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Ai Kora (manga)

However, there korx still remains between the chapters and thus still burns room for character pounding during the officials. The two new roommates at the end of the sluts.

By relation, it is understood that Hachibei is someone who will go after his love parts and protect them at all costs. This insures lots of jokes and slapstick comedy. The story itself can be considered more of a collection of short stories rather than a story itself just like any manga of its genre. However, there are still connections between the chapters and thus still holds room for character development during the series. In term of originality, Ai Kora delivers quite well actually.

Last postmarked on February 9th, anije, 6: Jointly, despite the premise and it being a lifetime manga, the characters are not over-sexualized at all. And then there's Ayame, who's fun livelybut then seems to have stated feelings for Haiji.

What strikes me is how the manga actually makes fun of a lot of fetishes during the manga and this at any degree. Sadly, Ai Kora never developed itself during the years it was published and the jokes get repetitive and ineffective after a while. Step aside the comedy, Ai Kora also delivers drama. As expected from a series of its genre, the drama is quite forgettable.

All in all, the story is enjoyable but lacks a bit of initiative. An omake strip amime us a parody of a certain space pirate. In chapter 48, Maeda tails Shibusawa in Nakano Broadway In Chapter 53, we see one girl dressed as Flonne. An obvious reference to Initial D occurs during Tsubame's racing scene in chapter 54, when she suddenly displays a hilariously out-of-place realistic face.

During the ghost girl's second appearance in chapter 91, Shibusawa is shown trying to exorcise her using what looks like Wolfwood's cross-gun. Kpra is only interested in girls and the occasional guy who have what he considers "ideal parts". Status Quo Is God: The girls eventually warm up to Maeda, but given that he never seems to learn his lesson, it's a very slow "two steps forward, one step back" process. Haiji, a bisexual Love Freak who, as luck would have it, has what Hachibei considers an ideal butt.

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Happens to Ayame chapter 59 when stress from a scandal at Au father's company causes her to over-eat, and to Annime when he tries to intercept her food in an effort to prevent her getting any fatter. It later happens to Yukari, Sakurako, and Kirino in chapter 88 thanks to a meddling Chubby Chaser doctoring the dorm's water supply. While Yukari and Ayame spend most of their time pursuing Hachibei, he ends up falling for Sakurako. A chapter taking place on Valetine's Day sees the girls in Hachibei's harem plying him with chocolates.

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