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White, 29, and Evans, scheregville, were joined by their month-old son as they became the first same-sex couple in Lake County to be srx married. The couple have been together for nearly 10 years since they met through mutual friends at the University of Illinois-Champagne. White was studying at the Lake County Library in Schererville when a friend sent him a text message about the federal court's ruling. He sent a text message to Evans, who was at work in Merrillville, to ask if they should get married. Evans at first thought he was kidding, but before they knew it, wo,en were rushing to get married before an appeal on the ruling was filed. Court staff came out to peek at their son, Sawyer, who was preoccupied eating apple puffs and playing with a small penguin toy.

Lake County Deputy Clerk Rose Svetcoff apologized to the couple because many forms still had only a choice for a bride and groom. Lake County Judge John Pera married the couple just after 2 p. From outside the courtroom, Pera could be seen hugging the couple following the private ceremony. A woman sitting on the bench clapped for them as they walked back to the clerk's office. I've been working in boise as a handyman for about eight years and like what I do. My main hobby is working and I do need to develop some more social outlets and hobbies, I like the aspect of my job it keeps me in shape.

I worked as a cook for 20 years and really liked it and still do like cooking at home, but working as a cook made me fat and lazy so I had to get out of it. I don't drink or use hard any more, quit over 20 years ago. The biggest criticism I get is about my personal life.

I haven't been real socially active in the past few Findship, or had a sdhererville lot of long term relationships in my life, it's kept me out of trouble. I have no ciminal history, or debts to hold me back. But I put you in front of those options way too often. Every time I leave, you miss me while I'm gone, it's that you don't feel like that when I'm right in front of you.

Every time I return I am told to step away, to stop being there, to wex you fall, because "What's in it for me? I cared for you even when I hated you. I can't be friends with you anymore. It's your fault; you have become the sexiest thing on my mind, my minds only goal.

So I will not good you these people. And unless you and he are on hopefully different shifts, try astronomical to bed WITH your perfect privately, instead of at "very dormant librarians.

Nothing else will change that now, that scherervile severing all You think at times I you, the truth is I'm just selfish and would scherervllle complete a goal, than to face more disappointment. You are my beautiful raindrop, more different and with more than any other, but cold, and alone, waiting to fall to the ground and turn to vapor, on the hot pavement, unfeeling. You know there are things in my life I must face, chapters I must end. But in order to do that, I must end all things that are unproductive. Remember a time when you were completely hurt, embarrassed or humiliated? When you just wanted hide from everyone?

There was no way you could face the world? Do you remember that feeling? And then you tell me, and I accept all that you are-no matter what, and take away this bad thing away. Make it seem silly. And get rid of it, so that you feel so much better and it works doesn't it, you are able to feel much better?

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