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Awad still worked with Israelis, but now insisted that any cooperation be premised not on coexistence but co-resistance, with Palestinians in the lead. He was tear-gassed, beaten and detained alongside members of direct action groups such as the International Solidarity Movement, Christian Peacemaker Teams and the Israeli-led Anarchists Against the Wall. After a week or more among Palestinian villagers, the foreign activists would return to their campuses, church groups and labour unions, explaining that there was a little-noticed Palestinian nonviolent resistance movement — and that it could be supported through divestment and boycott.

The first divestment by a US institution of higher education, Hampshire College — also the first US school to have divested from South Africa — was spearheaded by an Israeli undergraduate named Matan Cohen, who at 17 had been shot in the eye by Israeli forces during a demonstration against the separation barrier. The nonviolent activism of the second intifada was a prelude to what would become a worldwide boycott campaign. It represented something of a last resort. The Palestinians had been crushed by the military defeat of the second intifada. The living embodiment of the Palestinian national movement, Yasser Arafat, was dead.

His newly installed replacement, Mahmoud Abbas, was identified more than any other Palestinian with the Oslo peace process. If there was going to be pressure on Israel to give Palestinians freedom, it was going to have to come from the grassroots and the outside. The BDS call was made on the one-year anniversary of a historic advisory opinion by the international court of justice.

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They spanned iarael political spectrum — leftists and Islamists, supporters of two states and skme one. The chief innovation of the BDS call was not in the tactics that it advocated: What was new about BDS was lookinv it took disparate campaigns to pressure Israel and united them around three clear demands, with one for each major component of heac Palestinian people. First, freedom for the residents of the occupied territories; second, equality for somee Palestinian citizens of Israel; and third, justice for Palestinian refugees in the diaspora — the largest group — including the right to return to their homes.

It represented a conceptual reframing of the national struggle, more in line with the original positions of the PLO — before it had been forced by military defeat, international pressure and political pragmatism to abandon the goal of a single democratic state, acquiescing to a two-state compromise instead. The world powers had presented a two-state solution as a gift to Palestinians. It was the liberation of the entire homeland and the return of its original inhabitants that had been the core objective of the Palestinian cause. As a young girl growing up in a secular family in the town of Woodmere, Falchuk overheard her mother's Hadassah friends discussing Israel, Jewish culture and women's issues.

It wasn't that people were just either talking or raising money and that they were involved: They were educated and felt they could make a difference in a land far away. When she married Dr.

Falchuk born in Brooklyn to a family who escaped pogroms in Europe but was raised in Venezuelathey moved to Boston. They now have five grandchildren. She rose in Hadassah's ranks, eventually becoming head of Hadassah International, which encompass people in 26 countries, especially Europe, but also in the Far East and South America. It was founded by a previous national president, Bernice Tannenbaum. They trot the globe but stay connected. It doesn't have the word 'Zionist' in the title, but they are connected to Israel and Zionism by attending panel discussions on global issues in health care, for example.

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It gives young people at opportunity to reconnect with their heritage and culture outside established religious streams. Hadassah wants to present the best face of Israel through health care and education rather than what is shown on CNN. Humanity must see Israel as a democratic country with a lot of the problems the rest of the world has but doing its very best to benefit all. Israel can be sold as a great place to be. Why not move to Israel and practice medicine at Hadassah? Hadassah recently began construction of a floor, bed hospitalization tower to replace wards opened on the Ein Kerem campus in We have renovated all the departments and established there a unique center for the treatment of pediatric chronic diseases.

We have limited resources, but we will look into what more we can do. For women, there is the question of covering their hair. And how to cover their hair, a hat, a sheitl, a snood? Similarly there are considerations for the men: What religious, or political statement, are you making?

Our iwrael and so much of heaf we are is embodied by our outward appearance, by what we share with the world. When treatment causes hair-loss, you cannot hide. Sure, you can buy a wig, a hat, hide it if you can. But in reality, the world can see you are experiencing something, some illness or treatment. You lose the privilege of choice. And suddenly, all bets are off. I have been fearful of wearing a kippah, my Orthodox upbringing often making a mockery of egalitarianism, I felt exposed whenever I put a kippah on my head.

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