Dating a guy who has been hurt

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5 Amazing Tips On How To Date An Emotionally Damaged Man

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They have been through the darkest tunnels of life and have witnessed what it means to stand alone on the edge of the world with no hand to hold as the winds get stronger.

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Beeen have seen the devils in those who wore angel disguise, and now hsa a hard time trusting faces. They have been in stories no one will ever hear about, they have stayed awake on nights their mind would wonder to the forbidden places. They know what it took them to make it here, and they are not willing to allow anyone to hurt them again. But they are used to always being wrong and trying to make it right.

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They are used to always being the one blamed. They z used to threats of someone beem away and demeaning them and criticizing them and telling them they have to wo different. They will apologize because someone in their past has led them to believe they are wrong. Sometimes the best way to teach someone to love themselves is loving them first. Whho ask hae you can do and how you can help. Check haas with him Datting this every so often. Make sure to listen to what he tells you he needs from you. A ugy occurrence in these Dting is that one assumes they know better. They have to come to terms with things at their own time, the best thing you can do is support that and give him that time.

The experience of bbeen love, and the pain that goes with it, comes knowledge beem a more in-depth understanding of others who are going through a similar situation. If your partner is hkrt experiencing grief and hhrt over his past relationship, you no doubt, will have some understanding of how he feels. Your partner's feelings can stir up issues for you because when we connect with another on an intimate level, we can suffer Dating a guy who has been hurt and emotions from our unresolved issues and baggage from the past. If you are 'triggered' by your partner, it's because you have something to resolve and heal within you.

Take this opportunity to reflect on your unresolved issues. On the other hand, if: You have feelings for your partner. You see the potential in the relationship. You can come from a place that is: Without attachment to the outcome. See your partner for who he is. The more you can love and appreciate your partner, without passing judgment on his feelings, thoughts, and behavior, the more loving energy your partner will receive from you to see the truth of his current situation; he has a loyal partner in you, and he can release his past relationship. We all have different ways of dealing with issues and feelings. Just because you might want to talk about how you feel and tell 20 different people the same story over and over again does not mean that your partner is the same.

Your partner may, in fact, be the total opposite of you, which can be the case - 'Opposites Attract,' - he might want to withdraw to process his feelings and go into his 'Man Cave. Sharon Craig, Relationship Coach — www. Broken hearts, disappointments and betrayals are everyday occurrences when looking for love. So, how do you deal with it if the guy you are dating has been hurt in the past? This will depend on what has happened to him and the extent to which he has worked on healing his own wounds. One of the unfortunate things I have seen as a therapist and life coach, is that women tend to reach out and get help when they are hurting much more than men.

This actually places an unfair burden on women to do much of the work in relationships while men often suppress and hide their pain. If you suspect some past pain is still haunting him, you may want to gently inquire about his dating history. You can encourage this conversation by honestly sharing some of your own vulnerable experiences and see if that opens him to do the same. Be gentle and inquisitive. Ask questions and allow him to talk. Respect his thoughts and feelings and recognize that he may not have shared them with anyone before.

Be careful not to offer advice and solutions. This will often shut a person down. If you want someone to open up, take a stance of curiosity and non-judgment. Validate his feelings and offer empathy where appropriate. I would be careful to not try and be his therapist.

While it may be helpful for him to share his feelings, he needs to do his own healing work and take responsibility for his own unfinished business. If he is not willing to do this, he may not be the best candidate for a relationship. His unresolved pain eho surface at some point and become part of the present relationship. While past baggage resurfaces for us all to a certain extent in relationships, it is important to choose a partner who is willing to consciously grow and heal. This will also give you some indication if he would be willing to work on haas relationship with you when the going gets tough or if yuy will simply sweep things under the rug or walk away.

If you eventually feel that hrut past pain is becoming too burdensome, you may need to reconsider if you want to remain in the relationship. Unhealed wounds can create toxic feelings and behaviors that become sabotaging Dating a guy who has been hurt destructive. This would be true in the case hrut a man who has addictive behaviors such as alcohol or drug abuse, gambling, porn addiction, work addiction, etc. Any addiction is an escape from painful feelings that are deeply buried. Being in a relationship with a man who is not dealing with his unhealed pain in this way can waste years of your life. It can be tricky to find the balance between compassion and acceptance for a man with unhealed pain and staying in a dead end relationship with a toxic partner.

Tread this terrain consciously and get the help of a therapist or coach if you feel you cannot be objective. They are often sensitive, sweet and caring. Take time to get to know them, including what happened to them. Let them talk about their dating or mating experiences at their own pace. What kinds of things need to happen to them to become so closed and not ready to show their emotions? Is it something that maybe happened in their past or was it a certain woman who was guilty of this damage? I think these questions are very difficult to answer, especially if you have never dated that kind of guy.

Unfortunately, most people think only women have feelings and emotions. They are mothers or sisters and they are always there for their loved ones. Maybe they are ashamed to do that. Maybe they just want to look like alpha males. They think that if they do that, they will be exposed and hurt by the people around them, including their love partner. No matter what the reason is, it is a fact that men are human beings. Honestly speaking, there is something attractive about emotionally damaged men. I am not quite sure what it is.

Maybe it is their half-smile that never reaches their eyes. Maybe it is the mask they constantly wear on their face to hide their inner battles. Maybe it is that look they get when another man is talking to you. The catch is, an emotionally damaged man also needs love. Well, there are girls who date men like that. They love them with all their heart and help them fight against the old demons still living inside them.

They are there to tell them that even bad times will pass and Datingg no matter what happens, they will be there to comfort them and to give them their support. After you've been ripped apart, you'd rather skip all the emotions and keep it strictly platonic or simply about whatever keeps the senses happy. But there's something about being with someone who has been as broken as you. Whatever you thought could happen in that false utopia of the past, you'll find it here. Again, it costs a little more to get in this club but amenities are endless. You wouldn't trust a co-pilot that hasn't flown a plane before right? Well, to take this analogy to an anomaly, you're riding alongside a pilot that's survived a plane crash at fault of their past partner.

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