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Cams Active

The Archive Recording is fams by user or as a scheduled task. Your viewers Actige Internet browsers to your web site and watch captured video. The recorded files can be password protected that all video and audio information are scrambled and the file can be played with a valid password only. Archive of Snapshots is a sequence of still images captured with a predefined time interval. The program has the following recording features: With Live Recording the program records video and audio content constantly that allows you pause, fast-forward, and rewind live video from camera at any time.

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The captured video can be viewed using any Internet browser. Image can be cropped that the only selected part of a captured image will be broadcasted. Also this service provides high frame-rate broadcasting to the unlimited auditory because broadcasting is performed from our web server which has high speed broadband connection. Simultaneous recording and broadcasting from unlimited number of cameras.

HTTP Server - web camera software runs own HTTP Axtive that all users, connected to your computer, can watch your cameras and play back recorded video files. Dynamic IP Service, that gives a permanent internet address to your web camera whenever IP of your computer changes. The video and audio content is streamed into a file on your hard disk.

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