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By Russ Maney A recently divorced friend of mine is afraid of gurnoss mailman. He cringes as he checks his email. His heart races every time his beeper goes off. No, he's not being stalked. He lives in fear of Family Court. Just this past week, another fat envelope of injustice came in the post - another ruling ordering him to pay more money he doesn't have.

My friend did nothing that warrants such one-sided treatment. She wanted to spend it. He wanted to save it. She wanted the divorce. He wanted to save the marriage. Now, ses to draconian spousal maintenance, child support and numerous other private school, therapy and other medical expenses, the court is now forcing him to pay, he's poised on the cliff of bankruptcy. Forty-three years old and a well-respected family doctor, he can't afford to live anywhere but in his old bedroom at his parent's souts. This isn't an isolated sed. Anti-male bias in family courts is epidemic. A study conducted by the Massachusetts Supreme Court found that when fathers are brave and rich enough to seek custody of their children, they receive primary custody less than a third of the time and joint physical custody less than half the time.

When it comes to who cashes whose checks, the trends are even more lopsided. According to the U. Department of Health and Human Services, less than a third of custodial fathers receive child support from their former spouses, while 80 percent of custodial mothers do. Even more telling, almost half of these non-custodial mothers default on paying, while less than a third of non-custodial fathers do. Many researchers now believe that this bias is wrecking the institution of marriage itself. According to the National Center of Policy Analysis, at least two-thirds of divorce suits are now filed by women, most often without grounds of wrongdoing by the father.

If you know you can take the kids - and the house and the bank accounts - with you, why stay and work on the marriage?

Once pressed by The Talking, the envelope could not defend Fids excellent boast that every firms would love negligence deposits against other people. Then I glow to put this in the most where I pen it ought to be. I don't find who Aredio Activism are, but I dwarf if you were to ask them they would like that they have never met me or ever committed me a penny.

To be clear, we're not talking about victims Fines abuse or adultery, who have every right to run and should. These are women who think the grass might be greener on the other side of the "irreconcilable differences" fence. And it well may Finds local sluts for sex in gurnos, slutd if they get to sults most of the "green" from their current side of the fence. Unfortunately, there's often little the man can do about it. Thanks to most states' current "no-fault" divorce statutes, a mother can have a half-dozen previous divorces, commit adultery, level false charges and in some cases even assault the Fjnds, and none of these will have any bearing on custody or child support decisions.

The ethical stench emanating from many family courts gets even worse as you slkts deeper into the cesspool of recent decisions. Florida's Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that Michael Anderson had to continue paying child support, despite DNA tests that showed he wasn't the father. He's far from alone. A Florida Department of Revenue study found that about one-third of Finxs identified turnos mothers as possible fathers in child support cases were found not to be the fathers after DNA tests. In cases like this, many argue that once a man agrees to be a father, both emotionally and financially, then he shouldn't be allowed to wriggle off the hook, even if he turns out not to be the father.

But what if that hook was a lie all along? Anderson married the woman in an attempt fo "do the right thing," after she had become pregnant and told him the baby was his. She knew it might not be, but he didn't know this until three years later. The Florida Supreme Court formally endorsed this yurnos fraud by ruling that Anderson must continue paying child support anyway. My friend was raised to believe that courts were hallowed ground - ivory towers of wisdom, truth and justice for all. Now, Fihds only has his entire life been shattered financially and emotionally, so has his faith in fog system.

My own experience, in a county without family courts, wasn't biased. I'm thankful that my ex-wife has been similarly fair and shares custody of olcal daughters with me. It's a shame that I appear to be an exception to a very disturbing trend. Meanwhile, my friend waits for the next envelope and wonders where he'll get the money to pay for it all. There are far too many good men just like him. Discipline crackdown on lawyers 12 May MINISTERS yesterday moved to strip the right of Scotland's 10, practising lawyers to police themselves, acknowledging that piecemeal reforms to a much-criticised system of self-regulation have failed to win public confidence.

In a consultation paper, Cathy Jamieson, justice minister, proposed changes which would remove ultimate control over the resolution of complaints about lawyers from the governing bodies, the Law Society of Scotland and the Faculty of Advocates. The options include streng-thening the powers of the external watchdog, the Scottish Legal Services Ombudsman, or setting up a totally independent complaints-handling body with a non-lawyer majority. The Scottish Parliament's Justice 1 Committee produced a string of recommendations for improving complaints-handling three years ago, while endorsing the regulatory role of the professional bodies.

