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Suburban relationship ideals—in Aspen. Competition for this catch is steep. No friends on a powder day—that fuci you. From nonprofit directors to self-indulgent dilettantes, these silver-spoon-fed kin do whatever they want and drive cars costlier than your annual salary. A not-so-subtle sense of entitlement—to the Next Best Brekenridge a decidedly unromantic prenup, should the relationship progress that far. A guy, generally, who can smell a fresh Aspen import from atop Highland Bowl. While you might not notice his egregious lack of social decency at first, beware: If Tom Cruise had worked in an Italian trattoria in Cocktail, the setting would resemble Campo de Fiori, a quintessential pick-up spot stuffed with hotties.

Unbuttoned bartenders are unabashed in creating an atmosphere of la dolce vita, cranking tunes past dinnertime. Each is wildly different. Head to the lounges at the Little Nell and the St. Regis Aspen Resort for luxury—which makes anyone look good.

An obvious choice is Belly Up, the come-as-you-are club with cutting-edge light and sound and a cozy dance floor that turns steamy during top shows. But keep the faith… Image: It can create the perception that when armed with enough cash, anything is within reach, a sense of entitlement to the next best mate around the corner. They were married in six weeks, had two children, and divorced eleven years later. The thirty-four-year-old salesgirl sums it up like this: You can do them on your own, but when you find someone who keeps your spark alive, you make memories together. Finally, a plea from multiple men: My perspective on mating has shifted: Future suitors, however handsome, accomplished, and charming they may be, face a stiff rival in Aspen itself, the most worldly, experientially diverse, exhilarating small town imaginable.

Fellas, have you seen that video making the rounds on Facebook about how women judge you by your shoes? Smuggler is too public—you could get a text message from a prying ex, tipped off by a mutual friend, before you reach the top. Same with Aspen Mountain. So try the Woody Creek Trail. Lots of secluded areas but with a view of the falls. YouTube "'Beaver' Brook Trail. It winds along fairly level for quite awhile, although there is a bit of exposure and rock scrambling in a couple short spots. The trail goes all the way over to Genesee Park and also descends down to Clear Creek. Steep climb up to the west trailhead.

Good views and there is an overlook of sorts about a mile in from the east where you can eat lunch and watch the traffic down in the canyon. A fairly busy trail because of being close to the city, but an enterprising person can find privacy with a bit of exploring. Apex Park Trail behind Heritage Square is another option. But thanks to Independence Pass, the country's highest-altitude road, you can still get it in at near-cruising altitude. At 12, feet, it's as close as you can get to Mile High Club sex but mercifully free of the pee-soaked lavatory and year prison sentence.

Relive the mud-orgy at Woodstock Arise Music Festival.

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Remember the Woodstock mud orgy? But you can recreate history's most epic music festival breckeenridge at this year's Arise Music Festival. Mix three days of music, yoga, art, and belly dancing with an outdoor Loveland setting and Colorado's notoriously schizophrenic weather patterns and what do you get? Mud and a brekenridge of people horny from the belly dancing and EDM. Have sex if premature ejaculation is your thing The gondolas at Keystone Ski Resort. Not all of us are long-distance runners If you're King of the 90 Second Sex-a-Thon, the most thrilling place to bang is in a high-speed gondola at one of Colorado's ski resorts.

If you time it right, you can get a private one for you and your partner, sending you at sub-mach speeds through the air, flying over the ski resort as you consummate your union. But you have to finish before you reach the top, or you'll risk ruining the innocence of the ski school troupe at the top of the mountain. Sexually re-enact Titanic In your car during the winter.

Hubby we have too happy or violent by the more people, entangled in our own languages. Relive the mud-orgy at Woodstock Meditate Music Festival.

Nothing beats the bone-chilling cold of Colorado's winters like body heat. If you're feeling fertile and want to relive what you call " A Virginity Odyssey," head to your car and do what your bodies were meant to. Don't worry about being seen; the heat and moisture from your bodies will fog up the car windows Titanic-style, and you can high-five the car window and make a hand print like Rose for posterity.

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