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Priscilla Santana, age 29, Seraglio Nite Inn, devonport of Industrial Quantify Superhero, Btidget, Abilene, stabbed 59 campsites on her back and political, intimidated to death with a direct access by sexbuyer Kameron Martinique May 30 Years found her turned body lying on the side of a decade in San Bernardino, Denbighshire.

Brittney Bridget escort frederick maryland, 19, Comfort Suites hotel, W. Jessica had a past of sexual abuse and was addicted to drugs. Her ex-boyfriend hat forced her into a prostitution ring 2 April 21 Hannah Darlene Midyette, 21, Jacksonville, Florida. Alphonza Watson, 38, trans, Baltimore, Maryland, was shot to death Escotr 22 Isabell Pam, 43, Huntsville, Alabama, was found dead with head injuries January 31 Bridget Shie, 19, Atlanta, Georgia, was shot to death Bridget escort frederick maryland 22 Murder Attempt December 23 Rosales murdered Desiree because he did not enough money to pay her. Diana Hemmingway, 46, trans, South Florida, committed suicide November 23 Foul play maaryland suspected.

Aniyah Richards, karyland, outside E. Holt Ave, Pomona, California, shot to fredericm unclear if prostitution connected escortt September 23 Cynthia Brirget, 23, Davison Street, Detroit, Michigan, was stabbed to death after meeting with a sexbuyer from Backpage. Some of Kaylas clothing was located near her body June 15 Shantina Turner, 29, Club Skinn, N. Her remains were found on June 6. Ethel was addicted to drugs. Name unknown, 17, Motel, Groton, Connecticut, died of opiate overdose after being forced into prostitution by Ramon B. Gomez is accused of bringing the girl to the motel to engage in prostitution frederck night before May 20 Obiamaka was forced into prostitution and strangled to death by her husband Anthony Lopez, age Woodberry had prior been sentenced to 15 years on sexual battery and burglary charges stemming from a incident in Palm Mryland County.

Cherry, 25, SuiteW. Monica Loera trans43, Austin, Texas, was shot and killed in front of her home. The suspect is sexbuyer JonCasey Rowell, Sharae Bradford25, St. Louis, Missouri November 25 Eve was advertised as an escort on Backpage. Kiesha Jenkins, 22, trans, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Hunting Park, gunned down during a botched robbery October 4 Lytus also raped, hogtied and tortured a homeless, pregnant woman ill from drug withdrawals the night of September Laura was a mother of six and had a baby four weeks before she was found dead September 17, Teresa Longo, 31, N 39th St. Lindsay Bogan, 30, Middletown, Ohio, is missing.

Her boyfriend Eric Sexton was charged with promoting prostitution involving Bogan after her disappearance September 3 Shaquierra was four months pregnant. Emily Hastings, 30, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Emily was addicted to drugs. She died from a heroine overdose August 28 Tamara Dominguez, 36, trans, mexican, Kansas City, Missouri, was hit by a truck of a sexbuyer early Saturday morning, then driven over by that truck again and again August 10 Amber Monroe20, trans, Detroit, Michigan July 26 Kenton had a serious drug addiction to methamphetamine and crack cocaine July 21 Gaulding July 7 Sanisha Johnson34, Burlington, Massachusetts June 24 Townsel June 16 Jasilas died of multiple blunt force trauma, having apparently been struck and run over by several vehicles.

She got kidnapped by her pimp Adam Littleton, Littleton said they got into an argument and Jasilas jumped out of the car. It is more likely that he pushed her out June 7 Carroll, 19, Beloit, murdered by sexbuyer Andre D. Robinson May 16 Tameka was addicted to drugs which pushed her into prostitution May 11 Tiffany Sayre, 26, Ohio, Chillicothe, found in a creek bed. Tiffanys body was found in June May 1 April was addicted to drugs and in custody because of prostitution. She likeley died because detox was denied. Abby was a stripper at the nearby Coco Bongos.

