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Keller had already received information from the French that German tanks were moving towards Calais from Marquise. Omer road but despite losses, the heavier German tanks and anti-tank gun screen knocked out from 7—12 British tanks, before Nicholson ordered the 3rd RTR back to Calais.

C Troop had built a roadblock with a bus and a lorry, covered by Bren guns, rifles and Boys anti-tank rifles and held out for about three hours before calaiz overrun. Omer—Calais road but were caught in crossfire from other posts and the guns of the 58th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment on high ground near Boulogne. The Germans were repulsed until the post was withdrawn at 7: As night fell the division reported that Calais was strongly held and broke off its attacks to resume the advance on Gravelines and Dunkirk. Schaal had ordered the main body of his 10th Panzer Division, consisting of the 90th Panzer Regiment two tank battalions and 86th Rifle Regiment two infantry battalions supported by a battalion of medium artillery, to advance up the main road from Marquise to the high ground around Coquelles, which would give them good observation over Calais.

Calais Escort of

Nicholson ordered the sEcort RB to hold the outer ramparts on the east side of Calais and the 2nd KRRC to garrison the west side, behind the outposts of the QVR and the anti-aircraft units outside the town, which began a retirement to the enceinte from about Escorh Nicholson received an order from Escorr War Office to escort a truck convoy carryingrations to Dunkirk to the north-east, which calaie to supersede any other orders. Nicholson moved some troops from the defence perimeter to guard czlais Dunkirk road, while the convoy assembled valais the 10th Panzer Division arrived from the south clais began to bombard Calais from the high ground.

The tanks drove through the first barricade, then found lots or Germans beyond the third road block, who mistook the Esfort for German, even when one Esfort the tank commanders asked if they or Anglais? Two mines were blown up by 2-pounder fire and the rest dragged clear, the tanks then becoming fouled by coils of anti-tank wire, Escprt took twenty minutes to cut free. The tanks then drove on and reached the British garrison at Gravelines but the radio in the A13 failed to transmit properly and Keller received only garbled fragments of messages, suggesting that the road was clear.

The retirement of the QVR, searchlight and anti-aircraft troops from the outlying roadblocks had continued overnight until about 8: The German bombardment was extended to the harbour, where there was a hospital train full of wounded waiting to be evacuated. The harbour control staff ordered the wounded to be put aboard the ships, which were still being unloaded of equipment for the infantry battalions and rear echelon of the tank regiment. The dock workers and rear-area troops were also embarked and the ships returned to England, with some of the equipment still on board. The French garrison of Fort Nieulay, outside the western ramparts surrendered after a bombardment.

French marines in Fort Lapin and the coastal artillery emplacements spiked the guns and retreated. On the southern perimeter the Germans broke in again and could not be forced back, the defence being hampered by fifth columnists sniping from the town. The German troops who broke in began to fire in enfilade on the defenders from the houses they had captured. The defenders on the ramparts ran short of ammunition and the th Battery was reduced to two operational anti-tank guns. The Germans had great difficulty in identifying British defensive positions and by 4: Nicholson was told that the fighting troops would have to wait until 25 May.

Le Tellier had set up the French headquarters in the Citadel on the west side of the Old Town but command of the French forces remained divided, with Lambertye still in charge of the naval artillery. Nicholson was informed by a signal at As the harbour had lost its significance, Nicholson was to choose the best position from which to fight on; ammunition would be sent but no reinforcements. Nicholson was told that the 48th Division Major-General Andrew Thorne had begun to advance towards Calais to relieve the defenders.

Lambertye refused to go, despite being ill, and asked for volunteers from the 1, navy and army personnel to stay behind, about fifty men responding despite being warned that there would be no more rescue attempts. The volunteers took over Bastion 11 on the west side and held it for the duration of the siege.

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During the night, Vice-Admiral James Somerville crossed from England and met Nicholson, who said that with more guns he could hold on for a while longer and they agreed that the ships in the port should return. At dawn on 25 May, the German bombardment resumed, concentrating on the old town, where buildings fell into streets, high winds fanned fires everywhere and smoke from explosions and the fires blocked the view. The last guns of the th Anti-Tank Battery were knocked out and only three tanks of the 3rd RTR remained operational. Distribution of rations and ammunition was difficult and after the water mains were broken, derelict wells were the only source. At noon, Schaal offered another opportunity to surrender and extended the 1: In the east, the 1st Rifle Brigade and parties of the QVR on the outer ramparts and the Marck and Calais canals repulsed a determined attack.

Recently, in Redhill, we had another 16 go on the run in an industrial park. No one knows how many we missed. The last time they were sent to Cobham, police caught The migrants have become a serious threat to our residents: Virtually no exports are now able to leave through our busiest port, they are stuck on the M Moreover, many businesses in Britain which depend on imports are at a standstill Their relatively easy arrival flags up some serious weaknesses in our borders. In the search for human cargo we scan lorries for carbon dioxiode - or human breath; we use sniffer dogs and infra-red heat detectors, but even so we are clearly missing thousands of people.

Moreover, many businesses in Britain which depend on imports are at a standstill.

All of these unfortunate migrants will go on to impose a burden on the NHS, police EEscort education services. Frankly, its a scandal. But who knows how long it might take to get them to step up as they should. A quick fix would be to ask the military to do what they did for us at the Olympics and during the floods:

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