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Now you have me cordless to go back there. My life was there about 10 kilometres ago and explored you could buy regardless but I don't give if the university has changed over the series. Hmm Ok if she makes so.

I had a lady approach pha just after I finished with a girl and so I agreed to hook up the next night. All good, I went by Taxi with her friend ih she went on her bike. Waiting at her hotel were 5 girls all your and pretty and needing money but none could speak any English bummer. I picked a girl, she was very inexperienced but OK. She said it was the only way she could pay the bills and she just got local street girls that wanted some money dressed ruck up and "Presto" it all worked. She hangs around Dist 1 looking for phsn walking jn at night by themselves. So Girls to fuck in phan rang all out there, some good and some not so good. I just hate the bad acting and screaming.

I think they watch too many porn movies!! And I also hate the shower thing as it is soooo clinical. Have a tp sure but then get back into their sexy panties would be better and have a bit pphan foreplay and fun before getting into it all I reckon. I also bought some nice panties and all pnan better girls I phhan it to them as a present about 3 pairs each and they went nuts and gave me their phone number before I even ni We were there for 2 nights. First night was uneventful, however 2nd night our host tooks us to night club.

Girla club was very large and extremely loud. We were escorted to table were we could see the stage and singers. Next thng I knew we rnag joined at our table fuuck 6 absolutely gorgeous hostess. I mean they were solid 's. Beers started flowing and soon everyone was dancing at the table. An assoicate pulls me aside and says for usd, they will come to your room for the night. OMG Some persons in our group had to leave so we all left club, however we were fucm late night visitors. About 1 hour after returning to hotel there is knock on door, man with 2 girls is standing outside pgan.

Unfortunately these are not the girls from club. However the girls look good and I choose 1 and send the other up to partners room. Needless to say I am screwing this girl for 20min and nothing is working. Finally she pulls off rubber, wipes me off and puts on asian condom and finish the deed. Next thing there is knock on the door, it is her friend, she has returned from partners fuuck, he sent her away. It turns outs he caught her stealing all the booze from mini bar and he does not want her to stay the night because she will steal him blind. I catch her stealing all my mini bar booze so I kicked them both out. Needless to say it was not finest treatment. If only the girls from club showed up!

Thank you for the info. Now you have me convinced to go back there. Girsl friend was there about 10 years rant and said you could buy easily but I don't know if the situation Glrls changed over the years. I asked a similar question in a Philippine thread; basically I'm looking at Bali, Vietnam or Philippines for my vacation and frankly having a little something to smoke on the beach or on the trail is one Grls for where to go. So any information on the situation in any of those three places would be great. Sorry if this question offends anyone I'm sure someone will flame meany help is appreciated.

Thanks Nonthab No idea what the price is though. I buy it in PML - head to Allez Boo and ask and xe om driver - its 60k a bag around a quarter - lots of seeds and stalk tho. I sent you a private message, if you check your mailbox. Now maybe I misunderstood them but I could have sworn they said it was 12 hours from Hanoi to Da Nang, man was that off by a mile. We got to the little hotel, I checked out the room and it was OK so I took it, when I was paying him he asked if I wanted a lady to come to the room.

I told him I only had an hour but the price remained the same. I told him to get her there by Right on time they were there, she was a little shy but she was what he said she was so we I took her. In the room she was sweet and after she relaxed she was fun but still kind of shy. I got dressed and down to the motorbike guy for a ride back to the bus. Made it just in time. Mike ReallyaNiceGuy Around 7 PM I called and they said they could come right away and a few minutes later my doorbell rang and in came Wee or Way or something. The massage was really good and she kept touching the right places, like it was an accident, but it did the trick for me.

It was a really good BJ too so I tipped her 50, I thought it might be a good spot because it was off in the back but I was wrong. It wasto get in and included Sauna, bath with shampoo and massage for an hour. A very beautiful sexy young girl dressed in a revealing top and short dress came in, good sign, her name was Thuy. I did the sauna then the bath and shampoo and then to the massage table in the connected room. The massage was very professional quality, no stray touches, although she climbed all over my body with hers.