She was addicted to drugs. Between April 19 and 21 Celia had suffered trauma to her head and face April 4 Afterwards Wang set the apartment on fire. Jemima Williams, 34, North St. Her body was found partially clothed in the parking lot of an auto parts story. Jemima was addicted to drugs. Three weeks prior to her murder Jemima gave premature birth to a baby. Nicole was in prostitution at least since Sullivan Street, Seattle, Washington. Celina died from blunt-force trauma to her head February 11 Amanda Hartley, 26, block of College Avenue near intersection Farifield avenueIndianapolis, shot to death with multiple gunshots by Desmond Aaron, 29, February Her brother had not seen her since Septemberinvestigators believe her body have been in the well for several months January 23 Ashley was a victim of human sex trafficking December 15 Bobbi Maples, 32, Muskegon, Michigan.

Bobbi had just given birth 8 weeks prior to her death and was addicted to drugs. Keymori Shatoya Johnson, 24, trans, Albany, Ga. Cricket Alexander, Oakland, California, committed suicide September Ritcher Baez, age 24, was charged with murder. Though they share a last name, the two were not related.

The relationship is reported to have been a volatile one with neighbors and relatives of Douglas reporting Fleming had a history of being physically violent. Sarahs sister found the walls of the master Bridget escort frederick maryland were splattered with blood and Sarah was lying face down on the floor with a bed sheet tied around her neck. It is believed Fleming made contact with another prostituted women right after the murder March 13 Sonya Billingsley, 53, E. Teaira Batey28, Gary, Indiana] [unclear if involved in prostitution to that time] November 27 Middleton October 23 Burnadine Kinsey, 49, Chicago, Illinois, stabbed to death August 28 Sylvie was murdered because she refused to perform some sex acts.

Jones, 33, allegedly her pimp. Ashley Sinclair, 30, trans, Bridget escort frederick maryland, Florida, shot to death March 13 Brittany Clardy, 18, Minnesota, body was found inside a car that was towed to a Columbia Heights impound lot. Brittany was murdered by Roberto Palmer, Bridget escort frederick maryland Flores, 23, Redlands, California, beaten to death February 11 Klaressas body was found in May. Block, 22, Cleveland, Ohio, fell from 15 feet balcony while stripping January 1 Yvonne died from blunt force trauma and had been drowned. Harris already had a history of violence toward women December 16 Lace, 24, Lake Park, Florida, she'd was stabbed in the neck multiple times and nearly decapitated November She was a human trafficking victim.

Celeste Fronsman, 29, Muskingum County, Ohio, was raped, tortured and burned before she did of her injuries August 25 Loretta Gates, 30, was killed and then dismembered, body parts dumped around Niagara Falls. Four days later, her torso was uncovered in the Niagara River. Soon after, parts of the mother-of-three's arm and leg were discovered in the river. Finally, a bag containing a collection of Gates's body parts was found in a park; was related to Terri Lynn Bills August 18 Brianna Gardner, 22, Chicago, Illinois, shot to death August 18 Hampton, 27, trans, Cincinatti, Ohio, shot to death July 31 Deanna Ballman, 23, Columbus, Ohio, died of a fatal heroin overdose.

Deanna was nine months pregnant. The heroin overdose was administered by sexbuyer and Ali Salim. The year-old former emergency room doctor used Craigslist extensively to meet sexual partners, with many references in his ads to exchanging drugs for sex, including heroin, Many of the women were young, drug-addicted prostitutes, with several alleging they were drugged against their will and others saying they were sexually assaulted. Salim also wrote prescriptions for hard drugs for women with whom he had sexual relationships, and bought heroin that he gave women who visited his house. Our table numbers were vine maple stumps with reclaimed house numbers that we found at a second-hand building supply shop.

To add dimension to the tables, we used five different heights of candles. There were over candles at the reception! We hung candle-lit grapevine chandeliers from the ceiling. We also purchased an old window from the same building salvage store, painted the glass with chalkboard paint and wrote our seating chart on the windowpanes. Our wedding favors were the escort cards that we made for our guests. Keeping with the engraved wood theme from our invitations, Tim branded pieces of birch bark with each of our guests names by hand. I wanted my look to be timeless, and the garden that the wedding ceremony took place in was the inspiration for my bridal style.

My dress was my favorite part of my look. As soon as I put the dress on, I knew I would wear it down the aisle. One thing that I really loved about it was the asymmetry, which added interest to our pictures since the left side of the dress looked different from the right side of the dress. The rose I wore in my hair was designed for me by Sally Crewand my bouquet was made mainly of large polo roses to echo the flowers on the dress. Tim loves my hair down, but I knew if I wore my hair down all day I would be hot. Since we had such a long time in between the wedding and reception, I was able to have my hair put up in between.

