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In other words, this is perhaps the first example of an anime series suffering because it's completely dedicated to the Animsstream with the exception of the Animesttream first episode. The most obvious reason that fans will notice is that Fullmetal Alchemist: Jul 14, 1 Advertisement After finally making it through the first thirteen episodes of the new Fullmetal Alchemist anime series subtitled "Brotherhood" in the US I had but only thought about it: As a fan of Ouran High School Host Club I can take a healthy dose of anime humor, but one of the great things about the original FMA is the brilliant blending of serious and humor whereas Brotherhood feels like it's in an identity crisis.

And since Brotherhood has started to involve Greed that time will come sooner than some might think. In fact, once this series starts getting into the material that the original anime never got into it'll make this version look all the more greater.

Anime series nAimestream take different routes from its manga origins are always a guarantee for mediocrity so why is this completely manga-based Fullmetal Alchemist so bland compared to the original. FUNimation handled the english subs for the streams in great quality even using the original term "Ishval" instead of the "Ishbal" used in their dub of the original. Where was the heartrenching moment where Ed decided that healing Al wasn't worth killing many prisoners? The pacing was different, many of the storylines were reworked, and characters like Maes Hughes and even Winry were given new purposes.

Fullmetal Labor has many happy subjects like using back the dead, rumbling organs, iconographic prisoners into lab wo, the horror of war, etc. The shackles in Liore divided two years of the first thing while it was only one in the first and so on.

The music is decent, but yet again the first FMA is still the superior. It's in Animestrema, has the great style that all anime of animation studio Bones makes, and has all the HD-centric polish that the original FMA didn't have in However one thing I will give to Brotherhood is the opening and closing themes so far are great and are easily one of my favorites to be in an anime. The first thirteen episodes of Brotherhood are definitely good, but "good" just isn't enough for the new coming of FMA. Brotherhood is that even though the original FMA is far superior, it's still one of the best anime to find in this new age of legally free streamed anime.

The whole Fifth Labratory arc took five episodes of the first anime, yet this second version handled it in only two. And why was the response to the true ingredients for the Philosopher's Stone told so sophomoric compared to the original? The events Fifth Labratory arc have their own different purpose in the manga, but where was the emotion?

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