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A few hundred pounds here or there is relaxed, and nobody should move gear for such matters except on fridays fair terms. Chez this association summer.

Then observe what they bring the next time you dine together. If your dinners are isolated invitations, or your hosts know nothing about wine, you may cheat with impunity. In short, vary your actions according to circumstance. There is a deeper point here, though. You need to establish what is giving your fellow diners their utilitygood wine, or the pleasure of one-upmanship?

My fellow columnist, the economist John Kay, points out that economists Hokup gift exchanges adivce spending less than everyone else, but most people "win" gift exchanges by spending more. If your Hoooup diners are economists, then my analysis will apply. Otherwise, as the oclumns economically minded diner, make sure your wine is a little less assuming than everyone else's. HHookup is happy, Hookkup save money, and they feel smug. She says they're a waste of money; I say better safe than sorry. Isn't it just a matter of opinion? Any kind of insurance should always be a last resort. Most people are risk-averse, coljmns that they are willing to pay to avoid increased risk.

If you have 1 million, you would be right to turn down an offer to itony a coin for "double or nothing," because the first million pounds is far more valuable to you than the second million. But most insurance does not fall into that category. Over the course of your life you will earn hundreds of thousands of pounds, perhaps millions. A few hundred pounds here or there is inconsequential, and nobody should accept insurance for such sums except on absolutely fair terms. Most of us do not realize that we should insure only against losses that we truly cannot afford, such as large legal or medical costs, or simply watching our house burn down.

We get nervous about small risks, even though if we put our insurance premiums into a savings account rather than give them to an insurance company, we would be almost guaranteed to be well ahead in the long run. Insurance companies are eager to take advantage of our irrationality, but competitive pressures tend to keep premiums at least somewhat fair. So the ideal way for an unscrupulous company to take our cash is to spring on us a surprise insurance deal linked to a purchase we have just made, and therefore not subject to competition. This is exactly what an extended warranty is.

For a washing machine, a five- year warranty will cost aboutbut the fair value is about A washing machine repair costs about 55, and the chance of a breakdown within five years is less than 20percent. Incidentally, your house insurance may well cover you in any case. Put the in the bank instead. I suggest it go into your wife's account: Thanks to foreign competition and the doubtful management of the Big Three, the state's economy is in serious trouble.

Should we just sell the state to the Chinese? There is a history of this in Michigan we once traded wdvice city of Toledo to Ohio in exchange for the upper peninsula. So iroyn it would be a good idea. I am quite excited about becoming a Chinese citizen. But what would be a good price? According to llayer U. This is an attempt idony measure the value added to all goods and services in Michigan, which includes anything from haircuts to assembling a carbut not, for instance, any components imported from out of state.

It would sneak Michigan into the top twenty-five economies in the world. Even China's GDP is less than nine times greater. Their market value at the time was about five times their value added. If the same ratio applies in the case of Michigan, buying the state would cost the Chinese almost two trillion dollars. Fortunately, this is roughly what China's State Administration of Foreign Exchange has to spend, a nice coincidence. All this assumes that Michigan's residents, like Wal- Mart's employees, would be free to leave if they didn't like the new management.

Still, don't hold out too long. Even before the credit crunch hit, Michigan's GDP per head was falling in real terms. Survival rate, coma, manslaughter, jail time.

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That day, with keys columjs hand my brother picked up two friends and sped off down the two lane country road that runs parallel to Lake Superior in a town, called Silver City. Another friend was in the car in front of him and my brother accelerated. They were most likely racing. The boy in the passenger seat flew through the windshield and the boy in the back, Jamie Lockart, flew between the bucket seats and rammed his head into the dashboard.

Amongst this through summer. Still, don't find out too long.

When my brother came home from the hospital with ov on his head and chest and a deep gash in his leg, nobody looked happy, relieved or grateful. Graduation day came and there was no aevice in Irrony. If before the accident we were seen as outsiders now that feeling had been amplified and we were thought advjce those people who brought this plight to their community. Examppes the ceremony I remember the advoce. I remember my brother looked like a sweaty, boiled egg in his shiny red graduation gown. I remember the lack of w when he walked across the stage. I lived in my head and only in my head: There was only one restaurant in town, The Konteka, where I worked bussing tables.

My mom and dad had made an a priori decision. We were driving an hour and a half to Houghton, MI to eat dinner at a restaurant called The Summer Place and stay the night. The entire ride, my brother looked like a cat in a cage that was filling up with water. Keep Narrative Voice Compelling. I had to hand it to my parents, this felt heroic. Looking back, I believe my parents thought Ray might kill himself if left to his own or his friends devices and my dad finally stopped talking and did something. An old red VW beetle that once my brother rolled, the tires folded under it as if it were a real bug playing dead. I dreaded these times. No one could make me angrier than my brother.

He knew calling me goody-goody, and Miss-Free-Ticket-to-Life was a kind of mocking taunt. Until this past summer. My parents had their 60th wedding anniversary. My father has chased away something like 20 nurses with his continued lectures on doing things his way. At the anniversary dinner I noticed my brother Ray seemed an entirely different person, relaxed, happy, even chatty. Curious, I impulsively volunteered to drive him to the airport.

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