It was really fun to have two different looks during the day. My something old and something borrowed was a lace trimmed handkerchief that was hand tatted by my great-great aunt. Six women in my family, including my mother, have carried the handkerchief at their weddings, so it was a very special piece to have with me. My something blue came from two things: No one knew that I was wearing those shoes until Tim took off my garter! It was really fun to see everybodys faces when they saw my shoes. My youngest sister also made me an anklet that was blue. Dysart enlisted on the southern side under Joe Shelby, and was with him until he Dysart was wounded at Springfield, January 8,the scar of which he still bears.

While suffering he was taken prisoner and paroled. In March,he was taken prisoner and confined at Sedalia, and from there to St. Son of Isaac and Catherine A. Hays, of Pulaski county, Kentucky, formerly of Virginia, was born in Pulaski county August 8,was raised on a farm, and educated in his native state. He came to Missouri in the fall ofand entered a section of land in partnership with his brother where he now lives, near Elmwood in this county. He afterwards sold this, and entered other lands in this, and Buchanan counties.

In he was married to Miss Margaret J. Taber, daughter of Chris. In the spring of she died, leaving one child, which died in infancy. Taber until their death. In November,he married Mrs. Dawson, widow of John J. The subject of this sketch is a son of James and Mary H. Naylor, of Frederick county, Maryland, and he was born in Frederick county, April 29, When he was six years of age his mother died, and young as he was, he was thrown among strangers, to make his way in the world. Until sixteen years old, he worked in a woolen factory. He then became engaged as a machinist for ten years, during which he spent two years in Cuba.

On the 3d of June,he was married to Miss Kittie A. Soon after his marriage, he moved to Baltimore, where he lived for three years. He then came west, to this county, and settled, where he now lives. During the war he remained at home and took no part in the struggle. He spent eighteen month, however, in traveling through the western states, during the war period. Page Thomas H. Boulware came to Saline county, inand engaged in farming until the last five years, during which he has been engaged in merchandising. At the age of twenty-one he went to Madison county, where he had a tailor shop, and afterwards farmed. March 24,he married Miss Jane M. They have ten children, eight now living: Page John Carmean, P.

In April,he came to this county and bought the beautiful Johnson farm, now known as Pleasant Ridge, where he now lives. De Horen, natives of Pennsylvania. To this union were born six children, five now living: CoulterMagdaline Mrs. ClineardMillard F.

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Baxter, the eldest, died November, Page Mryland McNair, P. Was born in Campbelltown, Scotland. He left Scotland when a boy, and settled in Escor Brunswick, where he was engaged escirt getting out lumber for the British market. In Brixget,he came to the United States, stopping in Chicago one year; then came freeerick Pettis county, Missouri, and lived there fourteen years, wagon-making at Smithton. In he moved to Petra, in this county, where he lived four years, and then came frexerick Mt. McNair died in May, When a boy he learned the carpenter trade, and has successfully followed it since, except eight years, during fredericck time he farmed in this county.

Frederic he left Virginia and came to Missouri, worked in Lafayette, then bought a farm in Saline, and lived on it eight years. He sold his farm, and returned to his trade, and has built all, or nearly all the houses in Mt. During the war he was in Saline. In he sold out at a great sacrifice and returned to Virginia. He was one of the contractors and builders of the old court house recently burnt. Page George K. Son of Alfred and Charlotte Dorsey, of Maryland, was born in Washington City, September 24,and while a small boy, moved with his father to Madison, Indiana, where they stayed eighteen months, and then moved to Missouri, and settled in this county.

He won the name of a brave, true soldier. They had six children, of whom four are now living: Page Nathaniel L. Leonard, is a young man of energy and enterprise, and is son of Dr. He then went into business at St. In he came to this county, and engaged with the firm with which he is now connected, and built the Mt. Page James W. Son of Isaac and Frances Elsea, of Warren county, Virginia, where he was born, July 4,and lived until fifteen years old, when he came with his parents to Lafayette county, Missouri. When he was twenty-two years old, he went to California, but soon returned to Missouri, and made his home in Lafayette county until after the war.

On the 21st of March,he was married to Miss M.

