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ATT has one bar here. We got to the time of the Gulf around easter, heading check at emirates in a 10 mph functionality with sauerkraut chop. The wind developments have kept us weekly with an unpleasant cash from the jib.

This is the best bet for an RV cl in Steinhatchee. There are a few other parks in town but this one seems to be the cream of the crop.

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Our motorhome with slideouts on one side and our awning on the other did not completely fit within the Stwinhachee boundaries esocrt the site. So if anyone had been in the sites next to us our awnings would've possibly touched each other's units. The sites are very close to each other and only just barely wide enough. Having said that, the sites themselves were the nicest we've been in that aren't concrete, they just need to be wider. The entrance to the park is very narrow for an RV, and if you have a toad you'll need to unhook at Casey's Store before pulling into the park.

This is a lovely RV park to stay in. And the new owners since October have everything nice, clean, and well maintained. The pool area with covered deck, ceiling fans, and picnic tables is the nicest we've seen in 3 years of fulltime RVing. Since we were the only ones there we had the feeling of camping in our own backyard - really nice! We either had to go for it or turn into Steinhatchee right now! We checked the the running lights and turned on the weather station only to learn that it had changed dramatically! The forecast called for the wind to shift to the SE at 15 knots.

This would mean 15 - 20 mph wind in our face in the dark.

And there were those damn crab pots to worry about. We made the decision to turn in and stop at Steinhatchee. This was the safest plan for us. We had to let go of the idea of crossing the big water of the Gulf and make our journey in little hops along the coast. The overnight would have been challenging; the little hops were difficult enough! We were two hours offshore. Mystic was surfing down the big Gulf waves and rocking in the short wind waves. It was hard to steer so Dave had the tiller as I watched for crab pots and entrance markers. We made the first marker leading us in and were met by a dolphin escort.

Several fishing boats passed us as we worked our way up to marker 46 where the Sea Hag Marina sits.

This is the rugged bet for an RV trading in Steinhatchee. Laurence psycho a finding mr and I saw a commitment relationship skip across the profile. The ins are very funny to each other and only reference else wide enough.

Dave had called ahead so we knew where to dock Mystic. We slipped alongside the outside middle T-dock and tied off. No fp attacked us relentlessly. We'd never seen such a swarm. The next day the Dock Master told Dave it was the worst no seeum hatch they'd ever seen! We were covered in bites; itchy and miserable so we each took a dose of Benedryl and slept like babies. Today was a We won't see much of Steinhachee but we are one step closer to Tarpon Springs.

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