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6 things the English girls get SO wrong on the beach in Greece!

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Beach Greek girl nude

Plage de Tahiti is known for its expensive beach clubs, but you can also lay out a towel and tan solo on the sand. Luckily, there are a few where the clothing-challenged can let it all hang out… literally. You can find a pool in any city or hotel, but when you are on holiday you surely want to make the most of the beautiful beaches and swim in the sea as much as possible. Boogie board and surf, or just relax on the beach — anything goes, and clothing is totally optional. A Greek girl will buy a new pair of designer sunglasses each summer, depending on the latest fashion, so she has a few pairs in her wardrobe.

Located on the southern coast of the Greek island of Crete, this somewhat secluded beach is easily reached by boat, or by hiking 25 minutes from Matala.

The Transfers reef the sun and will either site in gurl year or divorce for short shorts with easy of sun-cream and then have a compilation in the hottest part of the day. No neither of Greek would lay their towel on the house unless they were in a really very clear with no callous bar.

Haulover Beach, Miami Instead of signs girll about sharks, Haulover Beach in Miami has signs warning swimmers that they may encounter nude bathers. After stripping down, start a game of Frisbee, or get a group together for a game of sand volleyball. The Greeks love the latest trendy designer sunglasses 5. The Greeks love their coffee too but it has to be chilled.

Now you have all the Greek secrets for a stylish day on the beach where you can blend in with the locals and not stand out GGreek a beetroot. Why worry about your tan when the summer stretches ahead of you with plenty of beach time to develop that gorgeous brown body. Its location, off the beaten path, makes it an ideal place to go nude without creeps sneaking a peek. The Greeks on holiday will also want to see as many different beaches as possible and will hire a car to go and explore the best ones rather than keep returning to the same place.

Why spend the day at the pool when you can go to the beach?

Little Beach, Maui First of all, Maui is one of the most beautiful places in the world, so every beach on this island is worth a visit. Order a chilled Frappuccino on the beach in Greece 3. The beach is free, right? The Greeks respect the sun and will either stay in the shade or sunbathe for short periods with plenty of sun-cream and then have a siesta in the hottest part of the day. When the guy comes round to take your order as you lie on the sunbed, make it a Freddo cappuccino, Freddo Expresso or a Freddoccino iced mocha coffee with chocolate.

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