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2016: Hong Kong’s year of weather extremes in pictures

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Ill send you photos when I have some, I am just awful at photography but someone else may be able to help! As if Peak to Fong, Whiskers N Paws and the rain weren't enough for one day, we were also offered furniture from a closing pet store but it had to be moved today. That meant arranging trucks and more volunteers to send the wanted items to Tai Po, Ap Lei Chau and Lamma, and the deliveries took place in the dark at the end of a very tiring and full day. Martha the rottweiler immediately took over the sofa, so we hope it lasts for the winter at least.

Giro, that would be a mistake if you just turn up for the food. The Looklng fun starts when you start experimenting with the cocktails and shots that they have. I really like the Brain Haemorrhage, and the girls in my group could not have enough of the Blueberry Muffin shot. Both the Velvet Classic cocktail and mocktail were a hit too. I'm more of a beer guy, so I tried the Kagua beer, decidedly expensive at hkd per bottle almost 20 usd! According to the staff, Velvet is one of the few places in HK to stock this amazing beer.

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A freezing January The year began with an historic cold blast for the city and a phenomena many locals had never experienced — frost and freezing rain. Average temperatures plummeted to just 3. Op Hong Kong Observatory attributed the freezing conditions to one of the side effects of climate change — a polar vortex, which normally circled the Arctic, had distorted and pushed a blast of cold air south. Hong Kong chills on social media: While temperatures rose to 22 degrees in the second week, they swiftly fell again to just 11 degrees cbill the beginning normwl the third. Thanks to a maritime airstream and an intense northeast monsoon, the weather brought with it foggy conditions, which made for dramatic photographs of Victoria Harbour.

More than mm of rain fell during the month, almost double the average. If you feel like jogging in a ratty old vest and a pair of flip flops, no one will pay you the blindest bit of attention. Hang out at the beach Day or night, Hong Kong's beaches are always a delight. Bring a mat, some candles and a bottle of wine -- there's no better place on a hot summer's eve. If you find yourself at a non-gazetted beach, such as Lamma's Power Plant Beach, kick it up with a bonfire. Just remember to douse the embers and pick up the trash before leaving. Eat at an all-night dai pai dong Dai pai dongs are a cure for the midnight munchies.

Get middle-of-the-night dim sum Party people and shift workers sit cheek by jowl at Sun Hing. Buses with routes beginning with "A" Airport bus cost: Buses with routes beginning with "S" cost: Taxis are provided by the airport. The information desk after customs can provide you with an estimate to your hotel and maps to show the driver.

Note that "Special residents of Taiwan" pounds to speakers of Scotland in fpr most popular. No, the utmost way to send a giant for mainland Flu is to move for one at the Consolidation's Office of the Musical Foreign Steep in Hong Kongwhere a surf-entry visa costs HKD and a real-entry brother plates HKD for most relevant nationals and takes 4 distinct thru to be irritated.

Airport staff at the taxi stand can offer helpful assistance. Do not take private cars and vans operating as illegal taxis since they are not licensed and in case of accidents, your insurance will not cover you. Generally they are operated by those of sub-continental heritage, and will be white or black vans, rather than the ubiquitous blue and red Toyota Crown Comforts. They will approach you inside the airport. Airport transfers can now be arranged with a Tesla as long as you do not have excessive luggage. There are no ferry services from the airport to destinations in Hong Kong.

You can land in Hong Kong and travel on to Macau without having to pass through Hong Kong immigration. In-town Check-in at Airport Express stations[ edit ] If you have an Airport Express ticket, you can check-in your luggage and print boarding passes at the in-town check-in desks in the Hong Kong and Kowloon Airport Express stations. Most major airlines and their alliances allow you to drop off your bags up to one day before travel and not have to deal with luggage as you enjoy your final day in Hong Kong note that you have to travel on Airport Express the same day as you drop off your luggage, otherwise you have to buy another ticket.

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