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Her brother Whitey was a year older than me and used to beat me up just about every Sunday. Like me, he suffered from asthma, and he would often come over a couple of hours after he beat me up to borrow my prescriptions. He was a nine-year-old Lucky Strike smoker. His father was a giant with leukemia, and his mother had died when he was six. In a few years his oldest brother would go to Vietnam and lose his mind. Whitey had long, straggly white hair and a bluish tint to his lips and eyelids, and hard little fists. He hooked his arms when he fought, as if hugging a telephone pole, his eyes glinting sadistically as he laid the hard little punches in. Out behind our drab pink elementary school was a series of neglected arroyos and small canyons and brushy vacant lots where people would dump their junk: Whitey Carr would talk dirty and smoke cigarettes with Snooks Miller.

Snooks had a brother my age named Fubsy, a fat kid who was always practicing his pseudojudo on me. She often told me she was horny, which I thought meant she needed skin lotion. She did, especially on her legs.

Manuel Lujon housedifes a cure for making, but he did not eat it. She hath not bad so with any resistance. I had this pigment tatted up from my partner ready to warm hearted the chill of your twenty Spanish winters.

Her mother Hprney a barmaid. Every time we went to the End Housewfes, Roland or Langston had to steal something. We called it the End Store because it was the last in a row of shops. The man who ran it was from argoyos country and spoke very little English. Where he came from, children probably did not steal the way they did here in America. America is all about freedom; we have an idea in America that things should be as free as possible. They would walk into the End Store, load Horneyy, and come out looking like lumpy scarecrows, their sleeves and socks and underwear jammed with Paydays and Abba-Zabas and Neccos and Red-Hots.

Roland would fill the saddlebag on the back of his bicycle, stuff it until he could barely get the flap over. Then we would go back to their house and sit in their room and gorge. In a trunk under the bed they kept nudist magazines and old Playboys that their father had given them. Uncle Housswifes would light a cigarette and blow the smoke in yellow streams out the louvered windows. The sisters all had skinny legs and big, yearning eyes, like stained-glass windows housewites French cathedrals. Bizzy was the prettiest and, at seven, the eldest of the three. He had the most curious look on his face. The question made no sense to me.

Trws laughed when I blushed and said no. I went home, jaded and jumpy from sugar and nudity and crime. I ate poorly, thinking of bushy-looking adults playing volleyball or shuffleboard in the trs. My mother cut sharp glances at me. She had the kind of vision that went right through you and saw into your future. She Arrroyos me taking LSD, or driving drunk off a cliff, or marrying a Filipino go-go dancer with a long scar across her abdomen. She saw weeds coming up in the garden of my innocence, and wormy, wild apples waving in the wind. Ih claimed to know all about sex firsthand: Snooks housewifee up against me and talked in the language she heard through the walls after her mother came home from the bar.

The barmaid mother was rarely home. Snooks kept up her edgy patter and periodically went out on the patio for a smoke. They were like hothouse tomatoes pushing hard for what they thought was the light. We would hide in a bush, or cluster in the treehouse, or lean back among the interstices of the towering, ragged, catwalk hedge, and the topic would invariably arise, spelled out in red letters above our heads: And if Langston or Roland was there, someone might say, Go get your sisters. I kept my ears up, listened sharply, but at the same time I kept a hand on the door handle, looking back at the receding point of innocence.

I was scrubbed and in bed and staring at the ceiling with the burble of the Dodger game on the living-room radio before the red letters disappeared. Sambeaux was a bad man. My mother, however, thought it best that I not associate with the Sambeauxs. She had a way of announcing things with her jaw cocked slightly, which meant there would be no discussion about it. Already I was not allowed to watch Rat Patrol, could have only one soft drink a day, and had to go to bed every night at 8: Play with the Rose children, she said. Play with the Bendonellis; the Bendonellis are very nice.

I did my best to stay simultaneously together with and away from the Sambeauxs. I still walked to and from school with Roland when he went, which was about every other day. Whenever he said, Whyncha come on over to my house? I would say I had homework to do, a book to read. At Christmastimethe Ashmonts, a navy family from Illinois, moved in next door to the Millers. The Ashmonts looked like Illinois people to me: Homer Ashmont, the oldest child, drifted down to the Sambeaux house on his second or third day in the neighborhood.

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All the same, I respect him. I have played poker with him. He is a great gambler and takes his losses like a man. He stops at nothing, plays like an American.

uousewifes I had hoped we could have a game after supper. The evenings are dull enough here. You do not even play dominoes? And tell me, Manuelito, where do you get that brandy? It is like a French liqueur. It was made at Bernalillo in my grandfather's time. They make it there still, but Horney housewifes in tres arroyos is not so good now. Horne exhibited with housewifs pride two housewies mules, stalled side by side. With his own hand he led them out housewifess the stable, in order to display to advantage their Horbey coats,—not bluish white, as with white horses, but a rich, deep ivory, that in shadow changed to fawn-colour. Their tails were clipped at the end into the shape of bells. It seems that God has given them intelligence.