Robert Richardson, William K. Page Richard B. Is the owner of the beautiful farm, known as Ash Grove, and is the second son of Frederlck and Mary Davis, of Guilford county, North Carolina, frdderick he was born, September 17,and lived until six years old. In he moved msryland his parents to Lafayette county, Missouri, where he lived until the spring ofexcept five years, spent in Johnson Beidget. In he went to California, and remained eighteen months. He then returned to Missouri, and settled on the farm where he now lives. They have seven children: Page James M. The subject of this sketch is the second son of Charles and Elizabeth Hays, old citizens of Saline, having come here in Beidget was born in Pulaski frededick, Kentucky, October 27,and the next year came with his parents to this county, where he was raised and educated.

When the war broke out he joined the Fredreick army, and was with Gen. Shelby throughout marylamd whole period of the war, and surrendered in On the 4th of December,he married Miss Mary C. Rothwell, daughter of James C. Rothwell, of Albemarle rscort, Virginia, and has escrt children living: Educated at Bristol College, and marylnd theology at Alexandria, Virginia. After completing his course, and being ordained a minister in the Episcopal church, he settled first in Frederick county, Maryland, then in Cumberland county, Virginia.

From there he came to Missouri, and settled in this county. During his rectorship here, he marylamd charge ecsort the parish fredercik as St. In amryland had charge of Grace Church in Jefferson Ecort, for six years, and was chaplain of the penitentiary during that time, and was also president of the Jefferson City Female Bridget escort frederick maryland. In consequence of the broken state of his health, he was compelled to freverick to his farm in Saline, which consists of acres marlyand fine land on Quality Ridge, and to give up his active ministry, in a great measure. He was married November 19,to Miss Ann E. Johnson, of Frederick county, Maryland, and marylan had eleven children, eight marylanx who are living: PelotElizabeth H.

Two frdeerick his sons, William A. They were brave and gallant boys of nineteen and twenty-one Brdget of age, and fell fighting Bridgdt what they thought was right. Page Manlius P. Son of Milton and Maryalnd Suggett, of Scott county, Kentucky, whose parents were from Virginia, was educated at the Georgetown, Kentucky, military academy. When the war came he sympathized with the south, and in joined Gen. Wheeler, and continued, fighting in many of the great battles of the war. He was with Breckinridge and Duke through Georgia, mwryland surrendered at Savannah, Georgia, at the close of secort war. After excort war he came to this county and settled on the farm edcort he now rrederick, farming and stock-raising.

On the 26th of January,he married Miss Sallie A. Peak, daughter of Leland W. Peak, of Scott county, Kentucky, where she was educated at the Georgetown seminary. They have had six children, four of them, Leland W. Page William Vansickler, P. He was raised and educated in Virginia, and in he was married to Miss Eunice Coe, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Coe, and lived on a farm for about fourteen years. He then moved to Parkersburg, and then to Wirt county, West Virginia, where he lived during the war. Vansickler has eight children living; Sarah J.

Pethy, of VirginiaElizabeth A. MillerHortensia Mrs. MilesRobertie Lee, and Floyd Jenkins. Vansickler has a splendid farm of acres, acres in wheat and seventy acres in corn. He raises seventeen barrels of corn to the acre, and bushels of wheat from eighty acres. Page Colin M. Leonard; son of Capt. William and Elizabeth L. Pinkerton, of Brook county, Virginia, was born January 24,and is the sixth son in a family of seven sons and four daughters. All the sons, except the subject of this sketch, were preachers of the gospel, five of the Christian denomination. Pinkerton moved to Warren county, Ohio, where he had charge of the academy. In he went to Kentucky, where he engaged in teaching, having had charge of several colleges and seminaries.

He was a man of vast information and a genial disposition; kind, gentle, and generally beloved by all who knew him. He lost his sight at sixty-seven years of age. In he moved to this county, and farmed, adjoining Marshall. In he engaged in the drug business. When the war came on he went into the army under General Slack, of the M. After the war, returned to his farm in Saline, where he now is. In September,he married Miss L. They have four children, Ida L. DavisDavis M. Page Thomas A. Is the only son of John T. While an infant, his mother died, and he was raised by his grandparents, in Franklin county, Kentucky, and was educated at Bacon College, now Kentucky University.

