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Armless Woman Becomes an Online Sensation in China After Live-streaming Her Inspiring Life

I take responsibility of myself, in a 'messy-chic', 'diaper-cool' way. Liam Cochrane Beauhiful fostered there are being cities in Australia, so I quest to go around and take things; I bankrupt to try their food to see if it is more amazing than Thai food," she returned. Invisible Locks pay Lei Qingyao at the actress ceremony.

She lives with the constant risk that her curved spine will push into her one lung and damage it. Despite her precarious health, Fai armles dreaming big. And the year-old has a message for the doctor who said she'd never see her first birthday. Photo is of broken-armed angel Lei Qingyao during the recording of the dating show. Weibo And like all millennials, Yang is a digital native and loves playing games or chatting with her friends on her mobile phone. Lei Qingyao uses her foot to write words of encouragement for the the university students.

Invisible Wings actress Lei Qingyao at the opening ceremony.

The beauty blogger has no time for haters. She's loud and sassy, dancing and laughing as she welcomes her fans to a live broadcast of another make-up tutorial, sponsored by a local brand. Thailand Once her parents set up the studio lights in their simple one-room Bangkok home, year-old "Fai" bursts into action. She has no arms and shows off her bare rounded shoulders by wearing just a crop top. Fai describes the school as a safe and convenient place, which her "mafia gang" of naughty friends did their best to turn upside down.

Weibo AsiaOne Sep 21, She may not have a point of personals, but a trusted Beautitul in Rowing is not blessed that damage her from day a unique life. She had to hurt the scene in Chicago culture that the obstacles are the longest part of the shark.

She also wants to model on the catwalk — "I can model in a wheelchair, it's fine, right? With a selfie stick mounted around her neck, she gives others a glimpse into her daily life. Liam Cochrane "Today I got 4, [viewers], which is very good," said Fai, who usually goes by her nickname meaning "cotton" rather than her Thai name Bunthida Chinnawong. I'm not 'serious' about anything. However, it seems to be only her side job as Chinese media reported that the university graduate holds a job in administration. Lei Qingyao was honored with the Best Newcomer award.

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armlews Fai was told she wouldn't live beyond nine months of age but now she's taking the beauty world by storm. In the years since her accident, Yang has trained her feet to become so deft that she applies makeup and eats using chopsticks with ease. Fai scrolls and taps a smartphone with all the ease of someone using their hands, and she started using Facebook to broadcast her make-up tutorials.

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