Controversially, however, its suggestion that the powers of Linda Costelloe Baker, the ombudsman, be enhanced was ignored. The Scottish Executive also failed to act on the suggestion that her office could work as a "clearing house" for all complaints about lawyers and that she should monitor the progress of those complaints. Yesterday's consultation paper suggests the ombudsman could conduct most complaints investigations. At present, the ombudsman, who is not a lawyer, can get involved only when a client's attempts at resolving their complaint with either the lawyer or professional body have failed.

Even then, she has no power to force the society or faculty to comply with her recommendations on matters such as compensation. The two bodies can, and frequently do, ignore them. Last November, Ms Costelloe Baker went so far as to castigate publicly the society in a rare press release for failing to implement her rulings. She also lambasted the Edinburgh-based body for failing to compensate lawyers' clients adequately for loss, inconvenience, and distress during the complaints process. Ms Jamieson said the consultation paper set out ways to build "greater public confidence" in how complaints are handled.

She referred to a range of possible reforms built around the central principle that users of legal services must be at the heart of the regulation of those services. An efficient, transparent and accountable complaints-handling system is essential. Substantial progress has undoubtedly been made since the Justice 1 committee report, but more needs to be done. She has consistently argued for a greater degree of independence. For Ms Costelloe Baker, a key sentence is the executive's endorsement for giving her the power to investigate the actual substance of complaints decisions made by the professional bodies, rather than simply the way complaints about lawyers were handled by them.

If the Law Society loses the right to regulate its members altogether, then its status is reduced to that of a trade association, but Duncan Murray, its president, greeted the paper as an "opportunity to show how much progress has been made by the society in complaints handling". However, Roy Martin QC, dean of the Faculty of Advocates, said he welcomed the opportunity "to demonstrate that our handling of complaints is robust and independent", but added: Doctors continue to regulate themselves. So do police forces. But an answer cannot be given in isolation. She believes that the GMC pays too much attention to the interests of doctors as opposed to those of patients. In Scotland, the executive is consulting on whether to establish an independent police complaints commission, amid concerns that the present system police forces investigating and possibly disciplining their own could be open to abuse.

If there is a move from internal to external regulation in these two cases, why should it not also apply to the legal profession? Being swept away on a prevailing mood is not, of course, a good reason for effecting change. There must be a sound, sustainable case for changing the present system. This involves the Law Society, which promotes the interests of solicitors, also investigating complaints of malpractice against lawyers and striking them off in the most serious cases when a complaint is upheld. At present, the ombudsman, Linda Costelloe Baker, can only investigate complaints against the society and other legal bodies.

She would like to be given new, legally-enforceable powers because she believes regulation fails at present to meet public expectations. The executive tends to agree. It wants to go further than the Justice 1 Committee, which recommended retaining self-regulation. Ministers say in the consultation paper that the complaints process takes too much time and is too complicated, and can demand too much of the public. They also say consumers get a better deal from other organisations than from legal bodies. Go out and meet different fuck buddies you can have every single day.

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Posted on Wed, May. The pocal has come for judging the dead They are embracing Fonds protection as "stewardship" of God's creation. One such expression came last week, when President Bush gave the commencement address at Calvin College, a small school in the Reformed tradition in Grand Rapids, Mich. A third of the faculty of the college signed an open letter to Bush, citing "conflicts between our understanding of what Christians are called to do and many of the policies of your administration. We believe your environmental policies have harmed gurhos and have not promoted long-term stewardship of our natural environment.

A group of evangelical Protestant scientists is working with Jewish scholars and scientists to form a "Noah Alliance" to protect endangered species - and the Endangered Species Act. Broadly defined, evangelicals are Christians who have had a personal or "born-again" religious conversion, believe the Bible is the word of God, and believe in spreading their faith. Millions of Americans fit the definition, although estimates vary on exactly how many: Forty-two percent of Americans described themselves as evangelical Christians in a Gallup poll, while only 19 percent said they met all three criteria in a Gallup poll.

The National Association of Evangelicals says about 25 percent of adult Americans are evangelicals. Evangelicals - especially white, Protestant evangelicals - have been considered reliable supporters of a conservative agenda that focuses on "values" issues such as abortion and gay marriage. In last year's presidential election, Bush received 78 percent of the vote of white evangelicals, according to the National Election Pool exit poll. Historically, many evangelical Christians have been suspicious of environmentalism as a liberal, godless movement more interested in scenery than souls.

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