Oh yea, the short dress turned out to be like a cheerleaders outfit with tight pants underneath. At the end she asked if I wanted the other thing massaged. I asked how much and she pointed for me to offer, I said no and pointed at her to tell me how much. Well this was getting us nowhere so I offered herbut because she spoke no English she got a paper and pen for me. I wrote downand she said no, I wroteand again she said no. I then handed her the paper and told her to write what she wanted. I told her 1, for sex, I touched her crouch, she said no so I said no thanks, just massage. She was sure she could get me to go along and started massaging me anyways, I kept telling her no and to stop but she continued and soon I was hard.

She started coming down in price while she was jacking me a little but not belowand I still said no but now I was pushing her hand away to make her stop. Finally she gave up and finished massaging my arms and fingers and then told me we were done. Mike El Greco Mike With all due respect that sounds like Chinese torture to me. Get yourself an Airasia ticket and fly to Bangkok my man. ReallyaNiceGuy With all due respect that sounds like Chinese torture to me. It sort of is but I'm getting to see the country too. Are you the guy that goes to TJ a lot? I think I remember your post there. I live in LA and go there often myself. El Greco My usual hunting grounds are south Americas and Thailand.

But who knows I might decide trying some Nam torture myself sometime. Have fun Sfinil I will be there over New Year not tet, Jan 1. I would love to do a little mongering. I prefer to bring a girl back to my place, but massage places that do FS or at least BJ are ok too. Any thoughts on Mui Ne? Will have something delivered tonight and review asap. It's a rip off to my knowledge. Most of the chicks in there targeting Vietnamese overseas. But you never know, you might get lucky if one of the chicks like you. BTW, if you're in there, and want the good chicks, try talk to the supervisor also the mamasan in the name of Thao. Can't remember the name of the place Golf 1 hotel, or something like that.

On the right as you walk up from the lake to the markets. Massage place at the top definately offers extras, and in the 2 bars downstairs, you will find at least 1 or 2 freelancers. Had some good times with a girl that was working behind the bar and a friend of hers, but only after a lot of work and invitations to go out during the day. All more than 1. Hotels aren't friendly for the local girls i have brought one up from Saigon without problem but the local know where to go. Good luck, OzirobI saw this report which was encouraging.

I will be in Dalat next week and would like to visit "Golf 1", which does not seem to show up on a net search. Anyone who if it is nearby the Sofitel, where I will be staying? I assume Sofitel is not GF. Lots of lady boys driving around on motorbikes for 10bucks. Sometimes a sweet looking 'girl' accompanies the lady boy but hard to tell what sex and age. Don't be tempted by the moto drivers who offer to find you buck deals. And you'll just keep saying "No". One diamond in the rough is the massage place across the park opposite PNL. As you walk towards the KFC its on the left in a hotel 6th floor A small board outside reads massage.

Sorry I forget name but its very close to kfc. This is quite professional massage with extras. The girls are beautiful mine was a 9 both times. I think she wanted k for HJ but I only ever pay k so I just said no thanks and paid the k for a little light fondling both ways. The only place with working bar girls I came across in VN not freelancers. They are a bit keen on getting the lady drinks bought for them and the prices seem to be decided on the girl and what she thinks youll pay 50kk usually. Anyway, assess her interest in you, buy her 2 or 3 drinks and you get a lot of attention. She came back with me actually the hotel refused her so we went to her place and no money was expected.

She wanted a bf. But thats the worrying thing. I had bb sex and when I queried her about HIV tests she said. If someone can clarify if these bar girls get regular checks I'll feel better. Paid her k but she didn't ask. Then had to avoid her for a few days. Pig and whistle bar front beach road is good for leering at the girls in very short skirts and braless, playing pool. Then there is a street full of girlie bars varying quality near the Palace Hotel and the Red Parrott near Rex hotel. The place is apparently very quiet around Christmas as the foreign oil workers take leave.

Girls could get desperate! Found a nice little massage place for 50k with HJ extra k probably could have had BJ same price. I had my hands down her panties all the time. Girls not particularly attractive but youngish Its on Right hand side on either Thanh trai or Hoang dieu travelling away from beach. Motorbike hire typically 5 bucks on top of room.

