms, part of a push towards a paid-for online model see China case study, page So for the first time we are seeing the kind of digital services available that already exist in America and Europe.

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The global services have been very diligent in ensuring they have a huge domestic repertoire base before they launch in Asia markets, but KKBOX has taken the fight to them by expanding around the region. For Universal, Monteiro says more telco partnerships will follow when operators see the competitive advantage in linking with music services: Record companies have licensed more than a dozen digital music services, including local services such as Yandex, Trava and several mobile operators. While the industry is trying to find licensing solutions, these services are struggling to fulfil their potential because of high rates of digital piracy.

While such services continue to operate in disregard of music copyrights, it is difficult to establish a sustainable licensed digital music market in Russia. The service, along with iTunes, helped fuel strong digital sales growth in its native Taiwan inwith revenues up 46 per cent. It provides limited free streams for its 10 million-plus free users, and an unlimited, fully-portable, integrated mobile, tablet and desktop service for its 1. Like other digital services, KKBOX is competing on music discovery and curation as it is on distribution. It has built a differentiated music brand with quality magazine-style editorial, a move that has seen the company extend its brand into printed magazines and TV programming.

The service became a hit in Taiwan and quickly launched in Hong Kong and other Asian markets. Chris Lin says he is competing with 15 or 20 illegal services from China that are active. The band delivered a sophisticated contemporary record that its record label backed with an innovative marketing campaign. John Fleckenstein, EVP, International at Sony Music Entertainment, says that it was the trusted partnership between the band and record company that enabled them to create a campaign as exciting as the album itself. It was immediately apparent that the music was truly exceptional and we needed a campaign that matched the scale of their vision.

We visited every key market — usually with the group themselves and their manager. We played them the full album and evangelized the concepts behind our launch. First, the artists are two Robots. Second, they had a globally charged fan base rabid for more music 24 and information. And, third, Sony needed to be creative knowing it did not have unlimited funds. In answer to this, first Sony music employed scale and timing — everything global, everything simultaneous. Fans saw these things, recorded them and shared them like crazy. In response, fans immediately began generating their own content and conversing — one of them even created a popular minute audio loop of the riff in the teaser video.

This larger than life approach was also taken all the way through to the album launch. Family or long-term relationships?

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