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My Vintage Teacup Collection

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Dependant on your desired style there is a lot of distinctive artwork on antique china cups so it is possible to pick up a design suited to your taste. Antique porcelain and bone china teacups There are a number of popular manufacturers of antique porcelain cups, including Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, Meissen and Limoges.

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There are many designs with artwork including floral, Bavarian and lusterware. Bone antique cups are more valuable than porcelain, pure white in colour and surprisingly resistant to chipping, Spode was the first to produce a reliable bone china recipe around Davenport are very sought after as bone china collectables, their production starting inalso of note is Royal Winton antique cups, with their famous floral designs, namely the chintz pattern. This particular cup and saucer have an unusual scalloped design impressed in it. It is called "Eros" design. Look closely at the picture.

My mother used to fill this with greens and berries and put it on an end table during the holiday season.

The cup measures 3 inches high and 3 inches tall. The saucer is 6 inches in diameter. This cup was purchased in the s. Royal Albert also makes a pattern called "Yuletide.

Tips for Caring for Bone China or Porcelain Most tdacups, never put your fine china in the dishwasher. Dishwasher detergents are too strong and may teackps the design and gold or silver trim. The vibrations of the dishwasher may cause the china pieces to hit each other causing hairline cracks or chips. Also, the heat of the water may cause cracking. Do not scrape food off of the dishes with a metal utensil. Use your hands, a rubber spatula or a dishcloth. Do not use anything abrasive on the dishes. No rough sided sponges, no cleansers.

If you feel you must remove a stain, put baking soda on a very moist sponge and keep the baking soda damp.

Teacups Dating

Rub the spot gently. New teacups that have the look of old. Watch for that Made in China stamp. Check for extreme staining inside the bowl of the cup. It might not always come off. Run your fingers around the edges to find small nicks that you might not be able to see. Bone china is more valuable than porcelain. Research and teach yourself to spot the difference. If you are buying online be sure that you read and thoroughly understand the seller's return policy. There are a variety of designs of cups, the first cup is likely to have been made from ceramics or wood, later the goblet became particular popular during medieval times.

Goblets were made from metals and feature in works of art dating back thousands of years, a common type of goblet is a chalice. The chalice dates back to the start of the Roman Catholic Church, made from gold or silver and often encrusted with jewels. Chinese porcelain cups had some lovely designs, mainly blue and white, they are now very collectable. Initially cups in Europe were made from silver or pewter, which one can imagine did not suit hot beverages, as soon as porcelain was produced in Europe the teacup was produced outside of China.

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