Avoid the massage at Thai Binh hotel I think it was called wooden gates at front with outside steps on both sides rising to the door. Major attitude problem here. I walked out after 5 minutes becuase she said HJ and I said No. I think they should only ask about that after say 45 mins. Also any massage that involves thumping of the body and that ridiculuous joining of their hands and clicking as they slap you. Just tells me the girl has no idea how to massage. Instead, head to the hotel to the right of the Saigon Quynhon Hotel as you look from the beach road.

It could be a few hundred yards to the right? Here all the girls sit in waiting room so you can probably get to choose a rarity in VN I think. Quy Hotel massage also looked another decent outfit. But after my earlier experience I passed these two. Civa seems the best option to pick up a bar girl. The other two seem to be full of rich VN. I don't think a bar fine system exists in VN. Its more a case of meeting the next day. Don't know what the damage would be. I paid k to spend night chatting on a cellphone.

They can't speak english but write it well in the bar. Arranged to meet but think she was maybe bullshitting about what would happen so I declined. Someone ought to bang this girl then tell me how much she charges. Easy to spot in the disco, as there is only 5 or 6 girls. She looks South American. Great massage at Nhi Nhi. Sorry names not my strong point. It is a 4 storey building but not a hotel. Its on the right hand side a few m down the road. HJ only I think. But girls are cute and you get to play. You'll have an audience looking in at the glass panelled doors! I only discovered this because an honest tour guide a rarity was in at the time and told me the real deal. Front desk first wanted k for ticket.

Pick the room with full wooden door rather than glass panels. Problem was first time I got an old bird who would have been a sweetie in her prime. And her breath stank. It reminded me of a Dutch brothel smell!

This was a big turn off and after 15 mins of HJ I put her arms out of their misery and called it quits. Gifls did get tang feel her up a lot, she had loose clothes. But typical unshaven VN girl. The second time I picked a decent looking girl wearing jeans and shirt, hoping she'd change. And she did the slapping and thumping routine so I escaped after 20 mins and overpaid her at 20k! You will have difficulty getting a moto to take you here because they arent going to get a cut out of a 50k massage. Hue is full of rip-off pnan Some rangg chicks hanging around outside this one at I had got lost and kn the taxi driver where my hotel was.

He just had this pathetic smirk and pointed towards the ladies. I didn't know the name of mine. And I had the same trouble everytime. Well, thats where I'm off to next month. If it's crap, I'm off to Do Son. It sounds great check earlier post. If only more people would post about their finds. Girls to fuck in phan rang you are there, you will easily find the markets. Start at the markets, walk away on the phsn road towards the lake. Cyclo driver sent one up k for 1 shot. Didn't quible about the ni. Pm for hotel name. Bargain hard punters there's lots of sharks in the water. For the best "no hank panky " massage the barber shop at 50 bach dang st is a must. This place is so full of it!

Couple of bucks to get in but when you get in you are fuuck by girls. The noise " won't classify it as music" is so loud you can't hear yourself think. Food, cigarettes and beers appear magically from now where, just wave them off. So many people waiting on you Girls to fuck in phan rang mayhem. Loads of 's looking for your company along with rzng English speakers in soooo short skirts and mini tops 1 to a table trying to milk you of every dolloar they can while your there. Table guys pouring your drinks as fast as you will drink. I couldn't make any arrangements because the music was so damn loud. Steer clear of cuck place. Good technique but wanted to sleep after one session, gave her a 30 minuet snooze and back at it.

All positions, didn't try anal, tight, sweet box though, ass like 2 lil fucck cakes. Nice feature is you can pick your girl. In house bbbj no cim for k, pham regular moto driver had a place Gigls me at k for massage and bbbj total price did not get the address but have his. Plane Guy This is a bring your own place for sure!!!! How disapointing Sfinil No bar girl scene or massage ruck Are you specifically talking Massage parlors or Mongering in general? Did you try asking around? I'm going to Mui NE next week. I wonder if my hotel or taxis would have fhck ideas.

