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She now sluts her most to give Jai from Bani. Pia becomes accessible in Jai for his arsenal again and merchants to go him from Bani.

Bani expositions birth to another set of people and Jai dukes them Krishna and Atharva. Jigyasa hands with her boyfriend and university back sweetly.

Bani youngest sister Rano is in love with Jai's nephew Sahil but he is arranged to be married to Rashi because Sahil's sister Anu is pregnant with Rashi's brother Rohit child and their father Mr. It's revealed she is the one who got Sahil killed. Jai knows the truth that there was never anything going on with Bani and Daksh and apologizes to her. Jai sends his sister to jail but Bani believes that Jigyasa didn't kill them.

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Pia gives birth to a son and names him Veer. Once Jai phoho on Baxni business trip out of the country, Pia follows him and lures him into her clutches. Rano and Pia with Pushkar's help proves that Pronita is actually Bani. She is revealed to be pregnant and she finds some hope in her life again. Bani leaves the Walia mansion but returns and forgives Jai once it is discovered her mother committed suicide.

Bani who has adopted the name Durga, returns to take her children and she exposes Pia for what she has done. Jai soon gets the wrong idea of Bani and Daksh and starts to think Bani and Daksh are having an affair which is mostly instigated by Jigyasa. Jai's aunt Maasi cursed out Jai for doing this and leaves with Bani as well.

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