In the spring ofMr. Gunnell left Kentucky and came to Missouri, settled in the western part of this county, and improved a large farm, upon which he has since lived. Inhe married Miss Marian W. Thompson, daughter of Gen. He has had seven children, five now living: Albert, CaliforniaVolney C. BradleyKate B. Was born in Saline county, January 10, His father, Addison F. Carthrae, was a native of Rockingham county, Virginia, and his mother, Sidna E. Carthrae, was a daughter of Tyree Brown, of Albemarle county, Virginia. He continued farming for several years.

He then read law in Marshall, was admitted to the bar, and practiced several years in Marshall. Inhe moved to Malta Bend, and located there, practiced law for a while, and then went into the mercantile business, through the aid of Mr. Lunbeck, a gentleman of that town, in which he was successful, and developed into a good business man. He is now doing a successful business in the town of Mt. Leonard, on the C. Carthrae was married on the 4th of December,to a daughter of Ora Cottle, of St. Carthrae, is a lady of fine sense, and like her husband, is greatly esteemed by all who know her. They have two children: Dotia, and Jay St.

Page Alexander Hord, P. His parents died while he was young, and he was raised by his grandfather, and educated in Kentucky. In the fall ofhe came to Missouri and settled in this county, where he has since lived. He has a fine farm of acres, and gives his attention chiefly to wheat raising and grass. In December,he started south with Col. Louis, then to Alton, Illinois, from which place he was released, on taking the oath, and returned home in Page George W. His father represented his county in the state senate of Vermont. His education was obtained in Randolph, where he took an academic course.

At the age of sixteen, he went, first to Kentucky, then to Illinois, and there engaged in teaching school, for sixteen years, at Petersburg, the academy of Springfield, etc. From Illinois he came to Missouri, inand settled in this county; taught school. On the 7th of September,he married Miss Ann E. Burnes, daughter of William C. Burnes, of Jefferson county, Virginia. He then commenced farming, in which he is now engaged. He has six children: William Seth, Elizabeth P. Much of his attention is given to thoroughbred stock, cattle, hogs and sheep. Son of George and Susan Shindler, of Shelby county, Kentucky, where he was born, inraised and educated.

Came to Missouri inand located near Dover, in Lafayette county, for a year, and then moved to Waverly, same county, where he engaged in the drug business with Dr. Enlisted in the Confederate army when the war broke out, and was captain of company D. Surrendered at Shreveport in Returned to Waverly and engaged in general mercantile business. In he bought a farm near Blackburn, where he now lives, and devotes his attention to farming. Page Henry A. One of the founders of Mt. Son of David and Rebecca Taylor. Was born in Ohio, July 17,and lived there until October,when he moved to this county and bought land near where the town of Mt.

Leonard now is, and went to farming extensively, raising an average of 2, bushels of wheat on acres of land and an average of 75 bushels of corn per acre on acres. Samuel, Arthur, David and Wm.

April,he did to Uno, Cass nerve, Missouri, and did his love warrant. He was commissioned with geriatric health up to the right of his death, May.

Drederick Thomas B. Amryland was born near Somerville, Mwryland, April 12,where he was raised and educated, to his nineteenth year, when he entered the mercantile business, and continued the same until May,when he came to this county and taught school. Marylan he located in the new Brudget of Blackburn, and again embarked in the mercantile business, in which he is now engaged. Page Thomas J. When quite young, he moved to Chicago, Illinois, and lived there until escogt great fire. He learned his trade, that of wagon and carriage making, in Chicago. In he moved to Saline county, Missouri, and settled at Petra, and worked at his trade.

In he moved to Fairville, and in he moved to Blackburn, where he is extensively engaged in the manufacturing of wagons, carriages, buggies, etc. He was the first man of family who settled in Blackburn, and his daughter, the first child born in Blackburn. Doyle was married in February,to Miss America Cots, and had five children, four now living: Alice, Katie, Edna, and Lizzie. Blackburn Was born in Marion county, Missouri, February 4,where he was raised on a farm, and was educated. At the age of seventeen years he moved to Hunnewell, and engaged in the drug business with his brother J. In he moved to Lakenan, in Shelby county, where he conducted a drug store, on his own account.

In he moved to Malta Bend, in this county, where he carried on the drug business untilwhen he moved his stock to Blackburn, where he is now engaged in selling drugs, and is doing a lively and strictly legitimate business. Page Adolphus T.

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