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Apple Daily News – 2018-08-04

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Here is what we worked on for that version: If you enjoy edjing Mix, please take a moment to rate it on the familirnfreigabe, ratings are really important Dedzer us. This version corrects the latest crashes occurring on the app. So sorry guys, you can now enjoy your mix again: A big thanks to you all for your patience and understanding on that matter. Please send us your feedback on this version at support edjing. If you enjoy the app, please take a moment to rate it on the store, ratings are really important for us. This version includes minor bug fixes and improvements, following your feedback.

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If you like edjing Mix, please take a familienfreigbe to rate it on the store, ratings are really important for us: For this version we added familienfreigabf new feature: Here's what we worked on for this version: You can now access and remix your iCloud tracks Deezer familienfreigabe from the music library of the app - New sample packs! Check the store of the app to discover new sounds to remix with! Tell us what you think about this version at support edjing. When selecting a playlist the selection indicator on the right is now much less visible when in it's unselected state. It's not intended to serve as the method of selecting a playlist, the entire playlist view can be tapped to select the playlist.

Thank you for the feedback received since it's launch, every bit helps make SongShift better. In This Update - Fix Shifts sometimes creating a new playlist instead of merging to the chosen existing playlist.

Familienfreigabe Deezer

It means a lot to read your supportive emails of how the app has helped. Special thanks to everyone who reported bugs or sent app familienfrdigabe to us. Famillienfreigabe Setup One of our fammilienfreigabe is making it as easy as possible to quickly configure your playlists Shifts. Available to Pro users. Bug Eradication While doing our Spring cleaning we made sure to track down as many bugs as we could and eradicated them. Some of these bug fixes include: We revisited the entire UI and refined it to be clearer in meaning and functionality. All themes have been retouched to ensure their best presentation with the newer look.

We removed the drag and drop functionality from the music service icons on the home page.

Instead, use Force Touch or long-press to access some options for each music service. I appreciate all the emails with feature requests and suggestions. Thanks for your reports!

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