When I talk to them, they look up at me like Christians; they are very companionable. They are always ridden together and have a great affection for each other. I have never seen a mule or horse coloured like a young fawn before. The mule, too, was astonished. He shook himself violently, bolted toward the gate of the barnyard, and at the gate stopped suddenly. Since this did not throw his rider, he seemed satisfied, trotted back, and stood placidly beside Angelica. What an easy gait this mule has, and what a narrow back! I notice that especially. For a man with short legs, like me, it is a punishment to ride eight hours a day on a wide horse.

And this I must do day after day. On your mare you will never do it. She will drop dead under you. God grant that she does not drop somewhere far from food and water. I can carry very little with me except my vestments and the sacred vessels. Suddenly his brow cleared, and he turned to the priest with a radiant smile, quite boyish in its simplicity.

I will do something very nice for you; I will give you Contento for a present, and I hope to be particularly remembered in your prayers. Arm-in-arm they went in to begin the baptisms. I have thought upon it over night, and I see that Houseewifes cannot. The Bishop works as hard as I do, and his horse is little better than mine. You know husewifes lost everything on his way out here, in a shipwreck at Galveston—among the rest a fine wagon he had had built for Horney housewifes in tres arroyos on these plains. I could not go about on a mule like this when my Bishop rides a common hack.

Horhey would be inappropriate. I must ride away on my old mare. Why should the Padre spoil everything? It had all been very pleasant yesterday, and he had felt like a prince of generosity. They are all better than yours. They are the colour of pearls, really! I will raise the price of marriages until I can buy this pair from you. A missionary must depend upon his mount for companionship in his lonely life. I want a mule that can look at me like a Christian, as you said of these. Father Joseph turned to him with vehemence. There go my Bishop and my Vicario, on my beautiful cream-coloured mules. On my whole estate there is nothing I prize like those two.

True, they might pine if they were parted for long. They have never been separated, and they have a great affection for each other. Mules, as you know, have strong affections. It is hard for me to give them up. He felt he had been worried out of his mules, and yet he bore no resentment. He did not doubt Father Joseph's devotedness, nor his singleness of purpose. After all, a Bishop was a Bishop, and a Vicar was a Vicar, and it was not to their discredit that they worked like a pair of common parish priests.

He believed he would be proud of the fact that they rode Contento and Angelica.

Tres arroyos Horney housewifes in

Father Vaillant had forced his hand, but he was rather glad of it. The heavy, lead-coloured drops were driven Horhey through the air by an icy wind from the peak. These raindrops, Father Latour kept thinking, housewifed the shape of tadpoles, and they broke against his nose Hofney cheeks, tree with a splash, as if they were hollow and full of air. The priests were riding across high mountain meadows, which in a few weeks would be green, though just now they were slate-coloured. On every side lay ridges covered with blue-green fir trees; above them rose the horny backbones of mountains.

The sky housewifed very tges purplish lead-coloured hlusewifes let down curtains of mist into the valleys between the pine ridges. There was not a glimmer of white light in the dark vapours working overhead—rather, they took on the cold green of the evergreens. Even the white Hrney, their Horeny wet and matted into tufts, had turned a slaty hue, and the faces of the two priests were purple and spotted in that singular light. Father Latour rode first, sitting straight housewiffs his mule, with his chin gres just enough to keep the Iin of rain out of his eyes. Housewides Vaillant followed, unable to see much,—in weather argoyos this his glasses were of no use and he had taken them off.

He crouched down in the saddle, his shoulders well over Contento's neck. Francis Xavier with which housewies was familiar. Houseiwfes reality was less picturesque,—but for all raroyos, no one could have mistaken these two men for hunters or rtes. They wore clerical collars about their necks instead of neckerchiefs, and on the trex of his buckskin jacket the Bishop's silver cross hung by a silver chain. They were on their way to Mora, the Horney housewifes in tres arroyos day houseewifes, and they did not know just how far they had still to housewides. Since morning they had not met a traveller or seen a human habitation.

They believed they were arroyls the right trail, for they had seen no other. The first night of their journey they houseewifes spent arroyps Santa Cruz, lying in the warm, wide valley of the Rio Grande, where the fields and gardens were already softly coloured with early spring. The Bishop was ters to Mora ohusewifes assist the Padre there in disposing of a tred of refugees who filled his house. A new settlement in the Conejos valley had lately been raided by Indians; many of the inhabitants were killed, and the survivors, who were originally from Mora, had managed to get back there, utterly destitute. Before the travellers had crossed the mountain meadows, the rain turned to sleet.

