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It also has operations in some Asian countries such as Vietnam and Eequel, but Ij said this was due to historical reasons. Before the worldwide textile quota system was esqurl inthe Sinles needed to use the quota from these markets to export products to developed markets like the US. The company, like many Hong Kong manufacturers, entered the mainland market in the s when China opened up for foreign production and provided cheap labour and land. However, mainland workers can no longer be considered cheap, given that the minimum pay now stands at 1, yuan per month, 50 per cent higher than Indonesia and Vietnam and about four times more than Bangladesh.

Cheh said the company was willing to invest in robots and other automated machines to help improve productivity but stressed that this would not replace the jobs of workers. The company is a keen promotor of green business practices. For the past three years, it has hosted the annual Integral Conversation Forum in Guilin, attended by hundreds of industry experts and other professionals, who discuss how mainland Chinese companies can develop a business model that makes money while at the same time protecting the environment.

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Her sister Teresa sits alongside her on the board as vice-chairman, and her daughter, Dee Poon, runs Pye, a high-end branded outlet for Esquel shirts in China.

Rather than build a multifaceted conglomerate, as Singlees Hong Kong companies have been tempted to do, Yang has focused on cotton shirts, investing instead in supply chain control and technology. Esquel is working to automate its production lines. This will enable it to place its factories where its customers are Greg Miller, CEO, Grabit InEsquel became a joint venture partner in a 22 sq km cotton farm in western China, and has since invested in genome sequencing for cotton. She has also steered Esquel towards a greener future.

And this hi-tech strategy could now pay dividends when it comes to accessing major markets. Two years ago, Esquel became an investor in Grabit, which has developed a sensitive gripping mechanism for robots using electrostatic adhesion — the same force that makes balloons stick to the ceiling. This technology will make it possible in the near future for robots to handle and manoeuvre fabrics, a highly tactile job that has so far eluded automation. While robots in production lines have been handling solid objects for years, handling fabrics is much trickier and continues to require manual labour, forcing apparel makers to use low-cost production locations.

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