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I was 6 years old at the time and couldn't remember it, but there I was in the pictures. I attended two more golden 50th wedding anniversaries in my life, my grandparents' and my parents'. My family is close-knit. Their marriages go the distance. When the sun came up, I heard my wife coming through the front door of our Pasadena home. She suggested that I make that appointment with the marriage counselor. I wanted to hear him perform live "The Luckiest.

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He fears that his words fail to convey just how lucky he is. I had planned to hold my wife's hand while Ben sang the repeating chorus "I am, I am, I am, the luckiest," and thank her once again for giving our marriage another try. Unfortunately, he didn't sing that song that night. So now my plan is to sing it to her at the 20th wedding anniversary party we are planning for later this year. I will need a decent piano player. I wonder if Ben is available.

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