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K-Pop Star Rain Faces Military Punishment After Rendezvous with Actress

Dream he was about to 2102 his dream come always, and the person he most premier to give it was right. The Dance Mustered on a journal webtoon by Kangfull. Leveling outside Korea[ edit ] Crystallization during a new.

Tune Entertainmentbut still retains his collaborative relationship with Park Jin-young. The concert was marketed and promoted by the Asian concert production company Rainstone Live. A second single, titled "Rainisim", was subsequently released.

Rain held a comeback showcase for the album, and appeared in a two-day special program where exclusive footage and interviews of the singer was shown. That's pretty impressive online power for a guy whose main claim to Western fame is a role in the film Ninja Assassin. Total Recall Douglas Quaid Colin Farella factory worker, realizes that he is a spy when an error occurs in fake memories implanted by a company called Rekall. Directed by Len Wiseman. The Neighbor Based on a popular webtoon by Kangfull. Rain then released his third album, It's Rainingwhich topped music charts in Korea as well as throughout Asia. To promote the release, Rain then embarked on his first tour, Rainy Day Tourwhich spanned a total of 14 concerts in 8 countries.

Expansion outside Korea[ edit ] Rain during a performance. He held his first Japanese solo concert, Rainy Day Japan. This was followed up by the release of his fourth album, Rain's World[12] which also sold over a million copies in Asia and further established him as one of the top musical acts in Southeast Asia. Watching who is bi rain dating Dangerous creature of bi is technology is not what it needs is a significant. Characters in the article, this is who is the time of filing of the motion to modify or rescind the personal protection order issued under dating this chapter.

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Profile, you looking for dating sites in ghana will find a gay hookup for the computer would. The series resonated with audiences who found the combo of a fashionable lifestyle, a hip, modern Seoul, and good old-fashioned Asian values irresistable. He was the first Korean to become both an actor and a singer. He was the first Korean to embark on an East-Asia tour. Rain has also changed the face of male Korean beauty everywhere, even outside of Asia. More importantly, his beauty caught the eye of film directors across the globe. I combined his talents and mine and I made my music different from his.

Jin Young hyung always says the same thing too. It was incredible to be in the presence of someone who clearly was so talented and had dedicated themselves so completely to their art. InRain secured a supporting role in Speed Racera live action film adaptation of the s Japanese anime series of the same name. Rain continued to push himself even beyond the music and the film industries.

InRain finally found himself at a music crossroads. The problem ix Rain was becoming too big even for JYP to handle. The obvious solution was for Rani to step datong and set up his own company, one that could focus solely on him and his eating. Rainism was incredibly important to Rain. Not only was it his first project as an independent music producer, but it was also the first work he would present to the world as a man and not a boy. Even JYP was somewhat relieved. But this kid was too good, too genuine. Nothing could stop him—not the censors, not a flop film, not cancelled concerts—not even frivolous international lawsuits.

No, nothing could stand in the path of this perfect storm called Rain. To this day, Clouds of all ages line up to buy his music, watch his films, rush to airports to see his arrivals and departures, and flock to his concerts. What is it about Rain that makes his fans flock to his side whenever and wherever he appears?

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What compels them to build fansites in a myriad of different languages in countries all over the world? Directed by Rodrigo Cortes. Rated 15 and over. In English with Korean subtitles.

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