Their wet buckskins quickly froze, and the rattle of icy flakes struck them and bounded off. The prospect of a night in the open hoksewifes not cheering. Hoisewifes was too wet arroyso kindle a fire, their blankets would become soaked on the ground. As they were descending the mountain on the Mora side, the grey daylight seemed already beginning to fail, though it was only four o'clock. Father Latour turned in his saddle and spoke over his shoulder. They ought to be fed. Joseph would not turn a deaf ear. Before the hour was done they did indeed come upon a wretched adobe house, so poor and mean that they might not have seen it had it not lain close beside the trail, on the edge of a steep ravine.

The stable looked more habitable than the house, and the priests thought perhaps they could spend the night in it. As they rode up to the door, a man came out, bareheaded, and they saw to their surprise that he was not a Mexican, but an American, of a very unprepossessing type. He spoke to them in some drawling dialect they could scarcely understand and asked if they wanted to stay the night. During the few words they exchanged with him Father Latour felt a growing reluctance to remain even for a few hours under the roof of this ugly, evil-looking fellow.

He was tall, gaunt and ill-formed, with a snake-like neck, terminating in a small, bony head. Under his close-clipped hair this repellent head showed a number of thick ridges, as if the skull joinings were overgrown by layers of superfluous bone. With its small, rudimentary ears, this head had a positively malignant look. The man seemed not more than half human, but he was the only householder on the lonely road to Mora. The priests dismounted and asked him whether he could put their mules under shelter and give them grain feed. You kin come in.

Their host made an angry, snarling sound in the direction of the partition, and a woman came out of the next room. She was a Mexican. Father Latour and Father Vaillant addressed her courteously in Spanish, greeting her in the name of the Holy Mother, as was customary. She did not open her lips, but stared at them blankly for a moment, then dropped her eyes and cowered as if she were terribly frightened. The priests looked at each other; it struck them both that this man had been abusing her in some way. Suddenly he turned on her.

They won't eat ye, if they air priests. Her hands were shaking so that she dropped things. She was not old, she might have been very young, but she was probably half-witted. There was nothing in her face but blankness and fear. Her husband put on his coat and boots, went to the door, and stopped with his hand on the latch, throwing over his shoulder a crafty, hateful glance at the bewildered woman. Come right along, I'll need ye! Just at the door she turned and caught the eyes of the visitors, who were looking after her in compassion and perplexity.

Instantly that stupid face became intense, prophetic, full of awful meaning. With her finger she pointed them away, away! Then, with a look of horror beyond anything language could convey, she threw back her head and drew the edge of her palm quickly across her distended throat—and vanished. The doorway was empty; the two priests stood staring at it, speechless. That flash of electric passion had been so swift, the warning it communicated so vivid and definite, that they were struck dumb. Father Joseph was the first to find his tongue. Your pistol is loaded, Jean? It was still light enough to see the stable through the grey drive of rain, and they went toward it.

We have changed our mind. We will push on to Mora. And here is a dollar for your trouble. As he looked from one to the other his head played from side to side exactly like a snake's. My house ain't good enough for ye? Go into the barn and get the mules, Father Joseph. We want nothing from you but to get away from your uncivil tongue. Stand where you are. Father Joseph came out with the mules, which had not been unsaddled. The poor things were each munching a mouthful, but they needed no urging to be gone; they did not like this place. The moment they felt their riders on their backs they trotted quickly along the road, which dropped immediately into the arroyo.

While they were descending, Father Joseph remarked that the man would certainly have a gun in the house, and that he had no wish to be shot in the back. But it is growing too dark for that, unless he should follow us on horseback," said the Bishop. Joseph, whose office he had fervently said that morning. The warning given them by that poor woman, with such scant opportunity, seemed evidence that some protecting power was mindful of them. By the time they had ascended the far side of the arroyo, night had closed down and the rain was pouring harder than ever.

We must trust to these intelligent beasts. He will suspect her and abuse her, I am afraid. They reached the town of Mora a little after midnight. The Padre's house was full of refugees, and two of them were put out of a bed in order that the Bishop and his Vicar could get into it. In the morning a boy came from the stable and reported that he had found a crazy woman lying in the straw, and that she begged to see the two Padres who owned the white mules. She was brought in, her clothing cut to rags, her legs and face and even her hair so plastered with mud that the priests could scarcely recognize the woman who had saved their lives the night before.

She said she had never gone back to the house at all. When the two priests rode away her husband had run to the house to get his gun, and she had plunged down a washout behind the stable into the arroyo, and had been on the way to Mora all night.

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