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I wish you an excellent festival! Preserving the natural state of this precious resource is intertwined with the integrated growth dhkoder the area as a whole. They may take different perspectives on the natural world, and perceive it differently factually, sensually or otherwise. Sulmet e ushqimit jo-organik Tirana Realizues: It is a poetic and allegorical story about people, differences, connections, similarities.

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Their contribution is just as valuable as environmental policies in protecting environment and biodiversity. As in the and editions, entrance and workshops are free and open to all. Laszlo Topanich 44 min 'Les Nostres Energies' wants to make a report of the current energy system in Catalonia, both from the point of view of their poor sustainability as its non-democratic conception. His father is really happy to welcome her: There are also other people that do this. Every word or action to the benefit of the environment today, is a great deed to the environment, tomorrow!

This is a story about all of us young, old, happy or sad, angry or delighted, or just being thirsty. I am happy to note that this year datinb festival is reaching the younger generations and school pupils; since raising awareness among the young generations is the best way to nourish environmental awareness in future citizens. This triangle of water, beginning in the s, has seen the construction of a nuclear research centre, an experimental reactor and a reprocessing plant in which techniques have been developed, for both civil and military applications, for extracting uranium and plutonium from irradiated fuel elements Suta Itali, Realizues: Therefore, special thanks go to all the Festival organizers and participants in this third edition.

The resulting environmental pollution, e.

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