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One in standard specification, as it was when it left the factory, very rare indeed. Described by Motor Sport magazine as "perhaps the most enjoyable hot hatch currently available on the British market", the Escort RS Turbo attracted a cult following that has gone from strength to strength over the last thirty-three years. Although the car has always been garaged and used infrequently, this hasn't prevented our vendor from maintaining it regularly, with a fully documented service history comprising: In it came off the road and was stored in a dry garage until recently when it was fully re-commissioned including a thorough service, a replacement cam-belt, a new fuel tank and fresh MoT.

To find an original car boasting just one registered owner - now that would be a tall order. Only available in Diamond White - except for Lady Diana Spencer's unique Black example - the three-door sported a comprehensive body kit and was powered by a turbocharged cc CVH four-cylinder engine allied to five-speed manual transmission.

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The Escort RS Turbo S2 actually ceased production in June but Ford too to find one that was, as yet, unregistered having been manufactured during the last month of production at Saarlouis in Germany. A production run of 5, was planned to homologate the model for Group A competition but demand was such that 8, were made with 5, being UK supplied. Far more than a souped-up XR3i, the newcomer featured heavy-duty suspension, improved brakes and a viscous-coupling limited slip differential the latter a road car first. Print Page Based on the success of the previous model subsequently known as the Series 1the later Series 2 Escort RS Turbo produced between was more suited to the road, whereas the earlier car was a bit of a 'homologation special'.

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Suspension and chassis changes included stiffer front and rear springs, uprated anti-roll bars, mechanical ABS and larger brakes. Our vendor bought a similar car in too late s which was his pride and joy, however, it was stolen, and desperate for a replacement his helpful local Ford Dealership sourced him this example. It comes with lots of history, its original bill of sale, numerous old MoT certificates, and Ford service history. This car was first registered on the 15th Februaryand our vendor, himself an engineer for Garrett Turbo for almost 20 years, treated this new car very carefully indeed.

Reportedly the subject of an extensive restoration that was completed last year, C FKH' is further understood to have been featured in a recent Microsoft computer game. Many new features turbl adopted for the Series 2 including utilising the cc fuel-injected CVH engine taken from the Series 1 Turbo but now fitted with the Garret T3 turbo water-cooled, unlike the S1revised engine management settings, lower overall gearing, an improved gearbox and limited slip differential, a larger clutch and improved KE Jetronic unit and inter-cooler.

With some bhp and lbft of torque on tap, the Fast Ford was reputedly capable of mph in 7.

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