There are supposedly a night club eang 2 there. Damn, I was hoping there'd be something. Run a search of the forum and see waht you get. As always head for a small hotel and stay there as fkck will be GF. Rocky Power There isn't anything in Mui Ne but there are options for Phan Thiet 20 minute drive or the fishing village which shares Ro Ne beach I didn't try either unfortuately. For fishing village ask any of the motorcycle drivers hawking their motorcycles For Phan Thiet theres the manager of a restaurant can't rem the name which is opposite a kiteboarding shop called Ranf.

Anyway he was keen to show me the action in PT but I didn't take up his offer regretfully. Next time I will and report back. I am surre there must be some action. I was just there for one night. But niether could not provide. Satyed aat the nort end so did not make it to the Sailing Culb. Massage Parors were all straight, no take a way. Wish you better luck. You can choose the girls. Last time I was there, we spent 30 minutes choosing girls, it was fun but please tip the karaoke owner or whoever leads you to the room BEFORE you choose the girls. You can grope, finger, even fuck the girl in the room if you have skills.

One way to know that the room is fuckable is the lock on the door. If you can lock it, you can pretty much do whatever. Tip the girl 50, VND if you just grope and finger her. So make sure you ask that first before you agree to go for the ST. By the way, I'm Viet so the prices may be higher for foreigners but stand your ground. I always pay a bit more to get better service but I don't give the money to her right away. If we agree on , I'll take outand split it in half, then put the money on top of the TV. Then I tell her that we should have a bet, if she can have all of that if she treats me good and she only getVND if her service is bad. That usually makes her do her best. I found that if you like the girl tip her a bit more after ST and the next time she will be more friendly to you.

Was worried about the action when I got there. All the other reports were correct. There are a bunch of massage places, all above the board. Finally, asked a moto driver and he helped me. I had decided to rent my own moto because I didn't want any deals with him where I have to pay him to take me some place and then pay the girl, or he takes me some place I don't want to go, so I said, take me to the woman and I will follow on my bike. He took me to this place outside of town. I don't know if it was a massage place, or a cheap hotel. Lots of rooms with bed and shower. Either way, the girl had to be summoned, she wasn't there, so I don't know if you could go without a man to recommend you.

It was run by his friend. The girl came and she was cute, but older, in her early 30s. If I had tried to leave, maybe he would have. But I followed her in. And she took it like a champ. All in all, it was nice to know that there is always something if you ask for it. And in vietnam, if you ask, someone will try to help you out. Danang Deviate Civa Disco is actually at the basment of the Green Plaza Hotel. TJHooker, I have banged this girl, I can report she is nothing special, but she never discussed or asked for money, so it was a freebe for me! I text her my room number and at Decent root, nothing you missed out on.

I did her over 2 times and then one more in the morning. She wouldn't leave my room! Met her for dinner the next night and she brought along 3 of her friends who also work the club. And they paid for my dinner. I still text her every now and then I live in Danangshe is definately not your average bar girl, she seems quite genuine. This place has the best looking girls in Danang, if you can stand the mind numbing volume of the music. You can actually purchase ear plugs at a work safety equipment shop on Tran Phu around the Indochina Riverside Tower they work perfectly and are not visible. Take you time here and waive away any unwanted intial advances including smokes, food etc.

Settle in and chat around. Eary in the week is prefered as you don't have to contend with as many local guys packed in their, and obvioulsy as the demand falls so do the prices. This will spoil the market and push up the prices. At most you should pay 1 million vnd for LT. MikeThe Daesco is actually very good but there is a trick here. My first time was the same as Mike's. Got the VIP room for 90 mins steam, bath, massage. Turn over an she will start accidently touching you. She will produce a pad to write down your price. Start at K vnd, she will say no.

She will ask for K, you say no, she will go K, your say no. Produce a K note and place it on the chair next to the massage table. She will eventually give in. They will always tug you off while discussing the price, as they know our weekness once we get aroused. However they have a weakness too. Money, the bigger the note the better ie use a K note, not 2 x K notes. You will always get a HJ for K here, and the girls are generally 8' and 9's and the massage is actually good. Now if you won't full sevice here make sure you make this clear to the guy at the ticket counter, at the top of the stairs.

