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Th e looking and oft en paring performances poke fun at different foibles. The pair of Ajaokuta was spread by that amazing coup led by Buhari, and all things to get it by the Art-led government have been jammed by unresolved bond actions.

In international law, a minister is not reckoned with, it is his master the head of state. Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN Ayo Kellany Well researched i must confess but can you please also research and paste who the minister of petroleum was that signed the contract for both the Warri and Kaduna refineries? Ayo Kellany Well researched i must confess but can you please also research and paste who the minister of petroleum was that signed the contract for both the Warri and Kaduna refineries? Your Buhari had nothing to do with the company, unless you are telling us that the missing N2. Hide your face in shame. You might want to highlight whom the petroleum minister was that signed the contract for both the Warri and Kaduna refineries.

Ayo Kellany Do you mind telling who the minister was that signed the contract for the construction? I like to argue with people who know their onions and not people without direction. First it was Buhari as MHOS that built the refineries and I confronted you with the hard incontrovertible facts, you resorted to hide and seek by talking of a Minister that signed for the construction. What exactly is your point? Look for your mates to smoke you out from your hiding. Too busy to continue this argument.

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Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN Fom Kellany On the history of the Kaduna refinery which you claimed you researched extensively, you were able to state whom the contract was awarded to but you shamelessly refuse to highlight who the signed and awarded the contracts. The fact is Buhari signed the contract for the construction of njger refineries and you should run and hide your face in your shame of deceit. You need to scale up your reasoning to be at par with your age. The fact is you can not hide the truth. You are the one deviating from the truth of a matter you fallaciously raised and when you were confronted with the truth you resorted to abuse and insult.

You are the only one who believe that an ocean follows into its tribitaries. A minister for the last time can never take the place of a head of state. Accept this simple truth and it will free your twisted soul. Obasanjo was president of Nigeria for eight years and was not able to turn around the established refineries. Please stop this deceit. Buhari paid his due and rightly earned the accolades that his being bestowed on him. I do not see any harm in being a child that would antagonise your deceit till you repent. Delusion is health issue and you need to seek help fast before it turns to something too big for your family to control.

Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN Ai A drawing man you are clutching at any floating object even if it is xndx straw, to remain afloat. Contradicting and confusing yourself just to sustain your seriously punctured lies about buhari nier two refineries within 20 months of his tenure as head of state. No wonder you Amo failed your exams. Ask your Carer to increase the dose before you start picking fom on the streets and also eating from rubbish bins. There have been and is still several religion-based violence and aggression toward non-muslims or non-northern muslims.

The northern ruling-class, collect their allocations and sponsor their children to learn all sorts of Islamic theology and Sharia that neither benefit the society or add value to your communities. All in a bid to subdue the non-muslims and to ensure that the muslims remain the ruling political class. Buhari who spoke on Sunday on a Liberty Radio programme, Guest of the Week monitored said accused the government of killing and destroying houses belonging to Boko Haram. One leg in 9ja d other in Cameroon? This was the same Buhari who insulted the president from head to toe-over boko haram-just like Nyako ati Shettima-now luk d U turn? Hypocrites- its a shame that we have such—he did not even have the courage to apologize to the nation Bimbola You are on point.

It seems to me you are too uncivilised, and development of your romantic will not move our theater bright. Nearly stop this international.

But BH, God nlger protected him and has no foreign account or properties, go and find out, the bad guys fear if he is vote to power, corruption stop and bad element prosecuted, new ways of life begins for Nigerians. The answer to the question below will show this. If Buhari becomes the president of Njger indo you nkger that boko haram will continue with their attacks? This shows that Buhari has a xnxc huge role to play in stopping these boko boys but he seems not to want to do it hoping to ascend nige power through their intimidation. Mind you, when the FG was looking for people who will dialogue with them, boko haram insisted that it is only Buhai they can deal with in the whole of North.

Buhari watched these wicked boys kill children in their sleep. Young boys who were studying in their schools to become future leaders. You watched them kidnapping more than young girls who are sent to school by their parents. You watched them killing young couples returning from their weddings along with their guests. You watched them blowing up car parks, banks, police stations, schools, churches, mosques, buildings belonging to the