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hokup This will pull the pin hookuo to 5V when the switch hooku; open. If we don't use a pullup resistor the Code hookup voltage could float and cause false triggers on the input. When the mercury switch on the wind cups close then the pin 2 will be pulled to GND Cods a short duration while the magnet passes the switch. We use this pulse on pin 2 of the Arduino to detect every time the wind cups goes through one revolution. In Part 2 of this tutorial we go into more detail on measuring the wind speed. How to Detect the Wind Direction The wind vane has a 20k linear potentiometer attached to it. The output from the wind direction circuit is connected to a analog pin on the Arduino.

As we move the wind vane around we should get a reading between 0 and The Arduino has a 10 bit A to D converter which gives us the range of 0 to This would also correspond to a voltage of 0 to 5V. In the software we need to convert the 0 to to a 0 to range to give us the wind direction.

Hookup Code

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