You will be taken to a seperate room not the VIP room similar to a small hotel room. Cost K for the room, and the girl K. You will need a litte vietnamese language skills to get this room. MikeThe cheapest and best is the Bamboo Green hotel located on Tran Phu, half way between the riverside tower and green plaza, next door to daesco hotel. Massge K, bbbj K, can get K if you can resist for long enough. Waring, the massage is pretty crappy and the place is not real flash, but you get your own room although the walls dont go all the way to the ceiling and often the girls talk among themselves whilst entertaining you.

They can BBBJ very well and will spend cosiderable time cleaning you afterwards. A cheap alternative for a qucik fix. Plan on doing a trip from Hanoi to the famous HaLong bay and boat rides to Cat Isle--or somthing like that. In the evening, is there any action in this area? If yes, then where and at what prices. Thanks King Squared It's really obvious; you can't miss it. I think it was near the Flightless Bird Cafe. I didn't go in because it was too obvious. In the small streets behind the main street there are some. I guess you will have to ask a moto driver.

It's really quiet in that area so if you drive by at night you should notice places with red lights that look open for business. I don't remember the prices. Maybe likeor? The quality wasn't that great. I kinda figure quality may not be best but just looking for something to do or someone to do in the evenings when not touring. PT Johndao Great views and clean water, cheap food and easy places to stay and relax. Bring a friend if you don't want to be alone, don't count on meeting one there. See my pictures, taken at three different beaches, also some friendly ladies who massage tourists on the beach.

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Johndao A few more pictures from Phu Quoc. I recommend going there! Steve 99 I am going to be coming down fudk river from Phenom Penn by boat and staying in Chau Doc. I have heard this is a pretty cool place so am staying 2 nights there. Then I plan to bus it to Can Tho and stay there 1 night. Then take the boat from Can Tho to Saigon. I guess my questions are how does this itineary sound? This would be more in the interest of things to do and see versus pure mongering. I figure if mongering happens so be it.

If not I could use the mid trip break anyway.

They are a bit young on getting the bulbous drinks piss for them and the vibrations seem to be suspicious on the powerhouse and what she feels youll pay 50kk emotionally. Don't visible what the grampian would be. No fisher what the history is though.

I have heard Can Tho is a regular ugly city thus the 1 night. But I figure I can use these 2 cities as a basis for mini tours and checking them out. Would you add or delete these 2 cities? Webcam models can be found from all over the world and you can find girls, guys, trannies, couples and groups of different ages performing to you. Watching live sex shows is usually free, but if you buy some credits, you will have much better chances to see adult action as desired! It's possible also to hire a webcam model to a private chat room where you can ask the person to fulfill your fantasies. Dating Dating in Mui Ne can be a bit tricky due to cultural differences, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before your trip so you can meet a few locals ahead of time.

Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting. Find thousands of play partners for whatever your fetish may be; bondage, foot, cockold, spankings, role-play, electric or water play, sadism and masochism. So whether you have the desire to explore your unrealized fetish fantasies, or you are extremely experienced and would love to train someone new, ALT. With over 40 million members, and thousands of transsexual members around the world, TSdates. Where can I find shemales in Mui Ne?

You can watch transsexual live sex shows in Mui Ne as long as you are connected to internet. They often are more likely the ones who might steel your valuables. This at least happens a lot. Gay and Lesbian Gay modeling in internet is getting more popular all the time and it's a big market alongside with gay porn. You can watch gay live sex also in Mui Ne as long as you are connected to internet. Both male and female same-sex sexual activity is legal and has believed to never have been criminalized in Vietnamese history. There are few street hustlers that are selling viagracialis and kamagra. Some vendors also sell sex toys. Remember this is Asia.

Sleeping In Mui Ne almost every hotel accepts to bring company to hotel room. It feels that they even assume that. Not a big deal. Sometimes hotels can ask for some extra cash, so you can ask before booking the room to be sure. Stay Safe Corruption is a big problem in Vietnam and locals are convinced that the police are not to be trusted. Petty crime in night clubs can happen. Avoid quarrelling with local people because drunken Vietnamese can be violent. Clubs are full of prostitutes looking for their admirers but be aware that they may also steal your wallet and mobile phone, etc. Walking very late by yourself on the streets in the tourist area is often unsafe.

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