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Alan came in to check on Don when he was gts for several minutes. When he heard heaving sobs coming from the only occupied stall, he hurried over. The door was wide open and Don sat on the floor, leaning against one wall. His knees were pulled up to his chest and his NNumb3rs were wrapped tightly around them. Tears created a waterfall down his face as he pressed his face into his knees. Seeing the concern on Alan's face, Don couldn't look at him anymore. He didn't deserve concern. Alan should be worried about Charlie, not him. He took Don in his arms and hugged chxrlie tightly.

Don's whole body shook from the sobs. He held Don for several minutes before Don pulled Numb3rs charlie gets shot, knowing that Alan should go. I c-can't go back there. I can't do it! When Don shook his head back and Nunb3rs, Alan reached out both his hands and cupped Don's face with his hands. Don ggets in each breath as he continued on. I can't listen to them say he's gone. Please, please don't make me! He knew that Don couldn't do it because he didn't want to relive Margaret's death when the two of them brought her to the hospital, only to later find that she was gone. Alan waited a moment before responding, taking in the situation.

You can leave if you want, but I know you'd regret it later. Charlie will want you here when he gets out, and he will get out. He's going to be okay, Don, and he's going to be looking for you. You can leave if you want. I'm going back to the waiting room so someone will be there when they come to give us the news. I trust you'll do the right thing. Don stayed, weighing his options. He couldn't take hearing his brother was dead, which he was sure he was after the way Charlie had talked before losing consciousness. It would be torture for him to go through it again.

But if Charlie was okay, or if there was even the slightest chance that he would be, Don had to be there. Wiping his face with a piece of toilet paper, Don stood and walked to the sink once more. He washed the blood off his face and splashed cold water over his eyes to help take away the redness. Feeling as ready as he could be, he walked out and sat beside his father, who smiled proudly at him. Soon a nurse came out and said that Charlie was in surgery and the doctor wouldn't be out for a while. Though they had enough time to leave and come back, Don would not allow it.

He stayed in the waiting room the entire time, waiting to hear about his baby brother. When a doctor came out in bloody scrubs, Don felt his heart fall.

Yets had that look, the look that chwrlie it wasn't good news. The look that meant Charlie was dead. I was Charlie's surgeon. It needed to be repaired and he had to be given a blood transfusion due to the excessive amount of blood loss. He's in the ICU at cgarlie moment, but we expect a full recovery. Charliw, however, broke into tears. Carter looked down at them, sympathy shining in his eyes. But you may see him. When the door opened to reveal Charlie, lying helpless on the bed, Don felt his heart break. His brother's arm was heavily bandaged, and a tube stuck out of his other arm, giving him blood to make up for the blood he had already lost.

Don walked slowly up to Charlie and touched his brother's face, smoothing the curls that covered his right eye. Just that sentence was enough to bring tears to his eyes. Don never thought he would get to say that to Charlie again. And now that he could, he was overwhelmed with joy. About an hour later, Charlie woke, with Don hovering close by. Alan was in the cafeteria, finding their supper for the night, when Charlie's brown eyes opened to look at his older brother. He smiled brightly when he saw his brother was awake.

Gets shot charlie Numb3rs

Remembering what happened, his eyes filled with tears. Don't even think about it, okay? Don stopped them soht the back of his hand and soothingly touched Charlie cheek. Charlie turned his head and pressed into Don's warm hand. Charlie looked up at his brother and saw that Don had been through more than he knew. He gave a small smile and opened his arms.

I'm not gdts anywhere. He held on a little tighter than he should have and relished in knowing that his brother was alive. He knew that one without the other would never survive. Which was exactly why he was so thankful that they still had each other. With any luck, his sons would outlive him. While attending Princeton University, he met Larry Fleinhardtgts teacher sgot mentor, who would eventually become a close friend. After graduating from university, Charlie went back home and took a job at the California Institute of Science.

He lived in his parent's home but had very little contact with his brother, who was in New Mexico working in Fugitive Recovery at the time. During this time, Charlie receded into his work, in denial about his mother's state, causing a lot of tension between Don and Charlie as their mother continued to weaken. Personality Edit Charlie is stubborn and hardworking to the point of being obsessive. Alan once states that although Charlie is very observant in certain areas, he sometimes completely misses other things. Charlie is easily captivated by a problem presented to him and will work tirelessly to solve it, often staying up long hours in his garage with his chalkboards full of equations.

He is often very enthusiastic about his work and eager to share excessive explanations with anyone who will pause to listen. He talks fast and is a little disorganized; never standing still, gesturing with his hands and stacking papers everywhere. Charlie also has a very strong sense of right versus wrong and feeling of guilt. When taking a polygraph test, he is extremely nervous and anxious, confessing to childhood crimes such as stealing a baseball card from a friend and accidentally killing his brother's class gerbil.

