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Bisexuals: Here, and Also Queer

They either don't chance it or they do deceived. Bisexuality is often highly understood, written off as a kind or forecast as a raised against coming out as far gay.

Bisexuality is often poorly understood, written at as a phase Bisexua, seen as a hedge against coming out as fully gay. Perhaps as a result, bi folks are far less likely to be out than gays or lesbians, according to a Pew Bisexjal Center report. In a presentation at the National LGBT Health Education Center, bisexual activist and educator Robyn Ochs identified plenty of eye-rollingly familiar stereotypes about bisexuality: Her next step was clear: Inshe created a booth of her own for Tower Grove Pride, celebrating and informing attendees about bi- and pansexual people. She did a little bit of fundraising to cover booth fees as well as buttons, magnets and a zine for handout.

Rejection and erasure can come from straight and queer people alike.

For him, bisexuality brings a certain amount of coming-out fatigue. How many times do you have to bring it up, especially if you settle down in a relationship that presents a certain way? He says that he expects a certain amount of ignorance related to his bisexuality. I know who I am and what I want. Turned out she and her husband had decided not to be monogamous. She was very active in the St. And her honesty put her on the line more than mine does. Why did she need to be so forthcoming? It's her private behavior, right? None of anybody's business? To get other people in society to understand sexual identity, she thinks we are going to have to get to the point of being able to say out loud what we are doing.

As a society, are we still moving toward candor or heading back in the other direction? We talk a lot about sexuality in our culture, through film and music and media -- yet you can't talk about it at school. The No Child Left Behind law said, "We are going to give you money only if you do abstinence education. Of course they are! Most of my students didn't learn about sexuality at home, either. Confusion isn't prompting abstinence, though. The age of first sexual intercourse, at least for straight people, is They are getting a lot of mixed signals.

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And we're blaming the kids instead of looking at what our religious communities and educational institutions could Bisxual doing to help them. Still, surely we've made progress. Homosexuality was only removed from the manual of psychiatric disorders inand look how much better it's understood now. What's still in the manual, though, is gender identity disorder. In some cases, they talk about it as a medical emergency. What do you mean? If a baby is born with mismatched sexual chromosomes or characteristics, or an adult feels trapped in the wrong body, the medical profession assumes this is a pathology that needs to be fixed. But surely, especially with younger children, there are milder forms of gender-bending that could be absolutely normal?

My 5-year-old boy is into Dora the Explorer.

And when we went to get a new car seat, he picked out the bright pink one that said Princess. Now, I know why -- he really likes bright colors, and all the others were gray or brown. I said, "Your friends might comment," and he said, "Well, I'll just tell them I like pink. My younger son, Levi, who's 3 and Bisexuql already see social consequences, is saying to Theo, Bisexyal can't get that, it's for girls! Recent stats say 1 in every 2, children is born intersexed. I think that's low. The American Pediatric Association still recommends that surgery happen within 48 hours, but last I heard, the American Medical Association was moving to restrict those surgeries, delay them until a young person can consent.

There are all kinds of ways to be intersexed: John Money, of Johns Hopkins Medical School, believed that if we can't teach children at a very young age if they are a boy or girl, that will just mess them up for life. Now, people who were under his care are writing books saying, "The surgery's what messed me up. How do physicians decide which direction to take a baby with ambiguous genitalia? Everything smaller than one inch is made into a clitoris; if it's an inch or bigger, you get to keep it.

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One child was born with very small penis, so it was made into a clitoris, and now she has to insert a rod every day to keep it from closing. There are men in their forties who still can't urinate. And most of the time the surgeries don't do anything for the psychological definition of the self. You can make a body anything you want, but your mind has to buy into it. Gender ambiguity makes people really nervous. But bisexuality, which is a different kind of fluidity, seems to have become almost cool. At least among college-age students, I do see a shift.

They're saying, "I'm not 'confused,' and I'm not 'ashamed. They'll say, "Yes, I'm with a girl right now, but maybe that will change. A lot of gay, lesbian, and straight people, too, have begun to realize there are a lot of ways to have sex. Is bisexuality harder to understand for people whose own sexuality is very strong, and very clearly focused, than it is for people closer to the middle?

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