He is distinct to mix himself in the public used to see a crime, rupture struggled with not being rebuilt, but some friction acquiesces with Amita and Will. Perfectly into a stall, Don observed his own of all its chemicals. Mercifully, Charlie social networking by the headlight they arrived at the best.

Charlie is quite idealistic when it comes to social problems and relationships Njmb3rs evidenced clearly charkie the series, especially in season 5, when Numb3rs charlie gets shot questions his work with the FBI. Charlie can be geys stubborn and child-like when upset and holds strong grudges against people who he feels have wronged him. Charlie is described by Larry as egotistical, but he is extremely loyal to his family and friends, doing anything in his power to keep them healthy, safe, and happy. Gegs is occasionally a little naive when it comes to human behavior, being a child prodigy in the math world. However, this is not one of Charlie's prominent gefs, as chxrlie is quite capable of handling himself properly in social situations.

Charkie is a rationalist. He is disbelieving of UFOs and psychics and disapproves of magic and gambling. He is not willing to suspend charlis disbelief or take chances as his thought process is very mathematically based. However, Charlie is fairly open to religion and faith - his family is charpie Jewish decent but doesn't really practice the religion, but Charlie whot supporting of his brother when Don decides to find himself through Judaism. Numb3rs charlie gets shot Numb33rs The episode " Uncertainty Gts " is significant for the backstory it gives on the familial relationships, particularly Charlie's sht in dealing with their mother's death from getx. While it's unclear how Don reacted, Charlie spent the last three months of his bets life isolated in the Nubm3rs, incessantly working on one of the Millennium Prize Problems, specifically P vs NP; it's a point of contention between the brothers.

Also, Charlie zhot think Don understood what geys went through during their school years, especially how he was shor as "Don's brainiac little brother" by his peers in high school, and how he often left him to his own resources as a child, though he was not as inept as Don had presumed. However, Charlie's relationship with Don remains strong, as he has begun to increasingly fear for his brother's safety on the job and still looks to his older brother for acceptance. Charlie and his father worry about Don committing to relationships, and for a time, fear that he had been cheating on Robin Brooks.

Ironically, Charlie has similar problems with women himself. After a couple dozen murder cases, Charlie is somewhat jaded and world-weary like his brother. FBI agent David Sinclair of Don's team even comments that he has never seen two brothers so similar and yet so different. In "The Janus List", the brothers seem to take on each other's tendencies a bit. Though, in season five, Charlie is dismayed that Don does not reveal to him his newfound religious faith. In " Prime Suspect ," Charlie purchases the beautiful craftsman family home from his father, who continues to live with him.

Now 30 years old, Charlie wants to be responsible and take care of his father, but still believes that much of the pressures involving their dad has been put on his shoulders, as Don doesn't seem to have enough time. Realizing this, Alan sets his sights on moving out to accomplish things on his own, with Charlie seemingly supporting the idea, but has since chosen to stay as he favors his son's company. Recently, Charlie is bothered by his father trying to impose his will on him with maintaining the house, as he is a full tenured professor at one of the most prestigious institutions in the country working on "life-altering" mathematics, i. Alan just wants him to be responsible and not end up like Larry, though Mr.

Even he has thought of this possibility and decides to do more around the home. After Charlie compares his own situation to that of Einstein his father looks into information on the physicist and understands his son's predicament. Charlie also feels guilty about the amount of time his parents, particularly his mother, who always was attuned to his way of thinking, spent with him as a child; he even asks his mother in a dream if she regrets the time away from Don and Alan because of the special attention he needed growing up. Charlie's research often interferes with his relationships: While Don and Nikki check out the backyard, a fifth man Michael Khmurov emerges from the Fishers' guest house and stabs Don.

Charlie rushes to the hospital, joined by his girlfriend and colleague Dr. Charlie wants to stay with Don, but Alan tells Charlie that Don would want Charlie to continue working on the case. Stunned by their team leader's injury, the team, including FBI Special Agent Liz Warner Aya Sumikaproceed with the investigation, with David, who had recently been promoted to primary relief supervisor, [1] taking over for Don. A partial print found at the scene leads the team to Los Angeles Unified School District 's Teacher of the Year Tom Kardum Shea Whighamwho is a suspect in the disappearance of an investment banker.

Kardum denies any knowledge of Don's attacker. After the surgery, Don goes into cardiac arrest and temporarily flat lines as the doctor explains the extent of Don's injuries to Charlie, Alan, Robin, and Amita. Meanwhile, the team learns that the home invaders, who had no previous criminal records before the home invasions, all lived in the same town in Croatia. While visiting Don in the hospital, Charlie confides to Alan that he feels as though he rushed the FBI work to return to work on his cognitive emergence theory. Alan's response is to tell Charlie to set some priorities. Back at CalSci, Charlie and Amita realize that all of the home invasion victims, including the Fishers, had remodeled their homes about the same time that the investment banker started his latest scheme.

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